Dragonheir: Silent Gods Codes (New)

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a unique cross-platform game developed and published by SgraStudio, giving players a classic tactical role-playing experience but with a noticeable difference.

Although the tactical role-playing game market has grown significantly in recent times, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is still a notable appearance with its unique and charismatic world. The game is expected to launch on both PC and Mobile (including Android and iOS), but for now, players can only find the game on the Google Play store.

The game is set in a beautiful ancient world called Arkendia, where legendary stories and chaos are taking place. As your chosen hero, you will have to face tough challenges to save the world from the chaos and terror of the silent gods.

However, when you first woke up in this world, only faint patches of memories swirled around in your mind. So, on your journey to regain your memories and discover your hidden power, you will have to face dark forces, battle fearsome monsters and conquer mighty dragons to vanish. darkness and restore order in this magical land.

Dragonheir Silent Gods

On an arduous journey full of adventure, players will meet and fight alongside powerful warriors from different races across Arkendia. From the enduring Iskalland Dwarf warriors to the mysterious Death Knights, from the powerful brute Orcs to the simple commoners or the mysterious and intrigued Dark Elves, all are willing to accompany and fight defeat any dark forces.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is not only an entertaining game, but also a profound adventure into a classic world inspired by myths and legends. Immersed in epic battles, uncovering mysteries and learning about character development, players will experience a magical and unforgettable adventure in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

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Dragon Heirs: Silent Gods

【Open World Adventure】
A variety of activities and goals await in the open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods – hunt for treasures, solve intricate puzzles, enter a drinking contest or contest Cook and shape your hero’s story any way you want.
Dice Roll】
Rolling dice not only plays a major role in combat, but also enhances the gameplay and brings luck to any situation that adventurers may encounter, such as theft, negotiation. , drinking contest, etc.
【Assembling a team of heroes】
The world of Adenthia has more than 200 heroes with unique abilities and attributes waiting to join the fight against the darkness invading the land. You can also take on bigger challenges with your friends and teammates in cooperative PvE mode, where players can team up to destroy the most formidable foes and forge glory together. optical.
【Strategic Combat】
Enjoy a unique blend of chess-like strategy, different character abilities, and a bit of luck rolling the dice to see who’s lucky in this round. While fast-paced real-time combat emphasizes proper character placement, knowing how your character can take advantage of different terrains is key in deciding Who will win.
【Choose to shape your story】
In the magical, high-fantasy open world Adenthia, you’ll put on the mantle of the Chosen One and battle against a tyrannical three-headed dragon alongside adventurers from across the multiverse, exploring Break ancient caves and unravel secrets. Every choice you make is important in crafting your own story.
Seasonal Updates】
The seasonal update not only expands the multiverse with new locations to explore, enemies to destroy, and teaming up with famous characters, but it also allows players to refresh the way they build. build heroes, their Camps, etc.
【Infinite Hero Builds】
Different build options mean endless possibilities to customize your team members to ensure your crew stands out. Your set of unique strengths will also play an important role in recruiting some of them to join your team.
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