Three days in a row Enzo committed robbery and obtained the amount of 9 million USD from the target of 30 million USD.

Howard Lambert and Sharon Price, two FBI agents investigating the largest robbery case in the United States at that time. After having trouble finding clues, they get a bright spot from a rented house not far from the bank.

With the fingerprints of Enzo and the others, everyone could be arrested, except Harry. Will Harry turn himself in? Or will he keep running with Molly?

The plot of the movie is quite simple

Simple packing robbery

Finding Steve McQueen sounds like a heavy story at first. Furthermore, the subject of theft raised was to take nefarious funds used by President Richard Nixon.

But the heist in this movie is done in a simple way without any trouble. Harry was a genius at turning off alarms, including bank alarms at the time, which were still in their infancy.

Once the alarm was secured, Enzo recruited a partner who could build a low-explosive bomb. The execution of the robbery is also full of humour.

In addition to the location near a bar crowded with diners, there are scenes that scare them when they hear police sirens. There is also a dialogue on how to take steps to save yourself if an emergency occurs.

One interesting thing about this movie is Enzo’s motive, played by William Fichtner, to rob. Enzo is described as a successful Nixon hater.

His monologue angered and berated the president because his every action and policy was really well done.

Changing the sub-section of the story is too long

Subplot Change the tone

The drawback of Finding Steve McQueen is that the extra parts are given too big. As a result, the Story shifts drastically and makes the movie seem split into two different parts.

The side plot mentioned is the love story between Harry and Molly presented in detail. Sub-romances in crime movies are common and not a problem.

The romance between Harry and Molly actually ended for good, complete with the conflict that Molly’s father was a sheriff, a profession Harry should have shunned.

This subplot links the robbery to a conflict over whether Harry will continue to escape or return himself. Unfortunately, this connection between the main plot and the subplot is too rough.

Lack of action

Lack of action

What to expect from a crime drama with robbery themes and police presence? There are, of course, tense action scenes.

Finding Steve McQueen really didn’t do that because the action show in this movie was very little. Even the chase scene with the police only happened once.

Since the title goes by Steve McQueen but has no direct relationship to the actor, this film also seems reluctant to fall into the predictable crime category.

This film from director Mark Steven Johnson puts more emphasis on a fun and entertaining story. This is aided by the depth of the main characters deep enough to form the main plot.

Cinematographically, this film does not present a new dish. The only thing worth appreciating is how this movie presents the overall image of the 70s from the colors, clothes, hairstyles to accompanying music.

At first glance, we seem to be transported back to the classic fantasy of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Finding Steve McQueen may not be a typical crime movie with a robbery theme that many people enjoy. Changing pacing as well as tons of stories could be the main reason.

But at 91 minutes, that doesn’t mean this movie isn’t worth watching. Instead, we will be watching a light and quite interesting scene. Like light movies? If you have a suggestion, just write it in the comments column. you!


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