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Assemble with Care, a simulation game from the renowned developers of Monument Valley, weaves an intriguing and emotionally charged narrative around the journey of a restorer of antiques as she embarks on a globe-trotting adventure. When she arrives in the sun-drenched town of Bellariva, what will unfold in her path? Let’s delve into the world of Assemble with Care to find out.

The central character in Assemble with Care is Maria, a professional antique restorer. She makes a resolute decision to visit Bellariva, a town fraught with tales of broken dreams. Maria’s purpose is clear: to assist the town’s inhabitants in preserving their invaluable possessions. However, this isn’t just a story about antique objects; it delves deep into the tumultuous personal lives of each individual. How will Maria succeed in her mission? Join in and seek the answers for yourself.

Maria’s journey in Assemble with Care is a testament to the power of connection, not only between objects but also between people. As she meticulously restores old and worn objects, she unravels the histories and emotions that are intricately woven into them. Each item holds a piece of someone’s life story, a fragment of their past. Through her skillful work, Maria not only breathes new life into these objects but also into the hearts of the people she meets along the way.

Assemble with Care

The town of Bellariva itself becomes a character in the story, with its own tales of love, loss, and rediscovery. As Maria delves into the lives of its residents, she becomes a catalyst for change, helping them reconnect with their past and rekindle their own personal journeys. It’s a poignant reminder that the act of restoring doesn’t only pertain to physical objects; it can also apply to the human spirit.

In Assemble with Care, players are not just engaging in a game; they are partaking in a heartfelt exploration of human connection and the significance of the items that surround us. It’s a reminder that the things we own often hold more than just material value; they are vessels of memories, emotions, and stories waiting to be shared.

So, join Maria in her quest to restore not only antique objects but also the lives and stories intertwined with them. Discover the beauty in the act of caring and mending, and unlock the emotional resonance that lies beneath the surface in Assemble with Care.

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Introducing Assemble with Care About This Game

When Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer, arrives in the sun-soaked town of Bellariva, she has no idea just how broken it will turn out to be. She wants nothing more than to help the town’s inhabitants save their most beloved possessions, but when it’s their personal lives that are starting to fracture, she’ll need to find a way to hold them together, one spare screw at a time.

Figure out the inner workings of the objects brought to Maria and find a way to fix them.

Meet the townsfolk of Bellariva. Come to love their quirks and help them reconnect.

Rediscover the defining objects of decades past to the tune of the original soundtrack, inspired by the sounds of the 80s.

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