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Okay, you’re right. Most of the idle mobile games are similar to each other and playing for a while is also boring due to “free time”. I thought so. But all of them have exceptions and today I want to tell everyone about Idle, the mobile simulation game that has been holding me back for a while due to its rather strange structure and theme: Idle Magic School MOD APK.

Introducing the School of Idle Witches and Wizards

Just play “Dumbledore” once, okay?

They say “Never give up hope, even if you are deceived by love, true love is always in front of you”. Do you live with this reality? As for me, I have not known love yet, but I never gave up hope in the game genre. Because I believe that every genre has its merits, and if this game is bad then not all games of the same genre are bad. Thinking for ‘zero’ simulation on mobile phones also follows a similar pattern. And I was right. There are always few games as good as Idle Magic School.


When I read Harry Potter, I often wonder: If I were Dumbledore, how would I run Hogwarts? How a great and great magic school with so many magic classes and so many wizarding classes can bring everything back to normal. After thinking for a while, I realized why my hair and beard were so long and white. But back then, those thoughts were temporary and then forgotten when the show ended. Revisiting this exact game now, wonder about the revival of yesteryears. That’s why I decided to give it a try.

The Idle Witch and Wizard School makes a case, say you want to build your own magic school? From then on, everything you do, every decision you make in the game revolves around this ultimate goal.

Going to work, working hard is the other way around

You will begin to lay the first bricks for your dream magic school in a forest full of enchanted mysteries. Build and expand schools by opening crash classes, expanding infrastructure, upgrading magic courses, opening new facilities. Along with the above activities, there are also tasks of enrollment, selection of teachers, selection of school administrators, education of students, and placement of various types of Mages in gifted kindergartens in the magical world. this art.

The most important resource in this game is Gold. The more students you attract to your school, the better your chances of taking classes. What you use this money for is entirely up to you. Depending on the stage of development of the school, your growth strategy will also be different.

For example, when diversifying your magic classes in the first place, you should focus on prospective mage students from a family of pure-blood wizards. It doesn’t take long to explain as most of these boys and girls have a family tradition of witchcraft. Thus, the school’s reputation will also be greatly improved and will gradually become the trademark of a high-class Magic School. Next, you need to further diversify your school’s classes by adding strategies to attract Muggle-trained or Hooded Wizards (with Muggle parent or father) to create diversity of students and It also extends its influence to students. University.

When students are already quite crowded, you should consider expanding the Residence to call the dormitory manager. Also do not forget to attract elite magicians to teach special courses to bring more fame to the school.

Standby mode will save your life

But luckily we don’t have to do all of this work at once. If that’s the case, you can only hold your breath and return the game to the manufacturer. It features Idle Magic School Idle. Even when you’re offline, school still works, earn a steady income and build a foundation, then wait for you to get back into the game. You will feel the thrill of this “open mouth waiting for fig” game after playing for a few hours and then exiting the machine, when you come back you will see that the campus has changed and the wasteland is now green. magic class board, people coming in and out were quite busy. Now your task is just to keep making the important decisions to take the game to the next level.

Upgrade and unlock in the game

At each stage, there are many different tasks that you have to complete in detail. After completing, you will receive Gold coins and some other valuables to open a new facility, expand the size of the school. For example, by purchasing Water Country surrounded by turbulent rivers, students taking private magic lessons here will ensure that they are never harassed by outside agents.

Gold Coins can also be used to upgrade the Magic Tree. Then use Fruits to level up the mages. There is also a very powerful tool (not even in Harry Potter), the Transform tool that turns Muggle students into Wizards so they can continue their studies. of the witch.

What I like and dislike about Idle School of Magic

The advantage of Idle Magic School: the “store” elements distinguish themselves, partly because of the general theme of the game, partly by design. Pro gameplay: balanced (proved by the fact that each class has a clear function and generates a certain amount of income), good progression and logic, convenient unlocking. Lots of characters but pure. Free advertising.

Cons: resources except gold, not very interesting and seems to have nothing to do with development, a bit long to climb to new levels.

Idle Magic School MOD APK version

Features MOD

Infinite magic stone

Download Idle Magic School MOD APK for Android

In short, a must-have experience. Because the circumstances in this magic school are quite strange and interesting. It is completely different from other mobile simulation games. I also tried it once.

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