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Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile Codes (New)

Clash of Legends: Heroes Mobile is an engaging strategy game where you will be immersed in a rich world with diverse and engaging elements. Taking advantage of both tower defense, constant growth of heroes, and engaging alliance battles, this game truly makes for a unique and enjoyable experience.

Going through the journey in Clash of Legends, you will not only be a player, but even become a talented commander. Your mission is to assemble and manage a squad of more than 100 heroes from different regions of space. From building the base to defending it from the terrifying zombie attacks, it’s all in your hands.

But don’t think that it’s only defense that you need to care about. The global player arena is waiting for you to try out, where you can prove that your tactical and leadership abilities are unsurpassed. And legendary Bosses are waiting for you to discover, face and defeat. Take part in dramatic battles to achieve the greatest title.

Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile

Not only that, the game also opens up the opportunity for you to participate in the Epic kingdom war, where tough battles and dramatic alliances await. Clash of Legends: Heroes Mobile is not merely a game, but a journey that puts you at the heart of the confrontation between good and evil. Here, you will be writing on your own legendary pages, leaving your mark in this world.

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Take this opportunity to satisfy your passion for gaming. Wish you success and happiness when participating in Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile game!

Latest Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile Giftcode

List of giftcodesReward
SNI680479981000 free diamonds
SVI2b9a52daGet free diamonds
TAI21f987a0Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI380e9da9Event code fanpage events
BHI23276ec4Coins, Spins and Gems

Summary of the latest Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile event Giftcode

List of giftcodesReward
SNI53c30cb01000 free diamonds
SVI68d5b18fGet free characters
VVI23afe52Get Free JBN
TAI76b5db17Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI2d7dc8aeEvent code fanpage events
BHI391f197Coins, Spins and Gems

Instructions on how to enter the code Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile

  • Step 1: Login to Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile website homepage
  • Step 2: Select the Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile giftcode box on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter code Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile to receive gifts

How to get the Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile fanpage event code

  • Step 1: Visit Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to get the latest Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile code

Introducing the game Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile

Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile

# STORY # Apocalypse
disaster broke out, Dr. T and his demonic army invaded in an all-out way, trying to destroy the whole earth and fulfill the prophecy of the apocalypse. The army of zombies is coming towards your base and killing the survivors. Summon and lead the heroes to recapture our base and fend off the onslaught of zombie hordes.#GAME OVERVIEW#
Clash of Legends is a strategy war game that combines elements of hero farming, tower defense and alliance battle. As a commander, you can recruit heroes, build your base, participate in castle attack and defense, experience the hero arena, fend off zombie onslaught, discuss Discuss alliance battle, participate in cross-server kingdom war, become king of the world and return to the pinnacle of glory!

▶ Strategic Tower Defense
Commanders are free to place defensive structures in the base, or they can send heroes to guard the base. Use your brain and strategy to create a solid urban defense to fend off other players’ attacks. Or set up traps to attract enemies and destroy them all.

▶ Global Player Arena
Test your skills in the competitive Royale Clash Arena and prove you’re the best. Plan your unique battle strategy with countless combinations of heroes and soldiers. Compete with elite players from around the world and climb to the top of the Legendary Hero Leaderboard.

▶ Challenge the Legendary Boss
Lead your heroes to explore the ruins of Atlantis. Challenge epic bosses, seize the opportunity to unleash skills, kill with one hit, hit the explosive DMG instantly, defeat the final boss and win rich rewards.

▶ Recruit 100+ Heroes
Summon more than 100 heroes from the multiverse, hone and awaken their superpowers, and activate their own exclusive artifacts. Raise your strength in the clash of heroes and build a strong team of heroes to deal with various difficulties and challenges.

▶ Epic Kingdom War
Go beyond the traditional tower defense game mode in kingdom war. Team up with your allies and friends. Lead your heroes and armies in kingdom wars, conquer castles and compete against millions of players! Lead your empire to the top of the world in the ultimate war!

What are you waiting for? Join Clash of Legends to write your own legend!

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