Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar (2022) Summary

Edward Elric (Ryôsuke Yamada) and Alphonse Elric (Atom Mizuishi) come to Central to become the Alchemist of the State. But on their way by train, they are attacked by a group of extremists and also Ling Yao (Watanabe Keisuke) from Xing, who wants the secret of the Sorcerer’s Stone of Immortality.

At Central, a new problem is lurking named Scar (Mackenyu). A State Alhemist assassin has taken many victims. Scar is an Isvhal seeking revenge against the entire Alchemist Country. Ishval was brutally slaughtered by the Alchemists of the State for the sake of genocide for the better.




As Alchemists of the New Country, Ed and Al also become targets of Scar. Roy Mustang (Dean Fujioka) and his men are tasked with protecting Ed and Al, while investigating the intentions of state officials related to the former Ishval genocide strategy.

Scar’s revenge, unlocks the secrets of the Homunculus. Ed and Al attempt to confront Scar so that there are no more victims of the State Alchemist and other damage. Can Ed and Al stop Scar’s stronger revenge?

Seamless bridge from the first movie


Fullmetal Alchemist lovers will probably be waiting for a sequel to the first 2017 film. The introduction of the characters continues in ‘The Revenge of Scar’, as does the Homunculus theory from Lust to Victims. the first human of the Homunculus, the last who may or may not be immortal.

Envy (Hongo Kanata) and Gluttony (Uchiyama Shinji) are back, continuing some of the Homunculus that anime or manga viewers may already know. Two Homunculus appear next to Ed and Al, the journey of these two brothers further complicates the conflict, forcing us to thread all the connections.

If you haven’t seen the first movie, you’ll be a bit confused by the military friendship of Roy Mustang (Dean Fujioka) and Ed and Al, who have just arrived at Central. The link between these two factions was established to expose the corrupt government that killed Mustang’s military colleague, Maes Hughes (Ryûta Sato).

Continuing the story without the premise or synopsis of the first film will raise big questions for viewers who may be new to this second live-action film. The conflict, which has been building since the first film, continues to deepen with the issue of genocide in Ishval.

The balance between characters is maintained


The addition of some important characters was smooth even though it was too fast. Xing’s Ling Yao, a prince trying to claim the throne through the Sorcerer’s Stone, unlocks the secret that in the first movie became the main hunt for brothers Edward and Alphonse.

No reduction at all, all the characters in the anime are brought, starting from the country of Xing, namely Ling Yao with his 2 shadow ninja, LanFan (Yuina Kuroshima) and Fuu (Toshio Kakei) ), and Mey Chang (Monroe Ron). Even from the main antagonist, Scar from Ishval is not alone, it can be seen when Edward visits the ruins of Xerces where Ishval’s survivors live.

The old characters are reinforced by the military stronghold of Roy Mustang and his friends, who will be more involved in the third film after that, the war in the North if we follow the anime and manga. All characters are intelligently unlocked to create a live-action trilogy that conveys thoroughly without compromising the original story.

Unfortunately, Mey Chang’s character isn’t explored much with Alchemy’s cleansing or healing powers. Mey Chang’s power would have been better if it had more parts, to cement Scar’s revengeful relationship with his brother, who researched the Alchemy powers that Mey Chang used.

The beginning of the country’s political conflict


Edward and Alphonse are just brothers who mediate a larger conflict than the quest for immortality through Alchemy. Opening up Scar’s revenge motive, the story flows so quickly that only anime and manga fans will catch on.

For a story with great conflict, this happens too quickly with very little basic explanation in some dense scenes. The opening is the motive of revenge against the state army, which turns out to reveal the truth of King Bradley (Hiroshi Tachi), the leader of the country.

Homunculus theory, increasingly evident in his relationship with public officials, sparked Roy Mustang’s overthrow of the current government. This is just the initial impetus for the story in the sequel. Even Ed and Al have had little role to play in this country’s conflict.

Strange image does not grow


One thing that haunts ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar’ is that the CGI visuals are not developed, even looking rough at some points. The best of all the effects is that Alphonse’s armor can freely perform Alchemy actions.

The effect of Alchemy’s battle with all the physical elements around it didn’t look smooth, the most awaited turned out to be the most disturbing. While all the characters are made in a similar way to the anime’s depiction, they don’t seem to blend in with some of the CGI visuals of the background and battles.

Conclusion of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar (2022)

Continuing the first film, all the story continuity and every detail is smooth enough to describe the full story of Fullmetal Alchemist planned for a trilogy. The important characters return armed with new characters that enrich the conflict in a larger dimension.

The homunculus theory has existed since the first movie, this time being seen more clearly in relation to the government. Greater political strife of the state is seen in this second film, and will certainly bridge the climax to the sequel.

Unfortunately, all of these slick stories aren’t backed up by glossy CGI visuals either. Since being criticized in the first film, there hasn’t been any significant development in terms of the setting and battles that Fullmetal Alchemist fans have been waiting for.

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