Blue Lock movie synopsis (2022)

  • Release year 2022
  • Category Sports
  • 8 bit production
  • Director Tetsuaki Watanabe
  • Cast of Kazuki Ura Tasuku Kaito Souma Saitou Yūki Ono

Isagi Yoichi was selected as one of the participants of the Blue Lock project. Yoichi joins to clear his doubts and pursue his aspiration to become the greatest striker in the world. Yoichi must compete with 299 other players participating in the Blue Lock project.

Episode 1-2

Blue Lock

The story begins with the last tournament that striker Isagi Yoichi and his teammates participated in. Remembering his coach’s words, Yoichi was dribbling a volleyball to his teammates. Unfortunately, the ball did not hit the target, so Yoichi’s team did not enter the national tournament.

Some time later, Yoichi received an invitation to the Japan Football Federation. There Yoichi finds himself one of 300 strikers being detained at a soccer training facility called Blue Lock.

Project participants must exist to develop their abilities to become the best strikers.

The first practice session was a game of ‘devil soccer’. The players who received the ball until the end of the game were forced to give up their dream of becoming the best striker. When he got the ball, Yoichi was determined to attack the greatest player and at the last minute kicked the ball at Kira.

The players with the top five rankings will have the opportunity to play in the Under-20 Cup to be held in six months. However, those who were eliminated will lose their chance.

Yoichi and his other colleagues are accused of selfish numbers. And all are determined to exist for their dreams.

Chap 3

Review Blue Lock

The football team at Blue Lock has been formed. A total of five teams will compete in five Blue Rock buildings. From that match, only the top two teams can win.

Isagi and his friends are in Team Z, the lowest ranked team. They will face Team X in the first match. However, in this match there is a special rule, that the person with the highest score will be safe and not disqualified.

In addition, the football matches at Blue Lock are very different, as they are the ‘matches from the ground up’ that make up football. Will Isagi and Team Z make it through the first match well?

Blue Lock movie review (2022)

Training to find the best striker

Reviews on Blue Lock

This anime in my opinion is very interesting and different from the usual football anime. So far, Blue Lock tells the story of young people who dream of becoming the best soccer players in Japan, even in the world.

However, their ideals immediately change when the young men are invited by an organization that introduced them to Blue Lock. And after learning about the game system of Blue Lock, I feel that the training system there is similar to a survival game.

Each player collected there will decrease one by one, until finally one remains who becomes the best player.

In addition to being like a survival game, the training system in Blue Lock is also very different. For example, players are determined by ranking, so the food they get is different.

The higher the rank you get, the better the food and facilities you get. After that, every player is educated to be a selfish person to be the best player.

From a visual perspective, so far it looks smooth and nice. There is a sense of dread at times, especially when the person in charge of training shows up. Also when the characters’ ambitious expressions appear, the image looks a bit dark. Even so, the story so far is interesting and makes me quite curious.

Selfishness leads to division

Blue Lock Reviews

In this third episode, the soccer match finally begins, although it is still in the practice phase. But training is completely different from football in general. Every time there is an explanation, the image generated is quite interesting, so each time the rules are explained it will be quite easy to understand.

Then in this episode, it’s very clear that the characters are all equally selfish. And because of their selfishness, team Z eventually broke up. They only care about points for themselves, even though a team victory can be an added value.

Especially when the opposing team always scores, every member of team Z is even more passionate to win alone. Only Isagi and Bachira could think of working together for the good of the team.

The problem is that in this episode, team Z is very chaotic and can’t work together because of the focus on individual points.

Will Team Z survive the elimination? Stay tuned for the next part of the story on Bacaterus, okay? Oh yes, in every episode of this anime there are more cute and interesting scenes, you know. So don’t miss it.

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