He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege Movie Review

After successfully rescuing the British Prime Minister’s daughter, Christopher Lowe was dismissed from the army for breaking orders. Meanwhile, Holt manages to escape the hospital and plots an attack on Downing Street. At the time of the Prime Minister’s attack and hostage taking, Christopher was still there and began to intervene to stop Holt’s actions.

He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege is a British film released by Paul Tanter by Gauntlet Released on DVD on 5 January 2015. Continuing the first film, this time the SAS commander acted alone to destroy the armed group led by Holt. The concept of this movie is clearly quoted from the popular action movie , Olympus Multiple Failed (2013).

Given the poor quality of the first part, will this sequel improve anything? The following is from this film set in London.

Summary of He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege

  • Release year : 2015
  • Genre : Action, Horror, Crime
  • Produce : Click Feature, Escape Feature
  • Director : Paul Tanter
  • Cast : Tom Benedict Knight, Simon Phillips, Russell Kilmister

After being shot by Alice on Christmas Eve, Holt is hospitalized. Not long after, armed groups picked him up by killing the entire place.

Six months later, Holt was at the party of a friend of his government official. He killed the official and took his pass.

Meanwhile, Chris Lowe, who seemed to have failed in his love life, was summoned to Downing Street by his superiors. Chris was considered disobedient even though he was instrumental in saving the Prime Minister’s daughter.

Not being awarded a medal of honor, nor being unfortunately discharged, Chris was suspended from the army.

Holt’s gang broke into Downing Street dressed as a police officer. They blew up the front door of the office, causing widespread media coverage. Chris, who is still inside the building, tries to protect himself from the attacks of individual armed group employees.

Although the Prime Minister was rescued inside the bunker Holt was able to track the location and open the door with the access card he was holding.

The Prime Minister was successfully taken hostage and Holt immediately made threats against the government. He demanded ransom with large sums of money and means of escape.

Chris contacted the government, but he was banned from moving instead. Chris ignored the orders of the Deputy Prime Minister and continued to move to neutralize a member of the terrorists. Holt, who realized that Chris was there, invited him to join, but of course Chris declined.

Holt then released a video of Chris hitting a terrorist in a police uniform to spread slander. This led many to assume that Chris was part of Holt’s plot.

Chris didn’t care and kept moving from room to room to free the hostages in the building. Annoyed, Holt tells Cassie to follow Chris.

They meet and fight empty-handed. Chris nearly lost but managed to kill Cassie. Holt then decided to leave the bunker with the Prime Minister.

Chris stops them. Can Chris beat Holt again? Will Holt get shot this time? Please keep watching this movie until the end to get the answer.

The door blast is pretty awesome

The door blast is pretty awesome_

He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege continues directly to the end of the first film’s story. Holt and Chris reap the consequences of their previous actions. Holt ran away for 6 months and devised a bigger new plan. Meanwhile, for Chris, his military status is frozen and his life looks messy.

This time, director Paul Tanter played it safe by showing only one hero instead of an army. This is to avoid other criticism regarding the poor portrayal of SAS soldiers in the previous film.

However, this movie actually displays a lower level of action sequences than the first movie. The much-awaited fight scene between Chris and Cassie came out very disappointing.

With just a few moves, Cassie had to be killed by a knife cut to her own neck. Really disappointed and broke the only hope of peak fun.

The other action scenes are even more absurd. Many terrorist shots aimed at the head are rendered using cheap looking special effects .

If you look closely, there are many gunshot wounds that look like blood seeping into the fabric. In fact, the wound site was on the head that should have flowed down, not penetrated the wound.

But there is one scene that is quite spectacular, which is the explosion of the front door of Downing Street. Indeed, the explosion looked normal, but proved it was not due to computer engineering.

It is remarkable that Merissa Porter, standing near the explosion, did not move and was almost blown in by the door. The video of this explosion was shown many times on the television news, making us even more amazed.

Here’s a twist that’s quite unexpected towards the end of the movie. A bit spoiled when Chris confronted Holt and his gang, Holt was shot dead instantly.

We must have laughed at Holt’s stupidity, but apparently one of these gangs attacked Chris and took off his mask. And, he turns out to be Holt!

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Cite more references from famous action movies_

In terms of script, this 1 hour 27 minute film has yet to show the originality of the story. The premise presented is clearly inspired by the multi-failed Olympus movies (2013) and The White House Down (2013).

But Holt’s motives as a terrorist leader are unchanged from before, namely money. Failing the first attempt, this time Holt wanted a larger amount.

While with the Prime Minister in hand, he could have staged a coup or asked for support from Britain’s enemies, if at all.

It seems that Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter and Jonathan Westwood as screenwriters didn’t think so. The main motivation is still money in exchange for the government emptying Holt’s account.

Then another question arises, whose account will Holt receive a large sum of money from the government? Although he has been on the run from the government for 6 months and has clearly been discovered for this act of taking hostages.

This gap in the story wasn’t filled in well by the screenwriters, or perhaps they didn’t think of it. Chris’ solo heroic action still reminds us of the movies Die Hard (1988) or First Blood (1982).

Even the last reference was mentioned by the Deputy Prime Minister as a nickname for Chris’ actions. And the dilemma of giving power to the Deputy Prime Minister is almost the same as what happened in the movies. Air Force One (1997).

The scene between the villain and the main character Sosok

The scene between the villain and the main character_

As the main character, Tom Benedict Knight still cannot show his maximum form. He doesn’t have enough charisma as a main character.

The expression of anger when the situation of soldiers being blocked by their superiors was not properly expressed. In fact, the expression displayed is like a person having a stomach ache.

Furthermore, the scene is smaller than the villain Holt. And this villain, played by one of the screenwriters, turns out to be more domineering. The acting also seems to be better than the previous movie. In fact, he’s added a rather cheesy sense of humor to his character.

When Cassie asked if it was necessary to blow up the front door of Downing Street? He casually replied that it wasn’t really necessary, just that it would look good on camera.

Quite refreshing. But then Holt threw a joke that led to body complexes to one of the fat government employees, who couldn’t seem to get out of his chair. This is really inappropriate.

Most of the cast did not show good acting quality. Tom Benedict Knight’s performance tends to be more or less on par and Simon Phillips is slightly better but can’t keep his acting steady.

Once again, the best performances were delivered by supporting actors. This time it’s Merissa Porter. She looks tough and sexy at the same time. But his performance was marred by an ineffective script.

He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege proved to be a rushed sequel. Shown no better than the first movie, this movie just repeats the formula of the ever -active movie.

The cinematography is already better than the first movie, it’s just that the montage that uses flickering visual effects makes the shaky image even worse.

From a technical point of view, such as sound and lighting, this film also presents it to a degree that, in my opinion, is not good. Most of the dialogue was not captured well, so it was difficult for us to hear what was being said.

Meanwhile, due to poor lighting, a scene with two different colors is quite chaotic.

From the Prime Minister’s side it looks bright and from Chris’s side it’s sepia, as if he’s in the 1950s. Continuity of lame scenes like this play out a lot throughout the series. film.

Not a prime recommendation for active movie fans , but this movie is still worth a look, especially for those of you who’ve seen the first movie. Please continue to watch this movie while relaxing, friends!


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