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Battlecruisers Codes (New)

Battlecruisers is a very popular strategy game in recent times, which has conquered millions of fans around the world, especially those who are passionate about strategy games. Presented in the form of a delicately hand-drawn 2D animation, the game transports the player into the 22nd century, a future in peril as the Earth faces the threat of rising seas and opposing forces fight for the rest of the land.

In Battlecruisers, players will be free to build and plan strategies, demonstrate offensive and defensive talents to face and conquer their cosmic enemies. Intelligence and creativity are two important factors, because players must skillfully analyze the map and adjust flexible strategies to overcome opponents. The game’s distinctive hand-drawn animation style creates futuristic landscapes and epic battles, providing an engaging experience that blends with deep tactical gameplay.


The Battlecruisers universe is resplendent with diverse factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players must strongly exploit valuable resources, build prosperous bases and build a strong fleet of warships, equipped with advanced weapons. In this tough battle, in addition to showing tactical ability, skillful resource management and planning also play an important role. In addition, the ability to diplomacy and negotiate is also important as alliances and treaties can determine the fate of war, and building strong alliances can determine victory.

Battlecruisers are constantly evolving with regular updates and additions, introducing new factions, new maps, and new scenarios to keep players engaging and challenging. Vibrant online communities allow players from around the world to compete and collaborate, creating dynamic and interactive gaming environments.


Battlecruisers not only appeals to experienced strategy gamers, but also welcomes beginners with its friendly gameplay and engaging progression system. Talented commanders can take on computer-controlled opponents in single-player campaigns, perfecting their skills before entering the epic battle arenas in multiplayer.

With an engaging story, engaging gameplay, and a lively community, Battlecruisers has really affirmed its position as a beloved and sustainable strategy game in the gaming world, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of players across the country.

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A seemingly stunning real-time strategy game in which players build the ultimate battle cruiser to strategically attack and destroy enemy ships. Step up to this indie war game for its minimalist design, explosive gameplay, and addictive soundtrack. And the kernel! Never forget nuclear weapons. 

• Build the ultimate cruiser to strike strategically and destroy enemy ships. Start with the essentials and unlock new and surprising technology as your skills grow.

• Develop your own unique tactics to take down cyborg enemies. You will have to be cunning to beat the highest levels on the hardest difficulty.

• Explore a post-apocalyptic world where rising oceans have engulfed land. Battles take place against the backdrop of floating metal cities; pay homage to the great landmarks of mankind.

• Love the beautiful hand-drawn art. Designed by an explosion-obsessed artist, the particle system generation means you’ll never see the same explosion twice.

• Be captivated by the addictive soundtrack. Dynamic moody music seamlessly matches the action and tone of each battle to create in-depth gameplay.

Battlecruisers is a 2D, hand-drawn side-scrolling game, set in the 22nd century, when the Earth is flooded by rising sea levels and enemies scramble for receding lands. Build, strategize, attack and defend to conquer your military enemies and harvest their warships and weapons.

Humans have long since disappeared and our robot descendants are reckless, trash talkers and power-hungry. You play as Charlie, an opportunistic utility robot who maneuvers an unattended Trident-class warship for a quick spin around the harbor. The only problem: it belongs to the largest superpower in the world.

Equip and protect your cruiser or sink into deep water. Grow your arsenal with each victory, amass destroyers, artillery, bombers, lasers, stealth generators, etc. Fortify your defenses with shields and boosters, and speed up your production with an army of crafting drones.

Devastation with napalm bombs, nuclear launchers, and experimental superweapon, including the Death Star Satellite, Ultralisk Rapid Manufacturing Facility, and Kamikaze Signal.

As a self-appointed battle cruiser captain, you are responsible for the design, construction, resource provision, and strategic approach in real-time battles. Take on insidious AI enemies head-to-head with cunning tactics or face certain death at the hands of killer military cyborgs like Huntress, Destruktor, and Karen.

Unlock over 30 buildings and units as you become a master warship commander, culminating in a duel with Presidentron, the leader of the ultimate military superpower. Choose the best weapons from your deadly arsenal and deploy them skillfully to win the war.

About Mecha Weka

We are a team of two from Auckland, New Zealand. We created Battlecruiser in our spare time out of our love of RTS bursting with minimalism. We want to expand the game someday with new levels and DLC so please support our first release and we’ll give you everything we have.

Discover more at https://www.BattlecruisersGame.com

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