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Keramat 2: Caruban Larang Movie Review (2022)

Successful with the first film in 2009, the sequel ‘Sacred’ will soon return to haunt the audience. After debuting 13 years ago, ‘Keramat’ has become a horror film that has left a mark in the audience’s memory until now. Produced by Chand Parwez Servia and Fiaz Servia, the second film is also directed by Monty Tiwa.

The unique feature is that the film ‘Keramat’ is made more modern with the participation of famous young stars such as Keanu, Lutesha, Umay Shahab to Ajil Ditto. as a YouTuber, want to complete the last quest or kindly help a friend he likes.

Can ‘Keramat 2: Caruban Ban’ continue the success of the first movie?

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang (2022) movie synopsis

‘Keramat 2: Caruban Larang’ tells the story of a group of young people from Jakarta to Cirebon, with various destinations.

Arla, Jojo, Maura, who wanted to do research on their final project, were assisted by Umay, who was working on a documentary. They also meet Ajil and Keanu playing mystical YouTubers who both want to create content to stay alive.

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang

Things start to spiral out of control when an old friend of Keanu and Ajil, Lutesha, suddenly appears. He warned that people should return to Jakarta, as it would be in danger if they continued with their respective destinations. Despite Lutesha’s threats, they are determined to finish what they have started.

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang . movie review

Quite different from the first movie

Continuing a story in a more modern era than the first ‘Sacred’ film, this sequel successfully cures fans of homesickness. Despite the difference, people still feel the mysterious and creepy impression of the film.

Review Keramat 2: Caruban Larang

If in the first movie the plot seemed serious, it’s very different from ‘Keramat 2’. Has a fresher look and is accepted by today’s society. The scary impression is not only shown, but also gives an equally compelling story.

Of course, this is thanks to the appearance of two prominent stars, Keanu and Lutesha. It can be said that Keanu’s witty humor that the director often puts in can be compared with the extraordinary performance performed by the character Lutesha. Their existence gives more value to ‘Keramat 2’.

Different aspects look better

From cinematography to extensive plot, the movie ‘Keramat 2’ does not disappoint when you enjoy it. Monty Tiwa makes the movie sequel more mature and easier to enjoy. Instead of shooting all the scenes as it is, ‘Keramat 2’ is arranged as best as possible to make it a comfortable found footage style movie.

Meanwhile, this movie has many other interests besides survival. Although they do not want to die, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to find lost souls. Three dance students who want to complete the mission, two mysterious YouTubers who are growing in popularity, and a kind cameraman, have made the plot of ‘Keramat 2’ solidly built. There was no reason for them to leave each other in the first place. For the smooth realization of the respective goals, everything must work together.

Movie Keramat 2: Caruban Larang

Interestingly, the mystical elements wrapped in historical stories are shown very strongly in this film. It is said that there is a forbidden dance, it is impossible to leave the palace. Considered a lost dance, these three dancers try to reveal the secret. Unfortunately, strange incidents started happening.

Monty Tiwa is also unafraid to show off her creatures. Crawling, dangling or sleeping, everything is clearly visible before the eyes. The director doesn’t just rely on scares either, because the tension in the film builds slowly and continues to build up towards the end.

However, the above advantages do not completely make this film perfect. There are still some things that are not very satisfactory, such as in the opening and ending of the movie. Both are done abruptly, as if there’s no sign that the film will begin or end. Through the open ending, it is likely that ‘Sacred’ will expand its story.

On the other hand, ‘Keramat 2’ also reduces the horror and survival nature for the player. Compared to survival, conflicts arise more for mutual self-interest. This is what makes the sequel seem so “drama”.

Also don’t use subtitles, although there are many regional/local languages ​​that most people probably don’t understand. Spectators are shown an empty conversation that only the player understands.

The importance of the first movie

If you want to watch, don’t forget to watch and remember the first movie. Why? Of course, there are many surprises to come in the movie ‘Keramat 2’ so it would be a pity if the audience did not know about the terrifying events in the first movie.

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang Review

As the director of both films, it must be admitted that Monty Tiwa succeeded in paving the way for the ‘Sacred’ universe. It’s not known what the third movie will be given, but Monty’s crazy ideas certainly won’t stop.

Conclusion of the movie Keramat 2: Caruban Larang (2022)

‘Keramat 2’ is quite successful in creating a mystical impression on the audience. Although not as strong as the first movie, the horror atmosphere of the film is still there. The cinematography is better and the plot is pretty solid, other pros are Keanu’s humor and Lutesha’s great acting throughout the film.

The mere existence of Keanu makes the horror impression in the film less because of the variety of jokes suitable for all situations. Therefore, ‘Keramat 2’ seems suitable for audiences who are too scared to watch a serious horror movie. However, keep preparing yourself because Monty Tiwa isn’t afraid to show his spirit.

Again, you’re better off watching the first movie ‘Sacred’ before watching the sequel. There will be surprises waiting and surprises, which the director is sure to give.

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