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Garena Undawn Codes (New)

Garena, one of the leading online game publishers in Southeast Asia, has just announced that it will release Undawn, an open-world survival shooter developed by Tencent Games. According to the information posted on the homepage, Garena will undertake the distribution of Undawn in 8 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. .

Garena Undawn builds a compelling and deep storyline. On the background of a zombie pandemic world, humans have been transformed and become ferocious, leading to the spread of the undead everywhere.

In the role of a lucky survivor, our main character will join a task force against a zombie pandemic. Together with his comrades, he will participate in destroying the wandering undead, exploring the city and rescuing the trapped survivors. This journey is arduous and will reveal the fate of the main character in Garena Undawn.

Garena Undawn

To survive in this zombie-infested world, players will need to work together to build safe havens, trade resources, and deal with an epidemic of zombies everywhere. The game combines PvP gameplay (playing against other players) and PvE (playing against the environment) on Unreal Engine 4 graphics, promising to bring many interesting and unique experiences to players. .

Salenhanh has searched and collected a list of Garena Undawn giftcodes from reputable sources and wants to share with you. If you are looking for attractive giftcodes to experience the game Garena Undawn, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Don’t miss these giftcodes! Salenhanh believes that they will help you experience the game Garena Undawn better and also help you to achieve many excellent achievements.

Take this opportunity to satisfy your passion for gaming. Wish you success and happiness when participating in the game Garena Undawn!

Latest Garena Undawn Giftcode

List of giftcodesReward
SNI4715d5091000 free diamonds
SVI3596063eGet free diamonds
TAI5bc470eaReceive gift code for fanpage events
FRI57144357Event code fanpage events
BHI6408affdCoins, Spins and Gems

The latest Garena Undawn Fanpage Giftcode

List of giftcodesReward
SNIa1ae22f1000 free diamonds
SVIbd0e7e4Get free characters
VVI4310332bGet Free JBN
TAI6f48e8d5Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI5f170281Event code fanpage events
BHI687e03a2Coins, Spins and Gems

Instructions on how to enter code Garena Undawn

  • Step 1: Log in to the Garena Undawn website homepage
  • Step 2: Select the Garena Undawn giftcode box on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code Garena Undawn to receive the gift

How to get Garena Undawn fanpage event code

  • Step 1: Access the Garena Undawn fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Garena Undawn code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to get the latest Garena Undawn code

dawn garena

Pre-register for the AAA survival shooter MMORPG! Join Raven to explore the realistic open world, work together against zombies, and rebuild the world. Survive! 

Pre-register for the best apocalypse survival MMORPG of the year NOW! Join Raven to immerse yourself in a realistic open world, work together against zombies, and rebuild the world.

Garena Undawn is an extremely realistic apocalypse survival game with abandoned cities covered with greenery, constantly changing weather conditions and roaming zombies. Every Survivor must survive the unknown dangers of the night, while keeping hope alive as they await dawn.

|Realistic Survival – Physiological Stats|
Experience weather changes including sunshine, thunderstorms, blizzards, etc. Adapt to weather physiological changes and closely monitor 12 survival stats it mean. hunger, mental state, health and emotions.

|Tactical coordination – smooth shooting experience|
Use weapons with tactical skills, build a team and compete with other players. Enjoy realistic shooting experience and exciting battles.

|Open world – seamless map exploration|
Up to 9 types of realistic landscapes including abandoned cities, vast canyons and misty forests, with many cars and motorbikes for players to drive and race, and freely explore the great apocalypse world.

|Free identification – highly personalized|
Master the many abilities needed to survive the apocalypse and pass the certificate to become a pro, unlocking more survival skills. Moreover, you can tailor your look according to your personal taste and rich fashion equipment to be unique.

|Defend your barracks – fight against hostile forces|
Craft tools, master different weapons, build shelters and find survivors to defend against unknown threats and survive together!

|Private house – build a safe zone|
Huge land space, thousands of furniture and plants are available for players to build their own houses with brick by brick.

For more information, please refer:
Official: https://ud.garena.com
Instagram: https://bit.ly/InstagramUndawnEN
Youtube: https://bit.ly/YoutubeUndawnEN
Facebook: https:/ /www.facebook.com/GarenaUndawnEN
Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/FBGroupUndawnEN

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