Fleet Battle – Sea Battle Codes (New)

Fleet Battle is a unique boardgame that brings the immersive experience of classic naval battles right to smartphones and computers. In this game, you will be involved in dramatic battles, with the goal of destroying all enemy ships and climbing to higher ranks, from Rookie to Admiral.

For many people, especially those of the 8x, 9x generation, playing paper train shooting game (also known as Paper train shooting, paper plane shooting or coordinate plane shooting) is a memorable memory. . If you want to listen to the sound of the sea breeze in your ears and relive those memories, then there’s nothing better than downloading and experiencing Fleet Battle for Android.

fleet battle - sea battle

Set foot in the naval battle in Fleet Battle, you will experience extremely fierce and thrilling battles. The enemy fleet has suddenly attacked and surrounded your fleet, requiring you to use all your abilities and skills to cope. Imagine that the radar system has broken down, and your role, the officer in charge of weapons, is extremely important. You will be given control of fire and engulf the enemy, bringing victory to your fleet.

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Fleet Battle – Sea Battle

Fleet Battle brings classic Sea Battle to your smartphone or tablet in an eye-catching design or color. 

This boardgame offers everything that makes the classic game so popular. Defeat ship after ship and level up – from Recruiter to Navy Admiral.

Compete against the computer (single player), a random human opponent (Quick Play) or your friends (Play with Friends) and prove that you have what it takes to be a true Fleet Commander. If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced battleship style battle game – look no further.


– Quick match: 24-hour instant multiplayer worldwide (PvP – you only play against real people)
– Compete on leaderboards; Test your skills and get a spot in the “Hall of Champions”
– Play with friends: Online/WiFi/Bluetooth – one of the few true bluetooth games
– Play with Friends Lobby: party chat out of the game!
– Play on one device as a 2 player game
– Play the game in standard, classic or Russian mode
– Play with optional shooting rules, like burst or multiple
– 3D train: collect your fleet of warships
– Ship Skins: collect up to 90 different skins for each ship
– Lots of different shooting rules
– Medals: earn medals as you progress through the ranks
– Free chat (with parental controls): chat with the world
– Download free voiceover sound packs in game options

Imagine you are in charge of the flight deck on an aircraft carrier, an ordinary sailor on a submarine or patrol boat, a gunner on an agile cruiser, a sonar receiver on a destroyer or the captain of a warship. deadly ship.

Perform your duties on all the ships in your large fleet, take command of the naval force at your disposal and arrange your ships in perfect formation. Destroy enemy fleets in a flash of tactical prowess.

Get ready to fight, commander!

Feeling bored?

This app is a perfect waste of time if you’re traveling, during school breaks or if you’re sitting in the waiting room. Your pocket battleship is always ready to fight boredom. Don’t forget: Fleet Battle has a Bluetooth game mode (Android only!). Want to play with your colleagues during recess? No Internet? Nothing!

Play with friends, play with family or play alone against the computer. If you enjoyed these types of board games as a child, Fleet Battle will bring back fond childhood memories. Train your intuition and psychic abilities.

When we made this adaptation of the classic sea battle board game, we tried to stick to the original, while trying to give players options that are not usually found in the type of game. this tactical/tactical warfare. This is just one thing that makes Fleet Battle the crown in the board game genre.


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