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Good Pizza Great Pizza is an engaging simulation game where you take orders from customers, customize their pizzas, and strive to keep them satisfied while making a profit. Developed by PM Studios in 2014, it puts you in the role of a pizza shop owner. You must be efficient in fulfilling customer orders and maintain a high level of speed. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own pizza shop? Now is your chance to experience this game.

In Good Pizza Great Pizza, you assume the role of a struggling restaurant owner venturing into the pizza business. You face the challenge of creating delicious pizzas while competing against a rival pizza shop across the street, called Alicante’s. This establishment will be your first taste of competition, as the owner guides you through the essential steps of preparation, baking, slicing, and packaging pizzas.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK is a pizza restaurant construction and management simulation game from the publisher TapBlaze. Simple gameplay, attractive colors, vibrant music, both children and adults can play.

Great Pizza, Meet Great Pizza

Making pizza is easy, but managing a pizzeria is hard!

I have a kid who is addicted to making pizza on an English learning app. So I invited my dad to come play with me. As silly as it sounds at first, you just need to hold your iPad and drag to change the cake’s color, ingredients, seasoning, and toppings. But after playing a few times, the father and son competed for the iPad. Since then, this cooking game has been established as the most addictive game in the world. Since it stimulates the player’s appetite and satisfies somewhat curious about his appearance and all this and the desire to experience it, let me know, see if the finished product is beautiful.

When I found out there was a pizza making game on my phone, I not only built a pizza shop but also managed it. I immediately decided to download the game after 5 minutes. And this is the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Games for kids, but content and experiences for adults

You don’t need any complicated mobile skills to play this game, just drag, click, tap the screen. And requests in turn are a simple joke: you just have to meet customer requests to set the highest possible standards of satisfaction. Once you serve your guests and make them feel welcome, you’ll be well rewarded.

Good Pizza Great Pizza for Android

The pizza making process is also very simple: choose the base, choose the fillings such as sauce, cheese… Sprinkle according to the size that you think suits the needs of the customer. Then bake the cake, cut the cake, deliver the cake, collect the money. Easy eating.

But life always has a “but”. If the game is like that, it will not be suitable for many people, especially difficult adults like me. The problem with the pizzeria you’re incarnated in is: Oh man, there’s always customers. They often make requests that their imaginations fly too far to contemplate. For example, a beautiful girl wants to order a pizza with the same color as the sunset. Do you understand what the girl said? Another guy seemed shy but wanted a pizza that was “hot like his ex”. Then others told very long stories and concluded that they wanted a cake that, when eaten, could bring back childhood memories. OH MY GOD. Would you say how to live with them?

Customer is always king

I want to briefly talk about the concept of “Satisfaction Bar” in this game. You can understand this by now: Satisfaction bar combines Order Fulfillment Time + pizza satisfaction. Not everyone can do it comfortably, quickly, and not all customers have only 1-2 requests.

But because the customer is always king. So what you need to do is:

  • Ask again until you understand the customer’s problem and need. But when asked repeatedly, his satisfaction level drops, which means he is starting to get angry.
  • And while the request takes a long time, it also means less time to bake. Sometimes you have to rush to race every second.
  • Ultimately, both must ensure total wait times, while also meeting customer requests for money. Spicy as alive.
Good Pizza Great Pizza MOD by APKMODY

Then the gameplay is the same, the process is as simple as a joke, but the difficulty level and the pacing of the game are increasingly tight. This shows that from now on, through many customers, the inconvenience increases and the time they have to wait patiently is less and less. Now do you understand why I say this difficult “experience” is for adults?

Next is the issue of money, upgrades and “changing” the game.

What do we use the money we receive from our customers? Buy new materials, improve store service, renovate some areas, diversify products, do marketing to increase customer base, even use money to buy the “Freeze Satisfying Bar” feature.

And with each such “improvement”, you need to think carefully, there are always side effects from big to small:

  • Adding the filling will make the cake more appealing, but will increase the waiting time. Especially if you encounter customers who are constantly asking for one half of the other.
  • Improved service quality requires more staff, of course, a fixed monthly fee will be charged, which will affect profits.
  • Site renovations and expansions face management challenges and slower service.
  • Marketing can attract new customers, but there are also more contradictory claims.
  • Freeze gratification, and in return you will create lazy habits.

Sometimes the game is also a problem that drives us crazy in front of some customers with grenades: not enough money to pay for the order, or just standing at the counter and refusing to pay even though it is true. . We will handle each case differently. Many times I choose to “finish the job” to do something else.

Good classic game without competition

Gameplay and content are just that. But like I said, if you really play, it’s really hard to leave this world. Because we not only have interesting gameplay, many hidden challenges, but also unique graphics and colors. Take a look at the app market and see if you can find a game on a similar theme as well as this retro style game art.

Download Good Pizza Great Pizza MOD

How about color? If you think a game is about food, it has to be colorful. Well then, Good Pizza will make you change your mind about Great Pizza. Quality, elegant, standard retro color scheme that doesn’t need to be adjusted, BUT still exudes the beauty and delicious taste of each pizza… About the people and characters in the game, there are many variations, just look at the mold. his face can imagine that he is uncomfortable or at ease. Very intuitive and detailed.

The music is not rushed, not flashy, not too modern but gentle enough, fun enough, vibrant enough and interesting enough.

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