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Conan: The Raven Chaser Movie Review

The Conan movie titled The Raven Chaser is the 13th film in the Detective Conan manga and anime series. The film was released in Japan in 2009, becoming the highest-grossing film in the Detective Conan animated series. It was even nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2010 Japan Academy Awards.

This movie is about a series of murders that happen in several cities in Japan. The murder involved one of the people with business ties to the Black Organization that Conan aka Shinichi was looking for. The Black Organization then tried to erase their names before the police sniffed them.

Trailer of the movie Conan: Hunting for the Black Organization

Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser synopsis

  • Release year : 2009
  • Genre : Animation, Action
  • Produce : TMS Entertainment
  • Director : Yasuichiro Yamamoto
  • Excessive sound : Kappei Yamaguchi, Minami Takayama, Akira Kamiya, Wakana Yamzaki

Conan is looking for a flashlight to prepare for a picnic with Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, GS. Agasa and Ai. While looking for a flashlight in Kogoro’s office, someone sneaks up.

When Conan checked out of the room, no one was there; but as soon as Conan returned, Gin ambushed him. An uproar in Kogoro’s office leaves Ran frustrated and Vodka ready to shoot him.

Conan then wakes up, it was just a bad dream. That same morning, a man named Tsutomu Ryuzaki died after his car lost control and crashed into a pole and overturned due to failed braking. Just before he died, the officer there heard Tsutomu say “Tanabata Kyo” .

Besides Tsutomu, there is a mahjong pawn establishment linked to the deaths of six other people in the city of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Nagano, and other Japanese prefectures. This led the police to conclude that there was a person or a group that planned to kill 7 people.

The case eventually became a national case for all the police in Japan to gather to help each other solve the serial murder case. One of the invitees was Kogoro Mouri. After the meeting ended, Inspector Misao Yamamura from Gunma Prefecture sang a song called “Nanatsu no Ko” or “7 children” .

Conan then gasped in surprise because the song’s melody was similar to the main melody he had heard before. The button is the number of Gin, the head of the Black Organization.

When questioned, Inspector Yamamura said that he heard him in the bathroom, a man wearing glasses pressed a button on his cell phone and went out.

Conan then went after the man, how surprised Conan was when what he thought was true. Gin’s black Porsche 356A was parked at the end of the street and pressed on the gas as soon as the man with glasses stood up. Conan is confused, what happened when Gin came to the police station? Is there an intruder at headquarters?

The next day, the police regrouped. During the meeting, Inspector Kansuke Yamato of Nagano Prefecture received a call. He received news that the murderer was most likely a person who became a fugitive a year ago due to a stabbing case named Fukase Minoru. The police eventually ambushed him but it turned out to be the wrong person.

During his arrest, Fukase took a woman hostage due to the carelessness of Inspector Yamamura; but Conan is able to neutralize him and he recognizes the hostage as Vermouth; members of the Black Organization hold no ill will towards him.

When found in the parking area, Vermouth reveals that the Black Organization needs a memory card containing Foundation blood that the killer took.

Vermouth also talks about a newcomer who becomes an intruder in the police, his pseudonym is The Irishman . Conan guessed who the intruder might be. In addition to that, Conan asked Heiji Hattori for help to solve the murder case through a death message from Tsutomu.

Heiji then finds a clue that may have something to do with the death message, a clue that led to the fire at the Vega Hotel, Kyoto.

The incident resulted in the death of a young woman named Nanako Honjou. When I went to save myself, the hotel’s elevator could only hold seven people, but at that time on the 6th floor, there were 8 people trapped.

Nanako eventually died, she was the eighth and was unable to save herself. Departing from that matter, Conan begins to visit Nanako’s acquaintances, namely his ex named Kosuke Mizutani but he is not there.

Conan eventually talks to Kosuke’s neighbour, who says that Kosuke and Nanako are dating but it’s not approved, and they also enjoy stargazing together.

This statement then makes Conan realize that the 7 mahjong leaves left in each murder victim resemble the constellation Ursa Major and the final crime scene is Shiba Park.

The police who learned of this then targeted Kosuke, who was rumored to be at Touto Tower. Conan also goes there and meets Kosuke who also explains everything.

Conan says all this time Nanako didn’t die because of his fault, he did it voluntarily until he died at the hotel.

Conan also explains that Kosuke was framed by Nanako’s Big Brother, Kazuki Honjou. He has a grudge against 7 people and uses Kosuke as a scapegoat. As they prepare to attack Kosuke and Conan, Inspector Matsumoto appears.

After immobilizing Kosuke and Kazuki, Inspector Matsumoto immediately took the evidence Kazuki was holding, he searched for the memory card.

Conan then realizes that Inspector Matsumoto is Irish . The Irish knew Conan was Shinichi but he didn’t tell the Foundation. As he was about to kill Conan, Ran went to the tower because Sonoko said she saw Conan there.

Ran is shocked to see all the cops faint and finds Conan beaten by Irish, Ran also tries to hit Irish with his karate but fails. Irish runs after Conan to the top of the tower, at the same time Gin and his members pursue Ireland by helicopter; After confirming that the card has been obtained, Gin shoots Irish.

Irish realizes that he is betrayed because the police will surround him so Gin shuts Irish mouth. Shortly before his death, Irish defends Conan and tells him that he must defeat the Black Organization.

Conan was fully attacked but managed to turn the tide. The case is over and the real inspector Matsumoto is rescued.

Participation of the Black Organization

Detective Conan Movie 13 - Black Organization (Replica)

Detective Conan Movie titled The Raven Chaser This is the second movie involving a group from the Black Organization and almost all the core members are involved in the matter, aside from Gin and Vodka. also Vermouth, Irish, Chianti and Korn. All are involved in serial murder cases because there is information to watch out for.

The participation of the Black Organization also appeared in the famous Detective Conan movie Countdown to Heaven , which was released in 2001.

In the past, the reason the Black Organization was involved in the Nis Hitamashi twin tower bombing was to kill one of the Foundation spies who worked at the Nis Hitamashi tower and wanted to kill Sherry.

Shinichi Kudo Forgotten?

Detective Conan Movie 13_Shinichi (Copy)

As far as fans know, the Black Organization, especially Gin and Vodka, are always looking for information regarding the victims they have killed, one of them being Shinichi Kudo; This is why Conan hides his identity by changing his name, etc.

Even so, fear continued to threaten Conan because he was worried that Shinichi Kudo’s identity would be revealed to Conan Edogawa.

But strangely, when Irish asks Gin if he knows Shinichi Kudo, Gin says he doesn’t remember anyone he killed because it doesn’t matter to him. This is a contradiction, in the story as we know it, Gin continues to hunt Shinichi; but in fact in this movie it’s the opposite, Gin seems to have forgotten about Shinichi.

Ran Si ‘Iron Girl ‘

Detective Conan Movie 13_Ran (Copy)

Aside from Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki who can judo, Kazuha and Heiji who can aikido and the other supporting actors who can defend themselves, all of it still can’t compare to the two characters from the famous Detective Conan anime, the first. is the lover of Sonoko, Makoto Kyogoku and the beautiful Ran Mouri.

In this movie, Ran Mouri doesn’t hesitate to fight the Irishman who disguised himself as Inspector Matsumoto even though the Irishman’s body is three times the size of Ran. But Ran still tried to hit him even though he was eventually overpowered.

But Ran really wasn’t afraid. His karate skills have helped Conan, Kogoro and even the Japanese police in catching criminals.

This 111-minute film has grossed a total of $39.6 million from all screenings in cinemas around the world. Even the Blu-ray Disc version was awarded the Best Interactive Award by Digital Entertainment Group Japan. It was Salenhanh who gave the famous Detective Conan a rating of 3.7 / 5 this time.

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