Reviews of the movie Ashfall (Great Disaster of Mount Baekdu)

Disaster movie with excellent CGI quality

Ashfall is not the first movie to have a disaster theme as its background. Years ago, there were movies with similar themes that were popular. Call it the movie The Day After Tomorrow (2004), 2012 (2009), Deep Impact (1998), Armageddon (1998), or the Indonesian film, Bangkit (2016).

Ashfall disaster movie

These films show the chaos caused by disasters and put people in extreme fear. However, in this case, Ashfall appeared with a completely different story.

The director duo Kim Byung Seo and Lee Hae Jun created an extremely pathetic atmosphere. You can see how intense the scene where Jiyoung (Bae Suzy) is stuck in a car when a very high tsunami pulls her along.

See more scenes of Captain Jo In Chang speeding up the car to get out of the sunken beach.

There are many other scenes depicting the horror of earthquakes and landslides in this movie. All pictures look real and smooth. It would be inconceivable if the CGI effects showing these disasters were done sloppily. Ashfall may just be the subject of ridicule on online forums.

The visual elements shown in this CGI are part of the consensus. Dexter Studios is really good at making this part look unreal on screen.

We can see the beauty of this producer’s CGI in the movie Along with The Gods in which Ha Jung Woo is one of the actors.

There is comedy in tragedy

I can’t help but think that Lee Hae Jun and Kim Byung Seo wrote a script with humorous content with the right part. This is the fun part of Ashfall. Sometimes, the player’s lines sound sarcastic, but sometimes they sound ridiculous and make us want to laugh.

Ashfall movie content

We can find this in the interaction between Ha Jung Woo and Lee Byung Hoon. Our protagonist presents bromance in a unique way.

The two seem to hate each other but on the other hand show emotional closeness. It’s not uncommon for them to fight, shoot, and corner each other. But in the end, they got along in their own way.

The interactive comedy of these two actors makes the Ashfall movie even more interesting. Tension was felt during the 128 minutes of the broadcast. However, during that time, we often come across jokes from Lee Byung Hoon’s dialogue or Ha Jung Woo’s innocent and naive behavior that makes us laugh.

Drama at the end of the story

Ashfall is classified as a disaster movie with a level of horror and suspense that is no joke. Directors Lee Hae Jun and Kim Byung Seo take their hats off! They present a spectacle with satisfying elements.


Moreover, in terms of the story, the two directors were also directly involved in writing the script that included tear-jerking scenes.

This can be seen through the story of Lee Joon Pyeon with his daughter Soon Ok (Kim Si A). Apparently secret, the North Korean-trained spy agency devised a strategy to save his daughter he had never met in person.

A more emotional scene occurs when Lee Joon Pyeong dies while carrying a nuclear bomb to the bottom of the mine. That was not the original plan. The nuclear bomb was supposed to be carried by a freight elevator. However, the elevator was stuck and could not be moved. The only way is to be carried by one of them.

Lee Joon Pyeong decided he would be the one to go to the bottom of the mine with a working nucleus ready to explode. But in return, he wants his daughter Soon Ok to be taken care of by Captain Jo. This scene is short but makes people’s eyes wet. Lee Joon Pyeong’s heroic actions can save countries on the Korean peninsula.

So is Ashfall worth watching? In my personal opinion, this movie offers many interesting aspects that can be enjoyed. Indeed, there is a lot of tension, emotion and emotion in this movie, but they are all presented in the right part. Watch it so you don’t feel lost.

Judging by the cast participating in this movie, cult names like Ha Jung Woo, Lee Byung Hoon, Ma Dong Seok, Suzy to child actress Kim Si A will surely make you excited. These names have a strong influence in every movie he is involved in.


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