Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022) Movie Review

The story of Emily in Paris seems to have no end. Entering its third season, this Netflix original series still feels comfortable with the same concept.

This can be seen through the plot that still takes love and work as the main issues. Although boring and cliché, this is the miracle of Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022) that can always attract attention.

Despite the various criticism Emily received in Paris Season 3 (2022), this series by Darren Star remains at the top of Netflix’s favorites list. This is exactly what makes this Netflix original series so popular. Furthermore, many felt that the plot shown increasingly felt empty and no longer as original as the first part.

Emily Cooper seems to be entangled in a more complicated love affair and work storm than before. Will Emily be able to get through this crisis? For those of you curious, Bacaterus will share a summary and review of Emily in Paris Part 3 (2022) below.

Summary of the movie Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022)

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Directors Andrew Fleming , Erin Ehrlich , Katina Medina Mora , Peter Lauer
  • Cast Lily Collins Lucas Bravo Ashley Park Lucien Laviscount Filipino Leroy-Beaulieu

After Silvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) decides to leave Savoir, Emily (Lily Collins) gets stuck with Madeline (Kate Walsh).

Moreover, Madeline said Savoir is officially closed and she will return to the US as soon as possible. This leaves Emily in a dilemma, because there’s no denying she’s very attached and comfortable in Paris.

Emily also risks herself, she decides to leave Savoir and Madeline. This left him unemployed for a while. Emily is lucky to have Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) always helping her. Of course, dealing with these two men often made her heart flutter.

Emily in Paris Season 3

On the other hand, Sylvie can’t deny that her new company wouldn’t be complete without Emily. Still with her naughty style, Sylvie hired Emily back to her company and started working on projects together.

Emily’s presence brings many opportunities, but this leaves Julien (Samuel Arnold) frustrated.

Not just once or twice, Emily always stole her chance to shine in front of clients. Julien admits that the idea he came up with is not as good as Emily’s.

But the way Emily always came up with ideas or work without even discussing it with her. This made Julien extremely uncomfortable. Trouble at work also nearly caused Emily and Mindy’s relationship to malfunction.

This is because Emily is sabotaging her boyfriend Mindy’s work, so this friendship gets awkward. Luckily, Mindy is the logical type so she was able to make peace with her boyfriend and best friend. Trouble not only comes from work, Emily’s complicated love story also never ends.

After learning about Camille’s (Camille Razat) affair, Emily still doesn’t have the courage to tell Gabriel the truth. Emily was still confused, too, because deep down in the tiniest of hearts she still hoped to be with Gabriel. But the promise to Camille led Emily to try to focus on her relationship with Alfie.

But what Camille does on her wedding night has thrown Emily’s life plans into disarray. Camille refuses to marry Gabriel because she feels Gabriel’s love is only for Emily.

This makes Alfie very angry and leaves him. On the other hand, Gabriel says that he wants to marry Camille because he knows that she is pregnant.

Emily in Paris Season 3 movie review

Why does Emily’s character look like a Pick Me girl?

Compared to the first season, I remember seeing Emily as a girl who works hard and doesn’t give up easily. Her intelligence and unique way of thinking have helped this girl overcome the pressure and culture of working in Paris.

But by the second and third seasons, I was really sick of seeing how Emily’s attitude seemed to be at the center of so many people’s lives.

Review Emily in Paris Season 3

In the third season, Emily is clearly shown as a character that many people really want. Indeed, Emily’s thoughts on advertising are always excellent. But I agree with Julien’s opinion, that Emily always interrupts her work.

I, who watched it, felt angry, because Emily looked more and more like a picky girl to me.

The way he took Julien’s attention and work opportunities, this also annoyed me. The way he came up with ideas in a forum indirectly disappointed Julien and his colleagues a bit. I think Emily should learn to exercise restraint and learn to discuss before she comes up with all the great ideas in her head.

Emily in Paris Season 3 movie review

Ashley Park More Stylish Than Lily Collins

Admittedly, one of the wonders of Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022) is fashion, which never gets boring.

Lily Collins has always impressed with her romantic style, but Ashley Park started with a bolder and more unique style choice. If you want to describe Paris to the characters in this series, then Mindy Chen is the real Paris.

Movie Emily in Paris Season 3

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper is associated with sweet and romantic fashion style. From the first to the third season, Emily Cooper was smart in her choice of colors and textures.

However, something surprising emerged from Mindy Chen, who suddenly became the show-stopper with her fashion. Mindy looks bolder by exploring different outfits that are sexy yet cool.

This makes the character look fresher. We can see the difference between Mindy, a street singer, and Mindy, a singer in a high-class restaurant.

Not only is her voice beautiful but the different dresses she wears reinforce her personality. In this part, Mindy admits that she is not a homeless person, but a rich girl who wants to live a normal life.

So cliché, Emily and Paris’ relationship feels empty

Emily in Paris (2020) is one of my favorite Netflix original series. Because this set of photos shows another side of the beauty of Paris, about the people and the way they live. But the longer it goes on, the more I feel that the Darren Star series is losing its vitality, I can feel this in its third season.

Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022) just turns Emily into a prima donna and forgets Paris is one of her unique values.

I’m sure those who have watched this series since the first season, must have felt that the uniqueness of Paris is being lost. I think all of this happened because Darren Star brought in the uniqueness of Paris in the first season.

Mention how annoying Parisians love to complain, and how important the word “Bonjour” is before you start speaking. One more thing, the tradition of “la bise” or left and right cheek kisses is very important to Parisians.

All the uniqueness about Paris, discovered in the first season. In season three, I think they can turn fashion back into prima donna.

I like the combination of Pierre Cadault and Grégory Elliot Duprée this season, unfortunately it hasn’t been explored more widely. One of the best passages, when Grégory Elliot Duprée creates the latest design for Air France’s controversial uniform. I like the message that implies “fashion is unlimited creativity, but don’t forget the existing values.

Poor Character Development, Season Four Yay or Nay?

Like it or not, I have to divulge a little, because we’re going to discuss plans for Emily’s fourth season in Paris.

I don’t know why I’m not interested in waiting for this series because the ending in the last episode is not satisfying. We know that Camille and Gabriel are back together and are now planning to get married.

From the beginning, the plot of their relationship is a bit awkward and feels too rushed. Then at the end of the episode, this marriage was annulled by Camille because Gabriel loved Emily more. Gabriel said that Camille was pregnant when the girl arrived in Greece. I mean, how complicated will this love story be in season four?

Emily in Paris Season 3 movie

Actually, the quadrilateral love problem between Emily, Gabriel, Camille and Julien can be solved immediately. Writers just need to focus on developing their characters. But instead, the plot is stretched and twisted in all directions.

For example, with Camille and Julien, these two important characters suddenly disappear and appear only in the middle.

In this third season, there are some new characters from the second part that should have been developed, ending with the cut. Emily in Paris Season 3 (2023) is by far the worst season in terms of character development.

Just imagining how someone’s personality can change so quickly and for no reason, I think it would be a waste of time to watch the same thing in season four.

Emily in Paris Season 3 (2022) looks to be one of Netflix’s disappointing original series. Darren Star’s series has lost its life. Emily’s life in Paris is no longer attractive, apart from the fashion and glitz of Paris. Shallow plot and bad character development, nothing else will interest you.

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