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Synopsis of the movie KKN Soul of the Dancer

KKN Di Desa Penari tells the story of 6 students, namely Nur (Tissa Biani), Widya (Adinda Thomas), Ayu (Aghniny Haque), Bima (Achmad Megantara), Anton (Calvin Jeremy) ) and Wahyu (Fajar Nugraha) who performed the operation. KKN (Real Work Course) in a village has its own mysterious story.

After arriving at the village, the group of students were immediately warmly greeted and invited on a tour by Pak Prabu (Kiki Narendra), the local village chief, who told them about the village they would live in for 6 years. week, and make rules for them. had to obey, even the gate that was forbidden to pass.

Movie KKN Dancer's Soul

Since starting to come to this village. Widya and Nur have felt strange things, one of which is hearing the sound of gamelan from inside the forest. In fact, according to Pak Prabu, the village where they lived is the only one that still exists. In addition, Nur herself began to regularly see the shadow of an unfriendly ghost in the forest, which of course began to disturb her.

And from there, magical things began to happen. Starting from the sounds of the bathroom songs that Widya had heard, the spirits that Nur had seen, to the celebratory party that Wahyu and Widya attended. They all began to appear one by one and haunt them.

So what will happen to them? Did all leave the village safely after KKN (Real Work Course)? Let’s find yourself the most accurate answer by watching live in theaters from July 22!

Comments on the content of the movie KKN Di Desa Penari (KKN di Desa Penari)

Interesting story telling

Still similar to the original story, the movie ‘KKN di Desa Penari’ follows the original story, using the perspective of two characters Widya and Nur. These two views are clearly expressed so that the subject provides detailed information about all the happenings of the student group.

Review movie KKN Dancer's Soul

If in the storybook, the story starts from Widya’s point of view, then the movie ‘KKN di Desa Penari’ immediately opens the story by taking Nur’s point of view when Nur and Ayu first came to the village to survey. . Needless to say, this film immediately displays a mysterious figure that only Nur can see and feel.

The scene changed when the group of students arrived at the village. While in the village, they perform the Proker (Work Program) that they prepared before the KKN started. However, abnormalities in the village began to be felt by the six students.

If before they could only visualize in their imagination, now audiences can see every scene poured out from the source story. For example, when Widya sees Nur dancing in the middle of the night, while from Nur’s point of view, one sees Widya dancing. These two points of view clarify the events experienced by the two central characters.

No need for scary and bloody creatures

Starting from a story told by an anonymous account named SimpleMan on Twitter, the scary story of KKN in the Parachute Village has no sign of a supernatural being. This is what sets it apart from horror stories in general.

KKN Dancer's Soul

Usually, Indonesian horror movies are synonymous with ghosts with scary faces and filled with sadistic scenes bathed in blood. ‘KKN in Dancing Village’ doesn’t need those clichés to make it scary.

This film builds on its horror story by depicting mysteries and paranormal events that really invite the audience to feel the horror and curiosity expressed throughout the film.

The setting of the place is also described as being almost completely consistent with what the audience expects, such as a remote village far from the city, the hut they live in, the women’s bathing place or the so-called place sinden, even a tilapia or stage where old dancers and gamelan are played. live in.

Great cinematography with breathtaking scores

When it comes to cinematography, KKN in the Dancing Village has quite good and attractive techniques. The camera transition nicely represents a smooth change from light to dark, with the silhouette of the dancer instantly transforming into Widya.

Review on KKN Dancer's Soul

The well-built spooky atmosphere along the way, along with traditional Javanese music can add to the eerie atmosphere and make the audience shudder in horror. Not to mention the winner’s score is shown in the tense scenes and the jumps that occur.

The movie has a quality cast

Played by names that have crossed the globe on the small screen, Aghniny Haque, Calvin Jeremy, Fajar Nugraha and Achmad Megantara felt right to play their respective characters.

But there are two characters that really steal the show, namely Nur and Widya, played by Tissa Biani and Adinda Thomas.

Introducing KKN Dancer's Soul

Tissa Biani’s great performance as Nur, a quiet child with abilities different from ordinary people, she successfully conveys throughout the film through her very natural expressions, especially is in the scene where Nur, who is possessed by her “guardian”, talks to Widya about the behavior of her friends who have crossed the line.

Same goes for Adinda Thomas, who plays with real snakes, to the scene where the hair falls out of her mouth.

By bringing this short story to the big screen, the audience hopes to be introduced more deeply and in more detail about the characters to get closer and understand the character’s personality. presented in this film.

The ending was not as expected

After following the mysterious journey of 6 KKN students in a village known as the village of dancers, we come to the end of the story. The tense atmosphere was built that way from the start, culminating in Widya finding Bima surrounded by snakes in the sinden, and Nur finding Ayu helpless.

‘KKN in the Dancing Village’ sometimes seems to follow the origin story too much. Scene after scene closely follows the source material, to the point of creating transitions that flow from scene to scene, like his tweets stitched together.

Summary of KKN Dancer's Soul

At the end of the story, this film may want to try to include elements that are different from the original, such as when the writer transforms a strange and absurd village elder, who suddenly becomes a guide dog. way for Widya to return after losing all night.

From the start, the cast’s make-up was never an issue, even the creepy image of old bodyguard Nur appeared with proper makeup and no exaggeration.

Likewise with Badarawuhi’s snake face is also quite neat, detailed and lifelike. But the “purposeful” makeover doesn’t seem to apply to the psychics playing the partying supernatural citizens at the end of the story.

Conclusion of the content KKN The Soul of the Dancer (KKN di Desa Penari)

Finally KKN Di Desa Penari (KKN di Desa Penari) is a film filled with moral messages and powerful etiquette teachings. Even with a familiar story, ‘KKN di Desa Penari’ can still envision most viral stories that only stop in the imagination of readers. The cast’s acting, cinematography skills, and the right soundtrack can make up for some of the shortcomings.


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