FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight Codes (New)

The magical village of Fairy Tail, where talented and enthusiastic witches gather, continues to become the focus of a dramatic and eye-catching confrontation. FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight, an action role-playing game recently released by Kodansha and Gust, promises to bring players to fierce battles between witches with dramatic confrontations.

This is the latest work developed based on the famous manga series FAIRY TAIL by author Hiro Mashima. After the success of previous FAIRY TAIL games, FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight continues to exploit the diverse and colorful magical world of this famous series. Players will be immersed in thrilling action scenes, recreating fierce battles between factions in the world of Fiore.

The highlight of FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight is the extremely rich character customization ability. From choosing witches that fit their own personalities, to equipping them with arbitrary skill sets and moves. Each character in Fairy Tail has its own strengths and playing styles, providing unique experiences for players when trying out different positions.

In addition, what makes FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight so attractive also comes from recreating the fiery and dramatic battles that FAIRY TAIL fans have witnessed on the comic pages. From the confrontation between Natsu and Sting, Gray and Rufus, to the epic fights of Erza, Lucy or Gajeel – all are recreated vividly and realistically.

FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight

In particular, what makes the game unique is the ability for players to create new battles themselves, by combining characters and skills to their liking. With an extremely rich system of characters, skills and equipment, players can freely plan and create different combat phases, bringing diversity and constant challenges in the gaming experience.

Another highlight of FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight is the cutscenes and lively dialogue, based on the original comic book FAIRY TAIL. Players will be able to re-admire the emotional and engaging moments of their favorite characters, from dramatic moments in battle to warm, joyful moments together.

In addition, the refreshing and bold FAIRY TAIL music is also a factor that contributes to creating a perfect gaming experience. Vibrant melodies, carrying the colors of the magical world of Fiore, will accompany players in each combat phase, increasing the excitement and attraction of the game.

With the above outstanding advantages, FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight promises to bring players an extremely exciting and dramatic role-playing action experience. Loyal fans of the FAIRY TAIL comic series will definitely be immersed in a familiar space while discovering new and interesting things. For those who have never come into contact with the magical world of Fiore, FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight is the ideal opportunity to discover and enjoy the fascinating stories and fierce battles of talented witches. .

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Learn about the game FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight

Let’s enjoy the most vivid and realistic world of magic with an emotional story from the famous anime. Engage in battles with nearly 40 witches in detailed 3D environments. Build the perfect team using a variety of witches and their unique antagonistic relationships. In a 3D free-to-play combat system that combines strategy and action, face the King of Hell Mard Geer, outwit Oracion Seis, and conquer the Tower of Heaven. Explore more exciting gameplay content to hone your fighting skills!

Officially authorized by Kodansha and based on the popular TV anime series “FAIRY TAIL”, the mobile action game “FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Battle” faithfully recreates scenes from the anime and rediscovers ancient chapters such as the Battle of Tartaros. Join your party members against formidable enemies such as Eisenwald, Oracion Seis, and Hell King Mard Geer. Rediscover the deep bonds between Fairy Tail members, grow strong in battle, and rekindle your passion for adventure.

Witness stunning magical effects and experience dramatic 3D battles that faithfully recreate each witch’s unique magic. Unique shield break mechanics challenge your understanding of magical combat. Take advantage of the antagonistic relationship between witches, pay attention to strategic positioning and dodging, seize the perfect opportunity to link skills smoothly, all of this creates a combat experience completely new.

The true essence of the perfect squad lies in the courage of fighting alongside sincere friends. Original voice actors such as Kakihara Tetsuya, Hirano Aya, Ohara Sayaka and Nakamura Yuichi voice classic battles from the anime, immersing you in each thrilling fight!

In addition to the main quest, the game also offers many other diverse content, including Arena, Lost Palace, Pandemonium and Oracion Seis. Compete with other wizards in PvP battles, advance to higher levels in the Narakumiya Trials, and face bosses in the Pandemonium Trials and Oracion Seis. Collect enough resources to develop the witches, ensuring a colorful and rich witching journey.

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