Infiesto (2023) Movie Review


A Spanish horror film ‘Infiesto’ produced by Vaca Films. Filming lasted more than seven weeks, taking place in Asturian and Galicia locations, including Infiesto, San Rafael Hospital in A Coruña, and San Amaro Hermitage in Seoane, Forcarei.

‘Infiesto’ is directed by Patxi Amezcua, played by Isak Férriz, Iria del Río and José Manuel Poga. This 96-minute film, set at a time when COVID-19 is still raging in Spain, will premiere on Netflix on February 3, 2023.

Synopsis of Infiesto (2023)

The Pilona area police are preoccupied with the case of a woman who suddenly appeared. It turned out that the woman who was a kidnapping victim had escaped. Local police officer Samuel (Isak Ferriz) and his partner Marta (Iria del Rio) investigate the kidnapping of women.

The kidnapping turned out to have claimed many victims. The difficulty of the investigation is limited by COVID-19 still raging in Spain. The difficulty of finding evidence and tracking down the clever kidnapper keeps the kidnapper in action and causes other victims.


Not a serial killer movie

At first it seems like a serial killer/kidnapper turns into an ordinary crime thriller. It started in March 2020 as soon as the COVID-19 lockdown was first implemented.

A mysterious kidnapping turns into the hunt for a strange but real cult. The sacrifice or sacrifice of women was so terrible that many secret mysteries were revealed from the birth of this sect. Is it related to the COVID-19 outbreak itself?

Highlights the plague’s serious connection to the cult

Strange characters are encountered and are clearly assumed to be an active human trafficking gang. But the strange symbols observed and the suspect’s words suggest a connection to a Cult with a hidden leader.

infiesto review

Sacrifice to appease the Old Gods, the arrival of the End Times, it was all mixed up with the pandemic itself. All the mysteries pile up somewhere, punctuated by chase scenes that don’t add to the mystery of the kidnapping itself.

Their victims provide a vivid and terrifying backdrop. Some are quite violent and gory, but much of the horror is psychological. Detectives with reason and logic try to hunt down the members of the cult logically.

2 detectives just hanging around

The case begins with a very short prologue. Some background information about the case was accidentally revealed during the search. The excavation of evidence and the cone directions are the main gaps in finding the main culprit. Samuel excelled to the point of being the main brain, indeed he was the leader of the investigation of the case.

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It doesn’t feel locked, it’s just that it’s very lonely without a lot of people and other roles. This is a positive value as we will focus on the main character in the case and all channels towards the protagonist are easier.

Samuel’s final settlement did not involve Marta, who happened to be his primary partner. The duo that doesn’t work together is at odds with their good attitude towards each other. Like a family doing housework together.

Conclusion of the movie Infiesto (2023)

‘Infiesto’ runs way too slow and it just seems to be extended by the protagonist’s pursuit. A mystery without a clear background confuses us even more, who join the search for clues with Samuel and Marta, a detective duo working in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Movie infiesto

The rapid change of cases, from kidnapping to murder, to heresy sects is too complex and unbridgeable to unify all these plots. Every presentation of the search for evidence and the culprit, is only seen as a mistake by Samuel and Marta to end with strange conclusions.

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