Battle for Ascalon Codes (New)

Battle for Ascalon, is not simply a multi-genre game, but also a living work of art that is attracting a large number of players thanks to its delicate combination of simplicity and charm. This work is not only inspired by the hit movie “The Lord of the Rings” by director Peter Jackson but also takes players on a deep journey into the mythical world with the diverse appearance of heroes. Fantasy races, including humans, elves and orcs.

With its engaging storyline and blend of developer talent, Battle for Ascalon quickly captivated lovers of the popular film, immersing them in an experience filled with magic and mystery. In this game, the combination of fantasy world and real-time strategy not only requires players to have acumen in strategic planning and decision-making but also brings challenge and excitement. Feeling excited about every battle.

Battle for Ascalon

The world of Battle for Ascalon is a complex, diverse and mysterious world. With each race having unique characteristics, you will have to manually build and manage your army to confront dangerous opponents. Strategic talent is indispensable, but it is also necessary to manage resources wisely to ensure the prosperity and development of your kingdom.

Not simply an entertaining game, Battle for Ascalon is also a journey of deep exploration into the mythical world, where you have the opportunity to participate in dramatic battles, discover mysteries and build build a great empire. This combination has attracted not only fans of the film but also a large crowd of other players, waiting to participate in this emotional adventure.

With Salenhanh’s support in finding and collecting attractive gift codes, you will have the opportunity to experience Battle for Ascalon in a more special way. These gift codes can bring you unique incentives, helping you improve your in-game experience and achieve more excellent achievements. Don’t miss this opportunity to satisfy your gaming passion and experience an exciting journey in Battle for Ascalon. Wishing you success and happiness when participating in this game!

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How to receive Battle for Ascalon fanpage event code

  • Step 1: Visit the Battle for Ascalon fanpage
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Battle for Ascalon

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Ascalon, a world steeped in ancient lore and inhabited by diverse races and factions. For millennia, these lands have borne witness to countless conflicts and struggles for supremacy, dating back to the conclusion of the War of the Gods a mere ten thousand years ago. Now, a formidable threat looms over this once-picturesque land – the insatiable Darkspawn, whose relentless onslaught has left a trail of devastation and despair in their wake.

As the forces of Ascalon grapple with this dire menace, the question arises: Can they set aside their age-old grudges, unresolved disputes, and past betrayals to unite against a common enemy? The answer lies in your hands. Assume the mantle of a Lord Commander within your chosen faction and embark on a journey that will test your wisdom, mettle, and leadership skills. Your task is to establish a resilient stronghold in this world, amass a formidable army, nurture a dragon companion, forge alliances with like-minded allies, and ultimately vanquish the looming Darkspawn threat that imperils all that you hold dear.

The world of Ascalon stands on the brink of a new era, and whether it flourishes or withers will be determined by champions like you. Are you prepared to rise to the occasion and become the beacon of hope that this realm so desperately needs?

[Game Features]Real-time Combat
Prepare to engage in colossal battles that span the breathtaking landscapes of Ascalon, pitting you against both fellow players and formidable NPCs. Demonstrate your military acumen as you deploy shrewd tactics and strategies to gain the upper hand, compelling your adversaries to retreat in defeat.

Raise your dragon
Undertake the Trial of Shirrlauth, the revved dragon god, to secure a precious dragon egg from her brood. Witness the birth of your dragon companion and establish an unbreakable Dragon Pact. Your draconic ally will evolve into your most trusted and loyal comrade as you confront the encroaching Darkspawn forces.

Three Factions
Within the world of Ascalon, three primary factions vie for dominance – Humans, Elves, and Orcs – each harboring unique and extraordinary structures, units, and talents. As the esteemed Lord Commander, you shall lead your chosen faction to triumph over those who threaten the welfare of your people.

Alliance System
Forge unbreakable bonds and collaborate with players hailing from every corner of the globe. Whether it involves expanding your territorial reach or coordinated strategic attacks against common foes, everything is rendered more achievable and rewarding in the company of friends and allies. The battlefield is no place for solitude, so immerse yourself in this realm and reveal the camaraderie that awaits you!

Grand Leader
Seize the reins of leadership within your Alliance and steer them in the pursuit of the Royal City. The unparalleled might of this metropolis empowers you to oversee and govern the entire kingdom. Embrace the mantle of the Grand Leader and shape the destiny of Ascalon.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Ascalon, where alliances are forged, dragons soar, and epic battles ensue, your destiny awaits. Will you be the champion this world so desperately yearns for? Rally your forces, master the art of war, and embark on a journey of legendary proportions. The future of Ascalon is in your hands.

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