European War 7: Medieval Codes (New)

European War 7: Medieval is a captivating game that takes players on thrilling battles and new experiences across different eras. Become a skilled commander, immerse yourself in intense battlefields, conquer the turbulent European continent, and build your own empire.

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Giftcode European War 7: Latest Medieval

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Giftcode Fanpage European War 7: Latest Medieval

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Instructions on how to enter the code European War 7: Medieval

  • Step 1: Log in to the European War 7 website homepage: Medieval
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box European War 7: Medieval on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code European War 7: Medieval to receive the gift

How to get the event code for the European War 7 fanpage: Medieval

  • Step 1: Visit the European War 7: Medieval fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag European War 7: Medieval code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest European War 7: Medieval code

European War 7: Med Middle MOD APK is a strategy game from the famous mobile game publisher EasyTech. Only with this game, you can lead an army to conquer the whole of medieval Europe, it’s exciting, isn’t it?

Introducing European War 7: The Middle Ages

A war strategy game that puts strategy in the middle but adds an element of diplomacy and fun tricks!

War strategy games are always one of the interesting topics with a rational mind. This type of thinking is born to settle in the stream of thoughts, calculating by adjusting the self-retracting position in the head. So it is perfect to play anytime, anywhere with mobile and portable devices. So don’t be surprised if strategy games are so popular on smartphones.

Due to such compatibility, strategy games on mobile devices are always very diverse. Finding a good strategy game is very difficult. Today I introduce to you another name that can be mentioned in the list of gamers that can be played on the phone. The name of the game is European War 7: Middle Ages.


European War 7: The Middle Ages takes place in medieval Europe. You are a warlike emperor with ambitions to conquer and conquer all the lands of Europe.

APKMODY European War 7 Medieval by 1440x810

Image details are rarely seen

The first thing that will surprise you from European War 7: Middle Ages is the visuals. There are also many strategy games that take advantage of the base map context pattern and place characters, generals, troops, and arrows on them that move towards the army to represent a state of war. But many games like European War 7: Middle Ages are very well made. On the map you can see the features of each horse, camel ride, soldiers, shields, swords, costumes of different groups, national flags, territories, ships, deployed military units in each area. Every little detail like this is clearly displayed, easy to see and easy to understand, even for new players.

This is also one of the reasons that make European War 7: Medieval one of the most accessible war strategy games.

European War 7: The Middle Ages also focuses heavily on color schemes. The colors are not too bright, have a retro glare, but always come with great pigment to show the important details: the national flag, the armor color… I appreciate the composition. The colors of this game are not too dull, too colorful, everything fits comfortably.


In fact, European War 7: Medieval is already the 7th version of this famous strategy game series. In the new round, players will experience many interesting things.

First, the game doesn’t just go on all day, just the usual tactics, sequences, and formations. You can think of other “tricks” to get what you want in European War 7: Middle Ages: like marrying the princess of a neighboring country. You can also perform many complex diplomatic activities such as negotiation, armistice, re-war, prisoner detention, amnesty and release of prisoners. life.

Download Medieval Europe War 7 APK 1440x810

This period of the fall of the Roman Empire produced new heroes at the time. Your starting point is just a talented general on the battlefield. Initially, you will start by participating in the major and minor wars in Europe. You gradually form your own state and begin your long conquest as a separate independent nation.

Any country that controlled most of the territory at the time, had the strongest army, had a varied and unpredictable war strategy, would be a formidable nation. Your goal is to become the emperor of a powerful country, shaking all the countries of Europe.

Many new points for every detail

European War 7: Middle Ages also adds more skills to the champions. Each general represents one or more groups of units. These diverse skills make the situations in episode 7 of this drama richer and more interesting.

The map system has also been updated. The number of famous generals in the history of this game has exceeded 200. Including big names like Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutuzov, Washington… Each general has a different rank and can be raised. level over time. progress from an ordinary soldier to a marshal, an army leader or even a future emperor (as in your case).

In European War 7: Middle Ages, there are not only generals with their own characteristics and paths, but each army also has its own characteristics and functions. For each situation, each battle, you have to choose the right pieces with the relative strength to win the battlefield. These troops themselves will gain more experience points after the battle and gradually progress to the Special Elite Troop with increased attack power.

Medieval European War 7 for Android 1440x810

Battle maps are now more customizable: zoom in, zoom out, view borders, territories, move troops while the battle is in progress, territories and states of the Capital and troop groups are also available. displayed on the map. It gives you the most detailed and overview of the battlefield situation

The principle of victory and defeat in the game European War 7: Middle Ages: Determine the status and correlation of forces in the detailed map >> select troops, choose generals to act at will >> combine troops and abilities of the general, send troops to the appropriate field. After doing all this, it is not impossible for your emperor to become the leader of Europe.

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