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Have you ever thought, every item has a meaningful story to someone? It turns out that not all knick-knacks are worthless old-fashioned pieces.

Good Old Days (2022) shows that every item in the antique store has a valuable story. Even value is not just money, but something valuable and meaningful to someone’s life.

Good Old Days (2022) can be said to be the dark horse that can level other popular Thai dramas. Ploy Pattaraporn Werasakwong’s film is not only an entertaining spectacle, but it also gives a deep meaning to the audience.

The six stories in this series are also conveyed by celebrities under the auspices of GMMTV.

So what’s the story behind a secondhand item in an antique store? In order not to be curious, you can find out the synopsis and review of the film only on Viet Nam.

Good Old Days movie synopsis

Good Old Days (2022)
Release year 2022
Category Drama, Romance
Manufacturing GMMTV
Manager Waasuthep Ketpetch
Cast Krist Nurse Sangpotirat

Prim Chanikan Tangkabodee

Fah Yongwaree Anilbol

Lee Thanat Lowkhunsombat

Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom

Kay Lertsittichai

Good Old Days (2022) is a television series that includes six touching life stories to watch. For those curious about the plot, you can read the synopsis and brief review below.

Episode 1-2: Bonds and Relationships

Episode 1-2: Bonds and Relationships

The story opens with a fight between Mew (Pat Chayanit) and Maew (Win Metawin). This is what got Mew into an antique shop across the street. Mew was surprised to see various old items in the store. Suddenly a man walked in and told him about the price of a ball he was holding.

Mew is surprised to learn the ball costs 5000 baht. The antique shop owner said he did not appreciate the item for its function or condition.

But every item in this store, is priced according to its story and its benefit to someone. He also said that for Mew this old ball may mean nothing, but for others this ball is very valuable.

Episode 1-2

Back in 1998 when Thailand hosted the Asian Games. A child is watching TV, and Phu has just returned from school. That afternoon, Phu’s mother gave her son a ball and a dog as a gift. Together with Ryu, Phu understood the true meaning of “bond”.

Then the story turns to 2019, when a busy man in the meeting room . This is the grown-up Phu (Lee Thanat), looking less than excited when she learns it’s her birthday.

That night, Phu spent the night at a bar. But something unexpected happened, when a girl asked him to confess to be her new lover.

Good Old Days 1

This girl has a lot of complaints about life, work, and love affairs. Surprisingly, Phu feels very comfortable listening to Mint (Fah Yongwaree) talk. Mint is really interesting and to make the point, this girl even did not hesitate to ask Phu to have a one-night stand.

Not wanting to have too much relationship, Phu immediately cut off contact with Mint. Unfortunately, Mint’s arrival that night coincided with his mother’s visit to his home.

Deadlocked, Phu was forced to accept the date that Mint wanted. At least tonight he didn’t have to pretend to have a lover in front of his mother.

Good Old Days 2

But after all of Mint’s efforts, he finally knew what kept Phu from opening his heart. Who would have thought that the relationship between the owner and his pet dog could affect Phu so much.

Guilt caused Ryu to die, making Phu not want to love anymore because he didn’t want to be hurt anymore.

However, Phu doesn’t realize that the boundary he portrays Mint and his mother has hurt them. But things gradually changed, when Phu learned that his mother was suffering from cancer.

Of course, Phu became an obedient child with Mint’s support even though they were in two different places.

Good Old Days 3

But time and time again, when Phu was about to confess his feelings to Mint. Turns out it was all too late when Mint got back with his ex-girlfriend. Mint was right, that he shouldn’t wait for someone who couldn’t give him clarity.

Phu’s life is like a picture with a shadow, alternating up and down, but he doesn’t always run away from reality. But can Phu survive the constant pain?

Not just about the meaning of bonds and relationships

Not just about the meaning of bonds and relationships

Bond and Relationship, became the deeply emotional opening of the TV series Good Old Days (2022). The story, starring Lee Thanat, Fah Yongwaree and Tai Penpak, is truly heartwarming.

It’s not the fear of getting hurt or understanding the meaning of relationships and attachments. But what I emphasize, the movie shows what happens when you run away from reality?

At first, I thought Phu was a rebellious man because he didn’t believe that a relationship would make him happy. But as time went on, I learned that the main problem in Phu’s life was not that he was afraid of relationships and ties.

But this man is used to running away from reality, so he protects himself by refusing ties and relationships.

Seeing how Phu copes with difficulties in life, he is used to taking short distances to avoid trouble. Or rather, he cuts off all possibilities before they turn into a relationship or bond.

I think this episode “Bond and Relationship  ” is perfect for those of you who are afraid of feeling hurt.

The reason is, this episode shows that the more you avoid, the stronger that feeling will affect you. Not only that, whatever you do, you can avoid unexpected problems.

In the end, it’s not you who controls everything, it’s that you have to be able to live with and overcome these undesirables.

Choose the right actors and evoke emotions

Choose the right actors and evoke emotions

Aside from the plot, I have to admit that GMMTV picked the right cast for this episode of “Bond and Relationship . ”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Lee Thanat act, but I still love the character’s soul. Lee Thanat very well expressed the restlessness and doubt in Phu’s heart.

His emotions flow very well, which is evident from his eyes to the way he speaks. The facial expression seems awkward and stiff, this is very suitable for Phu’s personality.

Not only that, he also built a good chemistry with Fah Yongwaree, Tai Penpak to Jane Ramida. These three actresses balance Lee Thanat’s stellar performance with extraordinary emotions.

As a veteran actress, of course I will not comment on the acting ability and the soul of the character Tai Penpak. She really fits the role of a single mother who works hard but is very gentle with her son.

Not only that, the scene where Tai Penpak made a farewell video to his son was really emotional and touching.

As for Fah Yongwaree, I like the style of an easy-going city woman The character was a bit awkward at first, but as time went on, I started to like her acting.

Moreover, whenever Fah Yongwaree appeared on screen, he could always follow Lee Thanat’s skillful acting. Even the chemistry of both is well developed and very interesting to watch.

Good Old Days (2022) is indeed the perfect title to represent the six stories directed by Ploy Pattaraporn Werasakwong. There are no nonsense stories, everything is meaningful and will touch the hearts of the audience.

This movie seems ordinary, but the different values ​​of life are very well expressed and penetrate the hearts of the audience.

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