All were entertained by a teahouse owner named Tae Yamakura, and a geisha named Suzu. While enjoying tea and full moon, Shozo is suddenly found dead. Eventually everyone is gathered for questioning by Inspector Shiratori and Inspector Ayanokouji. Then they all went home.

Just as they were about to return to Osaka, Heiji and Kazuha were attacked again. The two of them chased the culprit and it nearly killed Heiji. Fortunately, Kazuha was able to help. The next day, instead of resting, Heiji returned to investigate with Conan. Although the police are looking for the culprit that injured Heiji.

When the investigation reached a dead end, Kogoro even accused Chika of being the culprit. But because of Kogoro’s carelessness, Heiji and Conan learned something. Just as he was about to find the culprit, Heiji received news that Kazuha had been kidnapped.

Heiji is asked to go to Kurama Shrine to save Kazuha and deliver something important, which is the crystal ball of the Buddha Statue that they stole from Sanno Shrine.

However, Heiji was too weak to fight the culprit. This causes Conan to ask Ai for the medicine to transform into Shinichi and then disguise himself as Heiji. Shinichi also comes and saves Kazuha, it turns out that Heiji is there too, disguised as one of the killer’s subordinates, Taiga Saijo.

They also battle Taiga Saijo and his gang. Fortunately, Ran, Kogoro and the others arrived in time to finally catch Saijo and the case was clear.

Not only that, but Heiji finally found his first love, he thought Chika was the girl he met, but it turned out to be Kazuha.

Learn history

Detective Conan Movie 07_History (Copy)

Throughout the film, the audience will see many stories containing the history of some important and famous figures in Japan. One of which is at the core of this story is about the general Yohitsune and his men, who really devoted themselves to and watched Yohitsune until his death.

Not to mention the addition of a book about the general Yohitsune himself telling the story of his war. Then continue with the Maru Take Ebisu song and the Donguri Koro Koro song this makes the case easy to read.

It didn’t stop there, the birth of the temples in Kyoto, the art of Noh, and the legend of the martial artist Benkei. Anyway, the famous Detective Conan this time is very different!

Emergency medicine

Detective Conan Movie 07_Shinichi (Copy)

If you have time to read Detective Conan manga, there is a moment when Conan transforms into Shinichi because he accidentally drank Pikaru’s wine because he mistook it for cough medicine. But the effect does not last long.

This is what Ai uses, he makes potions that are formulated to cure fever; but the same effect as Pikaru.

As a result, without the antidote for APTX-4869, Conan can transform into Shinichi in this 7th Detective Conan movie. With his background, Shinichi finally had time to meet Ran even if it wasn’t for long. He met Ran when Ran nervously followed Conan to Kurama Shrine, just as Saijo was fighting Heiji and Kazuha.

Heiji and Kazuha

Detective Conan Movie 07_Heiji & Kazuha (Copy)

This movie finally unfolds the past story of Heiji and Kazuha. This is due to Kazuha’s appearance in Detective Conan Vol. 19 people were introduced as Heiji’s little friends.

It turns out that Heiji and Kazuha are lovers. And the story that Heiji liked Kazuha was not because he was a childhood playmate, but because of the incident at the temple.

Little Kazuha who dressed up with makeup and kimono was playing ball and singing Maru Take Ebisu songs It was at the temple that Heiji had a crush. In later stories, Heiji and Kazuha began to appear together frequently and became famous as a couple approved by both Heiji’s family and Kazuha’s.

As mentioned earlier, this Detective Conan movie is a little different from the sequels that are excited about brutal murders, fires everywhere, bombs and other things. other worries you. However, the plot is still very interesting to follow. Salenhanh gave it a rating of 3.4 / 5 for this 7th famous Detective Conan movie.


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