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Bullet Train Movie Review

Bullet Train is a film based on the Japanese novel, Maria Bettle, by Kotarou Isaka. However, despite being set in Japan, this film features Brad Pitt as the main character. Most of the characters are also foreigners, not Japanese.

Adapting a novel into a live-action film is hard work. There are always elements that are felt to be lacking in movies, especially from people who have read the novels. However, there are also those who understand that everyone’s interpretation of the same novel is different.

bullet train

This is also the case with Bullet Train. Although based on the novel, this movie has many differences from the novel. In fact, the villain The plot is different so like it or not, the plot is different. However, the author of this novel is said to have no objection to the changes made by director David Leitch and screenwriter Zak Olkewicz.

Trailer for the movie Bullet Train (Confrontational Assassin)

Bullet Train movie synopsis

Summary Bullet Train tells the story of an assassin named Ladybug ( Brad Pitt ), who feels he is constantly in bad luck because many of his missions have failed.

So Ladybug was determined to do her job quietly after experiencing so many failures.

One day, he has to replace Carver, his partner, to steal an iron briefcase full of money stored on one of Japan’s fastest trains. He felt it was a job that could be done quickly.

bullet train summary

However, in reality, Ladybug faces a lot of challenges and obstacles, such as the assassin duo dubbed the ‘twins’, which are Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor) -Johnson).

Lemon and Tangerine were the first to enter the bullet train with a suitcase full of money. They have a mission from the leader of a legendary assassin gang called the White Death to save their child and bring a suitcase full of money to Kyoto. However, their plan is ruined when Ladybug takes the suitcase containing the money.

In addition to them, there are a number of other assassins with their own missions in the bullet train, such as Kimura (Andrew Koji), who hunts down the guy who pushed his son off the roof.

Ladybug thinks her job is done by taking the briefcase. Then he prepared to get off the car. But he is immediately greeted by the presence of Wolf, a Mexican assassin. After her encounter with Wolf, Ladybug finally noticed the presence of Lemon and Tangerine. He decided to meet them, but at that time, only Lemon was there, and Tangerine was still busy looking for the lost Suitcase.

Bullet train battle

In another carriage, Yuichi becomes the Prince’s hostage. He did not know Prince’s intentions. However, the ABG girl sent someone to keep an eye on Wataru. If Yuichi disobeyed, Wataru’s life might be lost. Yuichi guessed that the Prince wanted him to kill the White Death. The ABG girl also agrees.

A series of events took place on the speedboat. It all boils down to one person, which is White Death, the ultimate villain in this movie. Throughout the film, it is also revealed who the real White Death is and what it has to do with some of the characters traveling on a bullet train.

Bullet Train movie content review

Throughout 2 hours and 6 minutes, the audience will see many fight scenes, scenes and silly dialogues between the characters. This film also has many twists when one event is connected to another. So the audience has to really follow the story or else they will fall behind.

Introducing bullet train

Unfortunately, this movie runs too slow to build a story. So it will feel less euphoric when it starts to get close to the climax. Not to mention, lots of flashbacks in this movie. Some scenes feel unnecessary just because this movie wants to create comedy in it.

Hiroyuki Sanada’s appearance as an Elder is one of the highlights in this film. He is a former Yakuza and also Yuichi’s father. Hiroyuki’s presence adds to the gangster and samurai feel in this movie even though he doesn’t appear much. The oldest brother who was a member of the Yakuza was betrayed by the White Death. The young man is played by the Indonesian actor, Yoshi Sudarso.

Movie Bullet Train

David Leitch has the ability to deliver a lot of compelling combat action in a tight space like a train carriage. Although not as epic as the fight scenes in Deadpool or John Wick, the destructive power is no less than those movies. He also put humor in every fight scene of this movie.

However, this movie is very busy building the plot towards the climax so there will be a lot of holes and questions about the plot in this movie. The long progression of this story ultimately makes the climax feel less exciting. In fact, that must be the pinnacle of this movie. Too much quirkiness will also make the audience feel bored.

One of the interesting elements of this movie is the convincing action sequences of the cast that make Bullet Train a pretty interesting movie even though the plot of the film is not really too obvious. This movie is rated 17+ or adult because of the bloody violence and harsh language. Always adhere to health protocols! Have fun watching!


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