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Release yearYear 2021
CategoryComedy, Drama, Romance
ManufacturingMailbox Referral Letter, SWR
ManagerMaria Schrader
CastMaren Eggert

Dan Stevens

Sandra Hüller

Jürgen Tarrach

A scientist and archaeologist named Dr. Alma Felser (Maren Egggert) goes to a dance club. An employee introduces him to a man named Tom (Dan Stevens).

Alma finally spends time with Tom, and little by little, she asks Tom about the super difficult math problems and details of poetry that Alma likes.

Tom answered correctly and quickly. Then Tom invites Anna to dance but suddenly Tom malfunctions. Tom is not a human, but a robot being judged.

Alma is one of only 10 experts invited to evaluate the humanoid robot currently in the project of the company Terrareca.

Knowing something was wrong, Alma later visits her department head at the Pergamon Museum, Roger (Falilou Seck). Alma then tells what happened to the robot. He was a little reluctant to remember that the robot was set up to meet Alma’s ideal man criteria even though it was part of the project’s development.

However, Alma still wants to write a review of the robot. Roger then agreed to Alma’s wish. He has 3 weeks to write the report on Tom.

Roger also reminded that this review is important as it will be presented to the ethics committee meeting, which will decide whether the robot Tom can be given human rights.

If successful in experimenting with robots, Roger promises to fund Anna and her team to Chicago. Anna and her team were really looking forward to it because there was a cuneiform they wanted to see with their own eyes. Hearing that, Anna agreed to the deal.

After the meeting, Alma the next morning visited his sick father. He still loves his father even though he lost his memory due to old age.

After visiting her father, Alma then returned to Terrareca and took Tom home to live with him for 3 weeks.

Tom has always been nice to Alma and shows off his romantic side, part of his previous alignment. Tom was really a good man to Alma; but Alma refused. He says he doesn’t really need love, he just wants to evaluate Tom for 3 weeks and it’s all over

After that Alma took Tom to the museum, Tom was introduced to everyone, he also showed other projects being worked on with his team.

But Tom suddenly informed Alma that another researcher was working on a paper about what Alma and his team were working on. Alma was extremely angry, he couldn’t control himself until he got drunk.

While drunk, Alma then asked Tom if he could feel emotions, anger or other things like humans. Alma even asked if he was programmed to fulfill his sexual desires.

Alma seduces Tom, but instead of having sex, Tom puts Alma to bed and tells him that Alma needs a break.

The next day, staff from Terrareca arrived asking for Alma’s assessment report. Alma says Tom is working fine, the whole program is running as expected.

But when the staff treats Tom like a machine, Alma gets angry and eventually discovers that the employee is a robot. Alma throws him out and apologizes to Tom.

Alma then invites Tom to his father’s house. There, they meet Alma’s older sister, Cora (Annika Meier) and her son.

They chatted together and shared that they had a childhood friend named Thomas when they were in Kongsmark. After visiting their Father’s residence, Alma and Tom go to a housewarming party of Jullian, Alma’s former lover.

Alma is shocked to learn that Steffi, Julian’s new lover, is pregnant. He was heartbroken and then remembered that he was also pregnant with his child and miscarried.

Then Tom realized that Alma was afraid of growing old alone like her father. This angered Alma, who then went out of the apartment to reassure her.

Tom came out of the apartment after him, Alma quietly watched Tom search for him everywhere he went while calling his name until he reached the museum.

Alma followed him into the museum and found Tom observing the large building in the hall. Then they contacted each other.

The next morning, Alma pampered Tom by pulling the blanket so he wouldn’t get cold, slowly leaving the room so he wouldn’t wake up, and even making Tom’s breakfast.

But then Alma realizes that Tom will never be cold, he never sleeps and he doesn’t need to eat, Alma feels like someone is acting because he lives a pretend life.

Alma said he cannot continue the interactive game and he will stop testing soon. Tom asks why but Alma just says that Tom can’t live with humans. Alma records her assessment of Roger when Tom goes somewhere, he disappears after being chased away by Alma.

When the staff from Terrereca returned to request a report, Tom did not return as usual. After that Alma went looking for Tom everywhere, he even took the ferry to where Alma met Thomas, Tom was there after waiting for Alma for 3 days, he started to open up and tell Tom about his life story.

Dan Stevens good acting

I'm Your Man_Dan Stevens (Copy)

Looks like we can count on our fingers the movies about humanoid robots? A movie that requires the character to have hybrid abilities ; can become human-like and robot-like from behavior to speech. Most artists or actors have to put in a bit of effort to discover a role.

This is because they really have to make them look like real robots. There are two stars that I admire for playing a cyborg character.

The first was Gemma Chan in the TV series Humans and this time it was Dan Stevens. Stevens plays the role very well; starting from his gestures, his way of talking is exactly like a robot.

Reasonable explanation

I'm Your Man_Alma (Copy)

Alma has been very critical from the beginning, he has absolutely no sympathy for robots and thinks that Tom is just a machine with a special program that makes him special. The program that Tom brings gradually makes Alma fall in love because he finally feels what it’s like to be happy with someone.

But he realizes that if this continues, even though he’s happy, a humanoid with a team mission like Tom could harm humanity. Humans tend to have robots more than other humans, thinking that robots will definitely satisfy human needs and be controllable. Logical reason, right?

Throw Emotions

I'm Your Man_Ego (Copy)

This has a common theme in the discussion above regarding the dangers of humanoid robots as partners. When Alma began to love Tom, she had to bury her feelings even though Alma really liked the fact that Tom was always by her side because of Alma’s fear of having to face her ex alone.

In the end, Alma’s logic worked and put her own ego aside; so that he doesn’t fall into a deeper dependency on Tom, whose foundation is a machine. This 105-minute movie is good enough to watch over the weekend. Maybe after watching this movie, you will search for similar movies because of the fascinating plot.


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