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Call of Dragons – Funtap is an exciting real-time strategy game, produced by the company Farlight, the developer of the famous game Rise of Kingdoms.

In this game, the player’s task is to cooperate with allies to confront the dark forces. To prepare for the war, players will need to tame powerful giant creatures, use them as living weapons to fight and protect their kingdom.

Call of Dragons gives players exciting experiences in building and managing their base. Players need to develop tactical skills, strategic thinking and skillful use of resources to enhance the army’s strength and build a solid defense system.

The game’s graphics are delicately cared for, with vivid and detailed images, giving players an engaging experience. In addition, Call of Dragons also provides a rich and engaging storyline, helping players learn about the legendary world of dragons and thrilling battles between factions.


With online multiplayer, players can socialize, cooperate or compete with other players around the world. This creates excitement and challenge, as players must take on real opponents and discover new strategies to become the true Lord in the world of Call of Dragons.

With an experienced development team and elaborate investment, Call of Dragons has become one of the attractive strategy games and attracts the attention of a large gaming community. Coming to Call of Dragons, players will experience a dramatic adventure and explore a colorful magical world of dragons.

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Dragon’s Call

Call of Dragons is an MMO fantasy conquest game from the creators of Rise of Kingdoms, offering an incredible strategic combat experience: 

1)Fight alongside the Behemoth: Fight closely with your alliance, combine your abilities, and master the attack pattern of each Behemoth to fend off their devastating attacks and win !

2) Train your Behemoth with your Alliance: Customize how you train your Behemoth! Different training methods will have very different effects, even on the same type of Behemoth. Work together with your allies to make your Behemoths unique!

3)Dominate the Battlefield: Become the Beastmaster of your Alliance to play an important role in battle. In a complex battlefield environment, your quick reflexes and careful Behemoth handling will bring victory to your allies!

4) Freedom to Fight: Leverage true 3D terrain to craft your strategy, command flying legions across mountains and rivers, and unleash powerful combat skills to lead your allies You win the large-scale fantasy war!

5) An immersive fantasy world: Recruit Elf maidens, mighty Orcs, powerful frost mages and countless other magical heroes. Journey to the mystical Tree of Fireflies, the terrifying Frozen Spires, and other amazing wonders, and enjoy a vast fantasy world you’ve never seen before.

Game features:

▶▶ Taming, Training, and Summoning Behemoths ◀◀
The land of Tamaris is filled with Behemoths—giant ancient beasts like Hydra, Thunder Roc, and mighty and fearsome Dragons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your allies to take them down, then train them to be your secret weapon. Then, in your hour of need, deploy the Behemoth to crush your enemies!

▶▶ Heals Free Units ◀◀
Wounded units can be healed automatically without consuming any resources. Wage war, challenge other players and fight hard! Enjoy the thrill of the battlefield without worrying about your stockpile. Your road to conquest begins now!

▶▶ Countless wonderful creatures ◀◀
The land of Tamaris is full of wonderful races: Noble Elves, mighty Orcs, insidious satyrs, wise Treants, mighty Forest Eagles and world Celestials other. Each of these races can join your forces and lead them to victory. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs and other terrifying creatures await…

▶▶ Powerful Hero Skills ◀◀
Designate powerful heroes to lead your forces and train them to use powerful abilities that allow them to stealth, strike across the battlefield instantly or unleash devastating AoE attacks! Master the battlefield, then strike at the crucial moment to turn the tide and win!

▶▶ 3D Terrain & Flying Corps Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain to launch quick
attacks, defend your position and launch air raids to crush your enemies with combat comb. Deploy flying legions across canyons, deserts, rivers and mountains to deliver a devastating blow!

▶▶ Expand, mine, explore and destroy ◀◀
The prosperity of the kingdom is in your hands. Upgrade buildings and technologies, train troops, gather resources, expand your territory and prove that you are worthy to rule Tamaris!

▶▶ Any unit issues ◀◀
Fight as a team! Whether you’re attacking the front lines, maintaining critical roads, or building defensive barricades, everyone can play their part to run the battlefield like a well-oiled machine—war. Your victory depends on it.

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