Death On The Nile Movie Review

Hercule Poirot sails the Karnak River crossing the Nile with guests at Simon and Linnet’s wedding. There was a murder on board that claimed the lives of three people.

This prompts Poirot to try to find the killer among the passengers on board. Can Hercule Poirot handle this case logically? Death on the Nile is a mystery thriller by Kenneth Branagh that also features a main character.

The movie Death On The Nile was released by 20th Century Studios on February 11, 2022, after several delays compared to the original plan that was supposed to release on May 20. December 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the second film in the adventures of Detective Hercule Poirot, beginning with the film Murder on the Orient Express (2017), this film is an adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie, published in 1937.

Will this sequel be able to repeat the success of the first movie? Or, even better performance? Check out the full review below for the answer!

Synopsis of the movie “Death On The Nile”

Death on the Nile poster_

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Crime , Mystery , Horror
  • Genre Production Kinberg , Mark Gordon Pictures , Scott Free Productions , TSG Entertainment
  • Director Kenneth Branagh
  • Cast: Kenneth Branagh Gal Gadot Tom Bateman Rose Leslie Emma Mackey

Belgium during World War I, a group of troops including Hercule Poirot crossed the battlefield to capture the bridge from their enemy. They tried to make a surprise attack and repel the enemy.

All thanks to Poirot’s foresight in observing the movements of birds and the direction of the wind. Unfortunately, their commander stepped on a mine and blew up the bridge.

While receiving treatment in a military barracks, Poirot was visited by his wife Katherine. Katherine promised not to leave Poirot no matter what. Poirot reveals a scar on his face and Katherine tells Poirot to grow a mustache.

A few years later, the era of the 1930s. Hercule Poirot went to a restaurant, where he witnessed the meeting between Linnet and her best friend, Jacqueline de Bellefort.

Falling in love with Simon, Jacqueline asks Linnet to apply for Simon’s job in her real estate business. Linnet agrees. Then Linnet and Simon danced. Poirot watched from his seat.

Egypt, six months later. Hercule Poirot is enjoying the beauty of the pyramids when he meets his old friend, Bouc. Poirot is introduced to Bouc’s mother, Euphemia, and invites Poirot to their friend’s honeymoon at the hotel.

Poirot was happy to attend. The newlyweds are Simon and Linnet. However, the party is interrupted by the arrival of Jacqueline.

The next day, Linnet and Simon meet Poirot at the market and ask him to talk to Jacqueline about her presence everywhere they are.

Poirot refused to pay, but he spoke to Jacqueline, who then vented that she still loved Simon and showed him the small gun in her pocket.

Poirot tells Linnet and Simon and advises them to end their honeymoon and return home immediately for their safety.

But in reality, Linnet and Simon instead continued their honeymoon plans by inviting their friends to cruise along the Nile on the Karnak River, including the Poirot.

When they reached the Abu Simbel temple, Linnet and Simon were almost crushed by a rock falling from above. After taking refuge in the temple to escape a desert storm, they return to the ship to find Jacqueline already on board.

Jacqueline’s presence was enough to intimidate Linnet and Simon, and Simon even later rebuked Jacqueline at the bar. Suddenly, Jacqueline shot Simon and injured his leg. Jacqueline is protected and cared for by Linnet’s godmother. Meanwhile Simon was being treated by Dr. Linus.

Poirot wakes up in the morning to the screams of Louise, who finds Linnet dead with a gunshot wound to the head. Poirot immediately interviews each passenger for clues as to who the culprit is.

The investigation continued, another victim appeared, that was Louise who was entangled in the ship’s rudder. Poirot finds evidence of some bills in the pocket of Louise’s shirt, who died from a scalpel wound to her neck.

Linus was immediately denounced by all passengers, even fighting with Andrew, Linnet’s cousin. But Poirot denied it because he had found other evidence. Poirot studied the blood splatter on the side of the ship and analyzed it.

He continued his investigation by interviewing Bouc. With some fact-based conjecture, Bouc was in a desperate situation, that he was the first person to find Linnet after being shot and the one who took Linnet’s gem necklace and kept it in his possession. her mother’s jewelry box.

And, Bouc finds out who killed Louise. Just as he was about to speak, Bouc was shot dead. Poirot chases after the shooter but is left behind, only to find the gun. In his grief, Poirot gathered all the passengers into one room and locked all the doors.

Poirot reveals all the truth he has found and reveals who killed Linnet, Louise and Bouc. Who is she? You have to watch the movie to the end to find out who did it.

Reviews of the movie “The Nile”

Great acting by many quality stars

Starred with Slick Performance_

As a sequel to the rather successful film, Murder on the Orient Express (2017), the same formula is sure to be reapplied with a bit of development in some respects.

If before we were presented with a story of murder on a train, this time the place is set on a ship sailing on the Nile. After that, a series of top movie stars performed again.

Who doesn’t know these names? Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Letitia Wright, Sophie Okonedo, and Russell Brand are actors who have settled into the movie business and some of them have even become top Hollywood stars.

Moreover, their performance is very smooth in this 2 hour 7 minute movie. Gal Gadot as Linnet is one of her best performances.

Not only that, we are also sure by his facial expressions, even all the psychological burden he has to bear can be expressed through his eyes, eyes or tears. often in the corner of the eye.

Despite always smiling sweetly and cheerfully like a newlywed, she still can’t hide her heart, especially in front of the best detective Hercule Poirot. Unfortunately, less than half of the movie, the character he played died.

The same goes for the other actors, who appear polished according to their respective parts. Annette Bening, who comes across as arrogant and protective of her son, and Rosalie, who is a bit overconfident at the beginning of the film to the point of looking uncomfortable in love are just a few of them.

In fact, we could have guessed who the mastermind behind the murders was from the start, but with the sharp edge of this legendary classic by Agatha Christie plus a script full of mystery by Agatha Christie. Michael Green, we will be fooled by what is displayed on the screen.

But, of course not with Hercule Poirot who is very observant and sharp in observing and assessing a person’s character.

A deep dive into the personality of Hercule Poirot

Learn more about Hercule Poirot's character_

Kenneth Branagh, the director and protagonist of this film, admits that he is a big fan of Agatha Christie’s novels, especially with the adventures of detective Hercule Poirot.

So he created this film in great detail and taking care not to lose the essence of the novel, despite some character changes that appear in the film.

This is not the first time, however, because the first film adaptation of the novel, the 1978 British film, also featured famous movie stars whose characters differ from the novel. theory.

Again, though, the essence of the novel hasn’t faded, perhaps all for the sake of reinforcing the story further.

Kenneth Branagh’s attempt to strengthen Hercule Poirot’s character is to present the detective’s background story while he was still a soldier at the beginning of the film, which tells the origin of Poirot growing a mustache.

Then implied also a short love story with his wife. However, this setting doesn’t seem to correlate with the main story of the film, so it leaves only ambiguity. In addition, the continuity of the story compared to the previous film is also not well connected.

If you remember, at the end of Murder on the Orient Express, Hercule Poirot is asked by the British military to investigate the Nile murders, implying that the first murders happened before Poirot reached Ai. Egypt. While in the story, Poirot is on the ship when the first murder occurs.

But then this “mistake” is tricked by a dialogue that occurs when Poirot arrives at the restaurant at the beginning of the film. The restaurant owner congratulated him on successfully solving the case in Egypt.

So, this makes the story of the murder on the Karnak ship not the case that was asked to investigate at the end of the previous film.

Then, if the Egyptian case was revealed, what was the reason for Poirot’s return to Egypt? That’s why a side story was made as a reason to return to Egypt, namely investigating the character Rosalie at the request of Euphemia, who disagreed that Bouc was romantically involved with her.

This side story might distract us a bit from the investigation of Poirot’s murder, but because it’s presented with a compelling impression, it makes our hearts flutter as Poirot reveals it. this little case in front of Euphemia, Bouc, Rosalie and Salome.

Great production details

Excellent production details_

Set in the 1930s, Death on the Nile comes to life with a detailed production design, especially in terms of fashion, making the cast resemble those of the silent film era.

Apart from the costumes, the Ancient Egyptian look looks great and feels like a vintage era vibe, though we’re sure all of this is the result of sheer visual effects.

This visual effect side is maximized almost throughout the film, especially in the motion of the anchors shown multiple times in the film, as well as in the camera movement that appears to swim from the bottom of the river to the surface. water, and vice versa.

According to production records, the entire onboard scene was filmed at the UK’s Longcross Studio, while the exterior was filmed in Morocco.

The maximum work from the cinematography side is also quite impressive, including the early scenes from World War I battle.

The scene without color and a scene where Bouc throws his coat into a river is made in black and white and only has color on the shirt, reminiscent of a scene from the movie Schindler’s List (1993).

Death on the Nile comes out with great detail in the production and good acting from the cast. Although there are some differences in the plot and characters in the novel, the essence of the story is not tarnished at all.

Kenneth Branagh has once again shown his passion for producing good films, especially the story of his favorite character, Hercule Poirot.

This is a movie worth watching, especially for those who like detective stories that uncover murder mysteries. Hercule Poirot’s accuracy and ingenuity are not inferior to Sherlock Holmes, which makes this movie so interesting to watch until the end. Enjoy watching and guessing who the killer is!


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