Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG Codes (New)

Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG is an exciting strategy game that immerses players in the fascinating battles of the World War II era with the participation of famous generals. This game not only gives players moments of relaxing entertainment but also requires calculation, tactical thinking and leadership skills.

With the integration of valuable and diverse technologies in the military force, Glory of Generals 3 has created a multi-dimensional battle space, allowing players to freely develop strategies and creativity in each battle. fight. This helps provide the constant excitement and challenge of figuring out how to defeat the enemy.

The game requires players to take advantage of the generals and the technology they possess to win tough battles, which require the ability to hit objects and coordinate armies delicately. Each game mode brings its own unique requirements and challenges, from treacherous terrain attack to fierce defense. This requires players to be ready to face diverse situations and find the right strategy to win.


The battles in Glory of Generals 3 are not only about moving troops and fighting, but also requiring the ability to observe and shape optimal tactics. Players must consider the environment, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, thereby making accurate and quick decisions to win in dramatic battles.

To overcome tough challenges, players need to spend time training their skills, mastering strategy and focusing on developing their army. Through each battle, players will become more and more proficient and confident in confronting dangerous enemies.

In short, Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG is not only a casual entertainment game but also a true challenge for those who love strategy genre. With a combination of history, strategy and leadership, this game has conquered millions of players worldwide and provides memorable experiences in the journey to explore the world of generals. mighty.

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Instructions on how to enter code Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG

  • Step 1: Log in to the homepage of Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG to receive the gift

How to get Glory of Generals 3 fanpage event code – WW2 SLG

  • Step 1: Visit the fanpage Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG
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  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG code

Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG

World War II has arrived, now is the time to lead your army and conquer the battlefield. You will be an excellent commander and write your own military history.

Join the war with more than 100 famous generals in battle. Team up with your favorite faction and give the right command to Manstein, Guderian, Zhukov, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, Rommel and many more. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the war map, use your strategy to change the war situation. Recruit special forces from Axis and Allies and work together to win.

More than 60 types of special forces are waiting for you to recruit, including the German Tiger tank, the Mortar Karl gun, the Soviet Katyusha missile, the KV tank, the US army’s 82nd army and the British Royal SAS battalion .

*** New production technology enables rich and real terrain experience on the battlefield! Jungle beaches in the west, deserts in North Africa and snow in the east can’t stop you from winning.

*** The new special forces system allows you to integrate special forces into your army. It has a wide range of special air defense functional units such as air defense, mobile and construction forces.

*** More realistic weather system. Varied weather will affect the morale of the air force and military units.

*** The original booster system can replenish your military strength, spy on your opponents and grow your battalion!

*** New change in naval warfare allows you to feel the range and mass of real warships!

*** Army units from more than 200 countries, more than 100 generals and more than 60 special forces will join your battle.

[Expedition] *** There are more than 120 historical scenarios in six war zones, and you can experience these realistic historical battles from Axis and Allies. *** Achieve mission objectives in the campaign: capture target areas, rescue friendly forces, break sieges, defend positions and destroy opponents on a large scale, etc. *** Every decision you make will determine the outcome of the campaign, including recruiting units, air strikes, parachute landings, dispatching troops and generals, and hiring additional troops.
[Army garrison] *** Deploy army garrison. Each country has its own unique technology card, which can be used to speed up the process of conquering the world. *** The diplomatic system is flexible and the situation of conquest changes rapidly. An enemy or a friend? Everything depends on your diplomatic strategy.

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