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Embark on a thrilling adventure in the mystical realm of dragons with ‘Call of Dragons’ – the captivating real-time strategy game brought to you by Funtap. Crafted by the renowned game developer Farlight, the genius minds behind the acclaimed ‘Rise of Kingdoms,’ this game promises an epic gaming experience like no other.

In ‘Call of Dragons,’ players find themselves entrusted with the monumental task of rallying allies to combat the looming darkness. To prepare for the impending war, you’ll need to master the art of taming colossal and formidable creatures, transforming them into living weapons to safeguard your kingdom.

As you dive deeper into the game, you’ll be engrossed in the intricacies of building and managing your base. Success hinges on the development of tactical prowess, strategic thinking, and the judicious utilization of resources to bolster your army’s might and fortify your defenses.

One of the standout features of ‘Call of Dragons’ is its exquisite graphics. The game boasts meticulously crafted visuals, showcasing vibrant and intricate imagery that immerses players in an enthralling world. Furthermore, the game weaves an immersive storyline, unraveling the legends of dragons and the pulse-pounding battles between factions.

With the inclusion of online multiplayer, you have the opportunity to interact, cooperate, or engage in fierce competition with players from across the globe. This dynamic element introduces excitement and challenge, as you pit your skills against real opponents and devise new strategies to ascend as the ultimate Lord in the ‘Call of Dragons’ universe.

Backed by a seasoned development team and substantial investment, ‘Call of Dragons’ has quickly emerged as one of the most captivating strategy games, garnering the attention of a vast gaming community. Embark on an epic journey and explore the enchanting, magical world of dragons.

Salenhanh, dedicated to curating valuable gaming resources, has diligently compiled a list of gift codes for ‘Call of Dragons’ from reputable sources. These codes present a golden opportunity for you to enhance your gaming experience within the world of ‘Call of Dragons.’

Don’t let these gift codes slip through your fingers! Salenhanh firmly believes that they will not only enrich your ‘Call of Dragons’ adventure but also pave the way for numerous remarkable achievements.

Seize this chance to satiate your gaming passion. May your journey in the world of ‘Call of Dragons’ be filled with success and boundless joy!

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Guide on Accessing the Call of Dragons Code

Step 1: Begin by visiting the homepage of the Call of Dragons website.

Step 2: Once on the website, direct your attention to the left-hand side of the page, where you will find the dedicated Call of Dragons gift code section.

Step 3: In this section, you can proceed to enter the special Call of Dragons code to unlock exciting rewards and gifts within the game.

Obtaining the Call of Dragons Fanpage Event Code

Step 1: To access the exclusive Call of Dragons fanpage event code, start by visiting the official Call of Dragons fanpage.

Step 2: Within the fanpage, look for the hashtag related to Call of Dragons code. This is where you will discover the latest and most sought-after codes.

Step 3: Follow the provided instructions on the fanpage to claim the most up-to-date Call of Dragons code, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience.

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About Dragon’s Call

About Dragon’s Call

Dragon’s Call is an MMO fantasy conquest game that offers an incredible strategic combat experience. Developed by the creators of Rise of Kingdoms, this game takes players on an epic journey filled with adventure, teamwork, and conquest. In Dragon’s Call, you’ll embark on a quest to become the Beastmaster of your Alliance and lead your allies to victory in a complex battlefield environment.

Key Features:

  1. Fight Alongside Behemoth:
    • Join forces with your alliance members to fight alongside powerful Behemoths.
    • Master the attack patterns of each Behemoth and combine your abilities to fend off devastating attacks.
  2. Train and Customize Behemoths:
    • Customize your Behemoths with different training methods to make them unique.
    • Work together with your allies to create unstoppable Behemoth armies.
  3. Dominate the Battlefield:
    • As the Beastmaster of your Alliance, your quick reflexes and Behemoth handling skills are crucial for victory.
    • Utilize true 3D terrain to craft your strategies and lead your flying legions to triumph.
  4. Freedom to Fight:
    • Command your armies across mountains, rivers, and various terrains.
    • Unleash powerful combat skills to win large-scale fantasy wars.
  5. Explore an Immersive Fantasy World:
    • Recruit a variety of magical heroes, including Elf maidens, mighty Orcs, and powerful frost mages.
    • Journey to enchanting locations like the Tree of Fireflies and the Frozen Spires.

Game Features:

  • Taming, Training, and Summoning Behemoths:
    • Face giant ancient beasts like Hydra, Thunder Roc, and fearsome Dragons.
    • Train them to be your secret weapon and deploy them in battles.
  • Heals Free Units:
    • Wounded units are automatically healed without consuming resources, allowing you to focus on the thrill of battle.
  • Countless Wonderful Creatures:
    • Form alliances with races such as Elves, Orcs, satyrs, Treants, Forest Eagles, and Celestials.
    • Encounter terrifying creatures like Hydras, Giant Bears, and Thunder Rocs.
  • Powerful Hero Skills:
    • Designate powerful heroes to lead your forces and unleash their unique abilities.
    • Master the battlefield and turn the tide of battle at crucial moments.
  • 3D Terrain & Flying Corps:
    • Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain for strategic advantage.
    • Deploy flying legions to crush your enemies with air raids.
  • Expand, Mine, Explore, and Destroy:
    • Upgrade buildings, train troops, gather resources, and expand your territory to prove your worth in ruling Tamaris.
  • Team Play:
    • Collaborate with your alliance members to execute coordinated strategies and secure victory.

Support: If you encounter any issues while playing Dragon’s Call, you can provide feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center or contact their customer service team through the following channels:

Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

Dragon’s Call promises an epic and immersive gaming experience that will keep players engaged in the world of Tamaris. Join the battle, lead your alliance, and conquer this vast fantasy world like never before!

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