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Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Movie Review

Korean dramas never stop bringing new atmospheres and themes to entertain the audience. Tired of office love affairs? Let’s try to add more weather and loving atmosphere at BMKG.

Forecasting Love and Weather is a South Korean television series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura.

Telling stories about love, family as well as work relationships, ‘Love and Weather Forecast’ turned out to be the much-awaited weekly show. Unfortunately, this K-Drama had to end up coinciding with three other beloved K-Dramas ‘Thirty-Nine’, ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ and ‘A Business Proposal’.

Forecasting Love and Weather movie synopsis (2022)

Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) is only close to a happy day when his lover is discovered cheating in their future home. Since then, Ha-kyung’s life is never the same no matter how hard she tries.

After failing to marry his colleague’s girlfriend, Jin Ha-kyung decides to never have a relationship with his co-worker again.

In addition to not being able to withstand the frequent gossip she receives, Ha-kyung also feels unable to control herself when faced with her lover or ex-boyfriend later on.

Movie Forecasting Love and Weather

Unfortunately, this changed when Lee Shi-woo was transferred to the BMKG central office. Feeling the same fate, Shi-woo subconsciously wants to get closer to Ha-kyung. Regardless of the past, both have the right to be happy and must bravely open up new stories.

Although still haunted by their bad past, Ha-kyung and Shi-woo always try to solve each other’s problems in a mature way.

Not only is it a love story, the two also strive to be better individuals both at work and with family.

Forecasting Love and Weather . movie review

Between love and weather

Please note, this movie is really packed with warmth and love. The connection between weather and love, which is never obvious, is narrated by Song Kang and Min-young in poetry.

This movie is pretty adorable at first. Perhaps fans will expect something different from this usual office love story.

However, if you look deeper, indeed ‘Love and Weather Forecast’ presents a more complicated problem when compared to general office dramas.

However, between love and weather, I’m actually more concerned when the entire BMKG team – especially the weather forecast division 2 is gathering, discussing and debating what weather will happen.

Review Forecasting Love and Weather

It’s confusing, but their discussion is intense because all decisions involve multiple parties. As a result, they must appear perfect when analyzed. It is clear that the role of BMKG is very meaningful to the lives of Korean people.

There is nothing wrong with the romance stories in K-Drama, both in terms of the main character and the story of the supporting characters.

However, if you look at the record between Song Kang and Min Young, of course the audience will expect something different in the two of them.

However, nothing much has changed. The two can’t seem to get away from the dramas they’ve played before.

In ‘Love and Weather Forecast’, Park Min-young is portrayed as an independent and intelligent woman in her career. With the office uniform, it is clear that Min Young’s character is not much different from when she played in the movie What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? and Her Private Life. Walking arrogantly like a doll, has become Min-young’s unattractive trait.

So is Song Kang. He is often given pompous, daring roles such as in the love movies ‘Love Alarm’ and ‘Persistent’.

In some scenes, he looks brave enough to approach Ha-kyung, like he did to Yu Na-bi (Han So-hee) in the drama ‘However’. This makes his character in ‘Love and Weather Forecast’ still unable to escape the previous K-Drama named Song Kang.

In contrast to the boring love story between the two main couples – including the love story of Ki-jun (Yoon Park) and Yoo-jin (Yura), which is full of troubles, stories where the other supporting characters go through real more interesting and lovely. .

Call it a love story about his brother’s chance meeting with one of the BMKG employees. Starting with the penguins, they later became close and liked each other more. There is also a touching story about a father who lost his role in the family because of the heavy duty of BMKG.

Pressure from family

Entering old age, Ha-kyung is often pressured by her mother to marry a good and luxurious man. Failing that, it’s clear that this time Ha-kyung has to be careful about future love affairs.

However, the mother does not seem to want to understand and of course makes the audience angry because of this.

Forecasting Love and Weather

In fact, home should be the most comfortable place to return home. It’s different for Ha-kyung and Lee Si-woo, both of them really feel pressured by their families.

Tragic abandoned by her father, Ha-kyung’s mother becomes overly protective of her son despite her good intentions.

For Si-woo’s father, who liked to gamble and spend his savings in the future, it was an issue that hurt him unconsciously.

Typical of Asian parents in general, they sometimes act for their child’s happiness instead of unfulfilled wishes.

As a result, Ha-kyung and Si-woo become very difficult with their own families, even though they still love their parents.

Deeply mysterious message

Although Ha-kyung failed to establish the 10-year love she built, her silhouette never gave up on this failure. Blame yourself and no longer believe in love? Of course. However, Ha-kyung dares to try even if he has to risk his heart again.

As for Song Kang, who had never felt his father’s love, he finally had to make peace with himself. Si-woo then realizes that he has blamed his father too much, in a job he should have done without thinking about himself.

Then, the couple Ki-Jun and Yoo-jin, show us that getting married is not an easy thing if rushed without foresight.

Marriage is not only happy things, there are other unpleasant feelings that they have to live with. Faced with various problems, the two were finally able to survive and decide to be together.

Unlike the couple, Eom Dong-han (Lee Sung-wook)’s complicated life with his family can be overcome. Many years away from his family made his silhouette not play a big role in the life of his wife and children.

Although confused and decided to separate, Dong-han still does not give up and always tries to give the best for his small family.

Through beautiful cinematography, many subtle but profound messages will adorn the ‘Love and Weather Forecast’. However, of course, how the message is conveyed still depends on the audience. Does this mean it’s a complicated scene fraught with problems? Definitely not.

Although this problem is actually quite heavy, this K-Drama has wrapped it up very well so that the audience is sure to still have light, happy and touching films.

Conclusion Forecasting Love and Weather

Although ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ has a plot that tends to be boring, this drama is a refreshing sight with beautiful visuals of different weather conditions in Korea.

Korea Forecasting Love and Weather

There is a bit of a panoramic view of Jeju Island, a Korean urban scene, a bustling office atmosphere and a calm, comfortable family atmosphere. Every emotion is conveyed in the right tones everywhere.

There are many other words to describe this movie. But overall, ‘Love and Weather Forecast’ is a suitable movie to watch to experience real life.

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