Chrono Astrea Codes (New)

Chrono Astrea is an engaging card role-playing game, with a beautifully animated and colorful world. In the game, players will discover a diverse team of characters, each with their own special abilities, ready to fight to protect the world from the invasion of dark forces. However, Chrono Astrea not only stops at recruiting powerful heroes, but also challenges players to build the optimal squad, using smart tactics to overcome difficult challenges.

Journeys in Chrono Astrea take players from one land to another, exploring locations as diverse as creepy caves, chanting plateau towers, and even lands inhabited by legendary monsters like devil and dragon. On the road of adventure, players are never alone with the presence of lovely companions who are always ready to provide help and companionship in any situation.


With more than 100 characters designed in lovely anime style, Chrono Astrea really creates a lively and diverse world. Each character has their own strengths, abilities and skills, creating diversity and creativity in combat. Players can shine through developing unique tactics and making the most of each character’s power.

In addition, do not ignore the list of Chrono Astrea game giftcodes compiled by Salenhanh. With these giftcodes, you will have the opportunity to experience Chrono Astrea at its best. Let Salenhanh explore the colorful world of Chrono Astrea right now!

Latest Chrono Astrea Giftcode

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The latest Chrono Astrea Fanpage Giftcode

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Instructions on how to enter code Chrono Astrea

  • Step 1: Log in to Chrono Astrea website homepage
  • Step 2: Select the Chrono Astrea giftcode box on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code Chrono Astrea to receive the gift

How to get Chrono Astrea fan page event code

  • Step 1: Visit Chrono Astrea’s fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Chrono Astrea code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest Chrono Astrea code
Action-packed idle adventure RPG!
Grab your sword and fight for victory in this fast-paced fantasy experience.
Recruit legendary heroes and earn epic loot as you tackle new challenges.
Show your dominance by defeating other players as you battle for the top spot of the arena.Idle reward system Collect
resources all day, every day. Online or offline. This game is right for you! Go in and collect all the items and upgrade your hero as you wish. 

Story-driven stages with dropping bonuses to ensure you’re always well-equipped for the task at hand. Immerse yourself in a rich story. Or skip. Depends on you!

Visit local water sources for quests with great rewards. Send your hero and come back later to collect the loot.

In addition to collecting valuable resources for your heroes, new events regularly occur. New meetups give you the chance to show off your team building skills.

Judgment Tower
A straight climb. Compete with other players to see who has the strongest team.

Go treasure hunting in ancient ruins. The keeper is looking, but a bad surprise is also waiting for you.

Gather with your friends and fight monsters together! It takes teamwork to become a top ranked clan.

Why level up all your heroes when you don’t need them? Obelisks ensures that all your heroes are ready to go when you need them. You have the freedom to form any team!

Powerful gear teeth
with bonus sets and rune slots. Complete freedom to create a set to suit your hero’s needs.

Astronomical gear
Customize your hero even more. Equip rare artifacts to achieve unique effects to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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