Summary of the movie Bestie

The story in the ‘Bestie’ series tells the story of four women with different personalities and backgrounds, but united in a strong friendship. They promise to support each other no matter what.

Even when Kiara (Aurra Kharishma) is accused of being a third party in someone else’s relationship, or when Sheila (Gege Elisa) decides not to have children under pressure from her mother-in-law, or when Vina (Della Dartyan) divorces Marriage and becoming a single mother make her life difficult, until Hana (Valerie Thomas) is forced to marry by her father for business purposes.

Together, they support and help each other, and promise each other to make each other’s bucket lists a reality. Will these Besties keep their friendship?



Reviews of the movie Bestie

Show stories full of friendship stories

One of the interesting things about the story of ‘Bestie’ is the very thick friendship element in this series. Of course there are also individual stories, but the way the director brought their issues back into the friendship room felt very natural and natural.

After many years of being friends, these four friends always share and tell each other their regrets. However, without being too judgmental, all listened and offered to help when needed.

Sometimes they don’t get along. Make fun of each other, make them upset or angry, even say hurtful things. That’s the essence of friendship, because everyone is fundamentally different. This is what makes the ‘Bestie’ series so impressive as it is.

All the players have strong chemistry, from Hana, Kiara, Sheila, to Vina. Not only that, the male characters and their supporters complement each other and play an important role in the story. Everyone has their own section to display in front of the screen.

There is sadness, there is also happiness. The issues presented were not overnight. Despite running for ten episodes, the writers share their stories without going overboard. Dramatic but by no means unenjoyable.

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Surprise ending

This can be said to be quite a surprise for some viewers. After being made pessimistic by the sad state of one of his friends, an unhappy ending emerges from the other side. Well, a little hint, that not all journeys will always end well. However, the way they deal with difficulties is one of the core or message in the ‘Bestie’ series.

The last-minute plot change seems to make this series a bit forced backwards. Also, the story feels unfinished because there’s still an unexplained bucket list. Could this be the potential for a second season?

Full of valuable lessons

As explained above, ‘Bestie’ focuses not only on the plot but also on the character development of each of the four women. How they help each other, in difficult times or in good times, whatever the circumstances. There are many lessons to be learned from this series.

Not giving up is one of them. Despite being attacked by various problems, these four women persisted in facing their problems. Although they sometimes need time to be alone, they will be there when each of them is ready to go back.

Summary Bestie

Conclusion of the movie Bestie

Although the ‘Bestie’ series is far from perfect, his cheerful, moving and full of warmth has really succeeded in entertaining audiences. In addition, there are many valuable messages or lessons that we can get in each episode. Not only the plot, each character also develops.

So, for those of you who haven’t seen the ‘Bestie’ series yet, check out the full episode now available only on the Vidio streaming service.