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Circle Line Movie Review (2023)

Who likes movies about terrible monsters? So this time, Netflix is ​​showing one of its latest movies with a monster theme. Titled Circle Line, the film from Singapore hit local and Malaysian cinemas on January 5.

Circle Line is directed by JD Chua and stars an ensemble cast that includes Jesseca Liu, Andie Chen, Peter Yu, Patrick Pei-Hsu Lee, Johnny Ng, Alan Tan, Nathaniel Ng, and Ashley Seow.

You can watch this movie on Netflix and it comes in at number 7 in the top 10 most watched movies. Intrigued by the story? Check out the full review below!

Circle Line (2023) movie synopsis

Circle Line tells the story of a subway train with a schedule that ends up having an accident after the train derails and crashes into an abandoned tunnel.

The accident made all passengers feel worried and bewildered by this situation, not to mention the train schedule that they were on was the last one. Among the passengers is a single mother named Yi Ling (Jesseca Liu).

Facing again with a train crash leaves him feeling traumatized. She is deeply guilt-ridden for her husband’s death in a fatal car crash that nearly killed her son, Lucas (Nathaniel Ng).

Circle Line

The train’s signal disappeared due to damage, but after a while, a monster attacked and threatened their safety.

Like it or not, they must work together to save each other’s lives, either by fighting or trying other endeavors. So can they save themselves from the menace of terrible monsters?

Circle Line (2023) movie reviews

Monster origin unknown

There is a sufficient premise to attract the attention of the audience, unfortunately the way this film is made is not very satisfactory. The conflict is not very strong, throughout the film there are many plot holes so the origin of the monster is not told in detail. Actually who and how did the monsters develop?

Viewers only saw this monster as a child and was in an aquarium in 2003, exactly 20 years before the train accident in the abandoned tunnel.

Review Circle Line

There is no reason why the monster was created and why it was able to escape and live in an abandoned dark train tunnel.

Although there is an assumption regarding the former tunnel which is clearly a hospital. It is possible that a doctor conducted an experiment by creating this monster to accompany his sick child (early trailer).

Aside from monsters of unknown origin, the monster’s attachment to Lucas also has no explanation. Was it because Lucas was a small child that reminded him of someone who had taken care of him before. Or another reason, because Lucas wasn’t afraid to stare at the monster? Who knows, the audience can guess the source without any real answer.

Missing character recognition

One more obvious omission in this movie, character recognition. True, every character that comes out never has a solid story background. It’s very bland, which is what makes the audience feel less empathetic if a character doesn’t survive.

Every movie that deals with monsters, there are always nasty characters. Rebellious to the situation, choose to act like a brave man and fear nothing. However, he was also the first to be hunted by the monster.

Circle Line movie

In addition, the relationship between mother and child is the main axis in this film that does not convey emotions well to the audience. Everything tasted bland, nothing to regret. The damage that exists is only briefly mentioned and it is still not strong enough. There is only a mother’s fear of losing a child who is said to be somewhat successful.

However, behind the shortcomings that exist in this film, there is something that makes the audience quite interesting. It is nothing more than that the train operating system is still heavily damaged and difficult to update.

Cut the budget, but want good progress. It doesn’t play, the government just wants profit.

Arriving at the place when the accident happened, the superiors were busy discussing other matters besides the safety of the passengers. Question the report, even though the train signal just disappeared. How to get official report from crime scene? What a lousy operating procedure.

Conclusion of the movie Circle Line (2023)

Overall Circle Line doesn’t give the real meaning of what you mean. When it comes to monsters, their origins are unclear and confusing. About the mother’s pain? still not strong enough to be used as the basis of the story.

Movie Circle Line

The players involved are not inspiring so when they can’t hold the audience, it’s not too bad for them.

The only thing that can be taken from this movie is to convey the message that the operation of the subway system is still very bad. Too many glitches, the system is too old to update, too many excuses from the bosses for the old, dilapidated system to stick. This leads to an unexpected accident and leaves the passengers as prey to monsters.

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