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Latest Iron Marines – Strategy Game Gift Codes Compilation

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SNI3152991c Receive 1000 free diamonds
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TAI31bdef21 Receive fanpage events gift code
FRI1b2c3944 Fanpage events code
BHI29056118 Coins, Spins, and Gems

Latest Iron Marines – Strategy Game Event Gift Codes Compilation

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SNI19c44fca Receive 1000 free diamonds
SVIc0321cb Get free character
VVI37ab7c00 Get free JBN
EVI66e6ab26 Random
TAI43f2a336 Receive fanpage events gift code
FRI489b1414 Fanpage events code
BHI22bffa92 Coins, Spins, and Gems

Iron Marines – Strategy Game Code Redemption Guide

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Iron Marines – Strategy Game Fanpage Event Code Redemption

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Introducing the Iron Marines – Strategy Game

Embark on the most extraordinary space odyssey brought to you by the creators of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga.

Engage in challenging real-time strategy battles across incredible and uncharted planets. Command courageous soldiers, powerful mechas, and formidable aliens against swarms of space monsters, insectoid hordes, and robot armies in a galaxy far, far away.

PLAN, ATTACK, AND TRIUMPH OVER ALL ENEMIES BY ADAPTING YOUR STRATEGY: Change the roles of your troops even amidst the heat of combat, switching from rangers to snipers, flamethrowers to missile launchers.

RECRUIT AND TRAIN THE GREATEST HEROES IN THE GALAXY: Lead them into perilous territories against insurmountable odds and unleash their formidable powers and abilities.

SHIFT THE COURSE OF BATTLE with orbital strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets, and a diverse array of special weapons.

Robotic legions, shattered starships, colossal monsters, enigmatic races, daring offensives, valiant rescues, audacious sabotage… the galaxy awaits your command.

The galaxy calls for the Iron Marines.


• Embark on 21 CAMPAIGN MISSIONS spanning three sci-fi planets. Each action-packed challenge will test and refine your strategy to save the galaxy!

• Tackle 20+ SPECIAL OPERATIONS that assess your mettle in navigating the depths of space.

• UPGRADE with 40+ options to forge the ultimate RTS army! Opt for Defense Drones, Napalm Rockets, Ricocheting Blasts, Lethal Weapons, and much more.

• Employ +7 UNITS in the heat of battle, providing your hero with an added edge!

• Unleash hell with 8 SPECIAL WEAPONS, devastating your foes and expanding your tactics across the cosmos. What’s superior to a precisely placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high-explosive missiles!

• CONFRONT DISTINCTIVE BOSSES in epic clashes. Some are mechanical, some are extraterrestrial, but all are colossal and resolute in their mission to obliterate you. Get ready, Marines!

• Conquer 70+ ACHIEVEMENTS and demonstrate that you’re the preeminent RTS commander in the entire galaxy!

• LACKING WI-FI IN SPACE? No worries, offline play is guaranteed!

• Select your difficulty mode: Casual, Normal, or Veteran. Don’t get complacent! Or maybe do—your call!

• IMPOSSIBLE MODE. For the boldest, the fearless, the marines who’ve run out of bubblegum. We challenge you!


“Iron Marines is a must-buy for fans of the Kingdom Rush series and tower defense games.” – iPhoneFAQ

“Fun, deep, and sure to make you exclaim with delight. Iron Marines is the mobile RTS we’ve been waiting for, and it’s wonderfully ingenious.” – Pocket Gamer

“After practically inventing the modern tower defense genre, Ironhide stepped away, pondered, and then returned to essentially create the modern mobile strategy game.” – AppSpy

“It’s a chunky, cartoonish real-time strategy game, set in space, featuring napalm rockets.” – Droid Gamers

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