Ethical message to help others

Whenever Baymax helps people in a holistic way, it speaks to Baymax’s sometimes silly and naive kindness from some of the things he’s learned from helping. By helping others, we ourselves will also receive new rewarding things.

Introducing Big Hero Squad 6

Arranged into 6 episodes, by the end of the episode, everything as the conclusion of Baymax helped a total of 5 people. Wrapped in a bit of suspense as Baymax’s battery dies in a building about to explode.

Everyone help Baymax automatically find Baymax not to come home to charge. Lifesaving actions team up to get Baymax outside the building, bringing the action genre back to life in this spin-off series.

Conclusion of the movie Big Hero 6

Carousel animation presents multiple messages and learning science. The very gentle launch of Baymax in dealing with various complaints in the city of San Fransokyo. Baymax persisted in dealing with complaints one by one, even ignoring his own care.

Although sometimes things that are quite light get messed up because Baymax is determined to help patients. Various details that you may not know, stringing together the whole plot can end in just 1 episode.

However, it was a good decision by Disney to separate all issues, even Baymax’s own problems, in the end. In addition to the standalone anthology in each episode, this prevents the boredom of Baymax’s mission of just helping people.


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