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Forever Out of My League Movie Review (2022)

Forever Out of My League is an Italian romantic drama film that was released on Netflix on April 1, 2022. This film is the third sequel to the previous film.

Actress Ludovica Francesconi returns as Marta, and Giancarlo Commare reprises her role as Gabriele. In short, Forever Out of My League highlights Marta’s life story after a lung transplant.

Also, after her marriage to Arturo ended in divorce, Marta tries to maintain her romantic relationship with Gabriele while at the same time mending her bad relationship with her grandmother. Can Marta do it?

Forever Out of My League (2022) movie synopsis

Forever Out of My League__
Release yearYear 2021
CategoryComedy, Drama, Romance
ManufacturingPictures of Eagle
ManagerClaudio Norza
CastLudovica Francesconi

Giancarlo Commare

Jozef Gjura

Jenny De Nucci

Marta is a sweet girl and suffers from mucoviscidosis , a rare disease that damages the lung system. After years of fighting a terrible disease, Marta was finally able to enter the operating room for a lung transplant.

The surgery then went smoothly, and he was confirmed to be able to return to his normal days. His close friends, Jacobo and Federica, later told Gabriele, Marta’s lover, that the surgery went perfectly.

Gabriele immediately flew from Paris and made the long journey to meet Marta still in the hospital.

Previously, Marta had written Gabriele’s name as part of her family so she could visit her daily. Marta believed Gabriele would come for her, and she really did.

After that, Gabriele quit her job in France to take care of Marta. He continued to accompany her until Marta was able to return home from the hospital in good health.

Marta then gradually recovered, even now able to breathe freely without the need for an oxygen tube. However, he still needed to be careful to adjust to the new lungs in his body.

Meanwhile, Jacopo likes Dr. Dario, who treated Marta during surgery at the hospital. He tries to ask her out, but doesn’t know how to approach her. Dr. Dario turns out to have feelings for him as well, and they slowly begin to date each other.

In another development, Federica sought to uncover the perpetrators of sexual harassment that occurred in her office. But then, he began to get tired of the office routine of having to sit in front of the computer all day. After thinking for a while, he told his boss that he was leaving.

Since being discharged from the hospital, Gabriele and Marta spend more time together every day. The two plan to live together and find an apartment to live in.

In those moments, Marta thought Gabriele was serious about her. He also expected Gabriele to propose to him.

Marta then tells Gabriele that all of her family members are gone. However, Gabriele hears from Jacopo that her lover still has a living grandmother.

However, Marta explained that she did not have a good relationship with her grandmother and considered her dead. In addition, Marta also revealed that her grandmother never truly loved her, and that she was forced to raise Marta after her parents died.

On her 18th birthday, Marta and her grandmother had a big fight. Since then, Marta moved elsewhere and never saw her grandmother again.

After hearing about her past, Gabriele then tries to do something for Marta so her relationship with her grandmother can be mended. Gabriele wants to see Marta happy by forgiving her past.

Gabriele later found Marta’s grandmother’s home address in Marta’s school records. He went to the address and hoped that his grandmother would meet Marta.

Marta and Gabriele’s love story continues

Forever Out of My League's love story_Marta and Gabriele continues_

Forever Out of My League directly continues the story that hung in the previous film, Still Outside of My League . Assuming audiences have seen both of their predecessors, this film takes us first-hand to see Marta’s fate as she undergoes lung transplant surgery.

The first few minutes are a good opening to the continuity of this film. After the surgery went smoothly, we invite you to follow a new chapter of the love journey between Marta and Gabriele.

In addition, their two best friends Federica (Gaja Masciale) and Jacopo (Jozef Gjura) still have their own stories in this movie.

The love story between Marta and Gabriele is not too complicated and not full of twists and turns. In this third season, Gabriele’s love for Marta is explored further. During her passionate moments with Gabriele, Marta also struggled with her relationship with her grandmother, which had ended badly.

After that, the character development of his friends is quite prominent in this movie. Federica and Jacopo often engage in their own spin-offs throughout the Forever Out of My League story .

Jacopo is a gay character trying to find her own love, while Federica is a good friend, but unhappy with her career in life.

Meanwhile, at the last minute, we will see Marta’s condition worsen as her new lung has a problem in her body. He also had to return to the hospital for intensive treatment.

Instead of this movie ending with a sad ending, Forever Out of My League turned out to be happily resolved.

Sweet chemistry of the main cast

Forever Out of My League_ Main cast's sweet chemistry_

The charm of Forever Out of My League players feels pretty solid starting with the protagonist and the supporters. Ludovica Francesconi as Marta is very impressive and I have to admit that makes her character look perfect.

Marta herself is a sweet, cheerful, strong woman full of love for Gabriele and her friends.

On the other hand, Gabriele, played by Giancarlo Commare, is considered a responsible, kind and very loyal man who accompanies Marta wherever he goes. Gabriele had finally become the ideal man that Marta had dreamed of all her life.

The appearance and chemistry between Ludovica Francesconi and Giancarlo Commare is very natural and honest. The two of them played the role of lovers quite perfectly.

The film also tries to present a polemic between them that doesn’t seem to be overly dramatic. Everything goes right, gently and of course with a plot that feels private and warm.

In terms of visual texture, this film doesn’t really show the beauty of the city as the background for the story. However, the cinematography is modernized with details that can accentuate the player’s every movement.

Hiking and having fun

Forever Out of My League_Climax and Fun_

The beautiful Forever Out of My League can highlight Marta and Gabriele’s love life. After going through troubles in their relationship, the two are now comfortable with each other and open to each other for the future.

In 1 hour and 45 minutes, Forever Out of My League offers just as honest and sincere a love story as it is. Although it focuses on love stories, half of the plot revolves around Marta’s friends and their lives.

Even so, Forever Out of My League is not lost and the focus of the plot remains the same.

Overall, Forever Out of My League is the third sequel with a climax, a bit cliché but can be presented in the right way. The movie then is hilarious and has some pretty emotional moments.

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