Gannibal Season 1 (2023) Movie Review

The Japanese horror series ‘Gannibal’ aired 7 episodes in its first season on Disney+ Hotstar. This Japanese series is based on the manga by Ninomiya Masaaki. This horror-thriller manga was mysteriously successful in its first season.

‘Gannibal’ brings together actors such as Yagira Yuya, Kasamatsu Sho, Yoshioka Riho, Shimizu Kokone, Nakamura Baijaku. Katayama Shinzo directed the first season series based on a script by Oe Takamasa. The final episode of the first season premiered on February 1, 2023.

Gannibal Season 1 Movie Summary

Daigo (Yagira Yuya), a policeman is transferred to Kuge village. Officer Kano (Yashiba Toshihiro), who previously served in Kuge Village, has mysteriously disappeared and is said to have lost his mind. Pak Kano was sure that the village still practiced cannibalism. Daigo, who knows this, tries to investigate Goto’s village and family.

Keisuke Goto (Kasamatsu Sho), a local community leader and member of the Goto family, becomes acquainted and close with Daigo. Daigo is in charge of the village, while also investigating the Goto family. This puts his wife and children at risk.

Gannibal Season 1

Gannibal Season 1 movie review

Kuge Village and the Goto . family

The anomalies of the mysterious Kuge Village are reinforced by the existence of the Goto Family that has great influence over the local area. The power of the Goto Family in a small village feels quite strong from the first encounter with Daigo complete with their hunting weapons.

A track record is also mysterious, making it difficult for Daigo to discover what the Goto family is actually doing in the village, so all villagers who happen to be not members of the Goto family must obey. by strange rules.

Review Gannibal Season 1

The festival in Kuge Village becomes climax when Kuge Village also learns of the Goto family’s secret and tries to cover it up. The characters of Keisuka and her brother Yosuke may be the key to the Goto Family and the outside world.

Keisuke’s Dualism

The key character who always interacts directly with Daigo is Keisuke. From the first meeting when hunting bears became a contradiction. Keisuke seems to hate Daigo as he investigates his partner who has mysteriously disappeared. However, on the other hand, Keisuke often saves Daigo so that his family’s secret is not disturbed.

From the very beginning, Keisuke is the bridge between the police, who constantly harass his family, and the Goto family, who are always angry. Keisuke’s steps seemed vaguely directionless. Furthermore, the presence of Kano Sumire (Kita Kana), his son Kano, who was in charge before, has a special relationship with him.

Movie Gannibal Season 1

In the final round, this secret of Keisuke’s nature will become clearer. If you follow all of Daigo’s investigations, Keisuke becomes the crux of the story that holds the secrets of the Goto Family.

Beautiful little Japanese village

Although this is a horror and thriller movie, the tension in some parts is relieved when seeing the beautiful village atmosphere. If there were no cannibalism issues in Kuge village, perhaps things would be very interesting. Plus the villagers are very friendly at first, aside from covering up the Goto family’s secret.

Gannibal Season 1 review

It’s a bit monotonous, the place is used in a small village. Mysterious places in the interior of the village, including the forests, add to the terror that still mysteriously haunts the village. The addition of “That Man”, a mysterious figure that until the end remains unsolved, becomes the scapegoat that adds horror to several spots in the village.

Conclusion of the movie Gannibal Season 1

The mystery of the Kuge Village and the Goto Family is the main highlight of the horror of ‘Gannibal’. The main character Daigo, whose ambition to solve the case makes us crazy, wants the secret about the Goto family to be revealed soon. Some key characters like Keisuke become the fulcrum that makes the story go in any direction.

Using the context of a village in Japan, which is already beautiful, unintentionally adds to its own horror. In addition to being far from the city, there are still quiet places, such as forests, rivers, caves, etc.

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