Citampi Stories Codes (New)

Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating world of Citampi Stories: Love and Life Sim RPG, an immersive role-playing game that seamlessly blends addictive gameplay with charming pixel art aesthetics.

Dive into a rich storyline that revolves around the protagonist’s compelling journey, as they are compelled to venture into the bustling metropolis of Shitampi in search of financial stability. With a mere two months to accumulate the necessary funds to settle their parents’ debts, the protagonist must navigate a plethora of employment opportunities and diverse fields of activity.

Citampi Stories

In Citampi Stories, the possibilities are endless as you embark on a quest to secure a livelihood. Embrace the challenges and rewards that come with various occupations, whether it be the routine of an office worker, the hustle and bustle of a waiter, the artistry of a cook, or the speed and precision of a courier. Each job presents its own unique set of tasks and responsibilities, offering you a glimpse into different aspects of the city’s vibrant ecosystem. Diligently apply yourself and strive for excellence in your chosen profession, for the path to financial freedom lies within your grasp.

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Instructions on how to enter code Citampi Stories

  • Step 1: Log in to the home page of Citampi Stories
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  • Step 1: Visit the Citampi Stories fanpage
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Those who like life simulation games should try Citampi Stories APK. A very deep story pixel simulation game, full of branches and contemplation. Play to see if you live a life worth living?

Meet Citampi Story

What does it mean to live a life worth living?


The familiar SIM games always start by immediately pushing the main character into certain ripped situations. Not so in Citampi Stories. You will play the role of a man with a very special situation, Thuy Kieu of the same time. What are your parents doing with unknown debt and they are going to ask you to marry an ugly girl from a rich family to get out of debt. A child with as much will and ambition as his mate would accept this frivolous arranged marriage. But because you love your parents and are determined to find a way out for your family, you have decided to leave your family for a while, move to Citampi city to find a job, work hard and repay your parents’ debt. That was the original plan.

The story of Citampi

There are many people to help you in this city, from policemen to innkeepers to restaurant owners… With a kind heart, inquisitive mind and not afraid of difficulties, you are very happy. Many people in a foreign city. Find a job that suits you, help others, do fun work, chat casually and build interesting relationships. Seno, Alex, Reverend Didi, Arpat, Elder Sen, Mrs. Lela… Everyone who shows up brings fateful relationships, extraordinary stories and new opportunities.

Then life pushes you forward, you meet and meet 7 beautiful girls in turn. One of them will be the anchorage of the love ship. It was a good decision to come to Citampi. You not only pay off the debt to your parents, but also become rich, have a lot of life experience, have a free, independent life and achieve certain achievements. And finally, find the girl of your dreams, fall in love, get married and start a happy little family.

Life is too short so much to do

Well, there’s so much to do! I’m sure you will think so too. But don’t let that mindset stop you. Go ahead and play Citampi Stories.

It is true that we still have a lot of work to do. The main character, the supporting man himself, is also of the rolling type. Anything is fine as long as it makes money or there is a chance to make more money. So, you will get all kinds of side jobs: collecting garbage, growing vegetables, catching fish, praying, walking the dog… But thanks to that, the experience of playing Citampi Stories is very rich. The things to do in a long day never end.

Dream Story for Android

By meeting, chatting, accepting jobs from people around, you will hear your own story and understand how colorful life here is. This game is not only a game, but also an interesting exploration of life. When you let go of the crumbs of life, you will find that just being born healthy and clean is a great joy. Because it means you have a chance to taste everything in life, if you really want to.

Life is short, happiness is long

After all the turmoil of teenage life, there will come a time when you think about having a family, a small happiness for yourself. Your romance with the girl of your choice will finally bear fruit after a string of happy days. Marriage is not over yet. Yes, the game is very real. Unlike fairy tales, princess and prince get married.

To ensure the quality of your family life and the happiness of your loved ones, you will continue to work tirelessly and perfect yourself, and you will not hesitate to do all the hard work in the family. , such as opening a home-based business. . partner and hand it over. When his wife was pregnant, every time he was angry or worried, he bought her beautiful clothes, worried about electricity, water, and bank bills. Life is very different from being single, but the string of happy days is certainly endless.

Citampi Stories on APKMODY

Then his wife gave birth to a child. The two of you together take care of, nurture, and teach your child, doing the best you can for your baby at all ages. Follow your child closely from the first years of his life until he becomes a mature, healthy and active child. When you see them playing happily around you, you hold your wife’s hand and think, “I have a life worth living”.

Download Citampi Stories APK for Android

The game simulates the life of pixel graphics, but is very laborious in terms of graphics, sound and plot. The fact that the game invites you to see the ups and downs in someone’s life will make you look back on your life and think about many valuable things subconsciously. Play now guys.

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