Jung_E (2023) Movie Review


Director Yeon Sang-ho returns with a new sci-fi work on Netflix in early 2023 titled ‘Jung_E’. The film premiered on January 20, 2023 with a duration of about 99 minutes, starring Kim Hyun Joo, Ryu Kyung Soo and Kang Seo Yeon.

Summary of the movie Jung_E (2023)

‘Jung_E’ opens with a bit of the main prologue explaining that the setting is the world in the year 2194. Turning other planets into new habitats, creating an artificial shelter to house the remaining human factions again.

Naturally, these factions did not get along, and the three parted ways and began a war between the rest of humanity, a battle once led by an extraordinary warrior named Yun Jung. -yi (Kim Hyun-joo).


In this vision of the future, consciousness can be downloaded to an AI, and that’s what the team of experts try to do with Yun, turning his skills into a killing machine called Jung_E. However, they repeatedly failed in their attempts to recreate the day Yun died in battle.

Jung_E movie review

Family story of mother and son

Yun’s failure to simulate being a super soldier or super soldier, always inserts a lot of questions that are opened slowly with a rather slow flow. While we see his daughter, team leader Yun Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-yeon) is trying her best to green light the Jung_E project to make it a success, her main focus is on Dai Lieutenant Yun and what he was like when he was alive and his AI working and feeling like a human.

Yun’s blend of consciousness is deeply impressive, portraying the complex character of a human being tested and transformed into a robot. The study of Captain Yun’s strength turns into a melodrama about his relationship with his son Yun Seo-hyun, who appears in several flashbacks when he is ill.

Review jung-e

Captain Yun’s economic incentive to treat the child perfected their relationship. In fact, every AI simulation of the Jung_E project makes Yun Seo Hyun flutter, whether she has the heart to change her mother’s memory or not.

Unfortunately, the home film’s packaging shows only a slight conflict throughout. No villain or villain has the role of influence to thicken the war conflict that has built up since the beginning of the war. For those of you who like futuristic images, you will probably feel bored with the drama based on the obstacles of the Jung_E project.

Twisted post-apocalyptic political plot

An unexpected episode keeps the audience focused on Captain Yun, the first person we see is not really human and he is being used as a model to create AI superpowers in war.

Movie jung-e

The production is futuristic with the theme of group warfare perhaps as a nostalgic sci-fi vehicle filled with AI. Highlight the cyborgs from the simulations and all the technology in the film, without distracting from the main plot.

Luxurious display with maximum support for settings, perfect enough to depict the laboratory and future time.

Conclusion of the movie Jung_E


When futuristic films feature minimal action, including scenes on the train, it becomes the only tense climax. However, this action sequence is not part of the sci-fi predictions of robots that continue to appear in simulations and TV series. It seems that it only revolves around the drama of motherhood, like a wasted plot of the future war

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