Anime My Hero Academia Season 6 Movie Review (2022)

My Hero Academia Season 6 aired in early October 2022. The release also ignited the long-awaited Fall 2022 animated series for anime lovers, especially My fans. Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia.

You can watch this anime series on some official sites like Netflix and iQIYI, which airs every Saturday. The story continues in the previous installment by continuing the story of Midoriya alias Deku as the main character. What will Deku’s story this season be? This is the full review.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Anime Summary (2022)

  • Release year 2022
  • Category Activity
  • Bone Production
  • Director Kenji Nagasaki
  • Cast Daiki Yamashita Yuuki Kaji Nobuhiko Okamoto Kouki Uchiyama Ayane Sakura

This spring, the Hawks disguised themselves as a group of Supernatural Liberation Front outlaws. He collected pieces of information and delivered them to the Heroes. Now, Midoriya and the other Heroes are heading for an all-out war against the Heroic Liberation Front.

Episodes 1-3

A month before the Great War began, the Hawks were approached by Twice, who asked for his advice. Secret hawks become secret intelligence for the hero squad. And after receiving information from the Hawks, the heroes and the police gathered to discuss the grand plan.

The group of heroes is divided into two teams for the fight against the villains of the Supernatural Liberation Front. The first team is tasked with evacuating civilians, and Deku and the other students also participate in the plan.

Meanwhile, at Jaku Hospital, a team led by Endeavor and other Pro Heroes ambushes Dr. Ujiko. When Endeavor and the Pro Heroes capture Dr. Ujiko, Mirko tries to break into the lab. Along the way, Mirko finds Nomu do Dr. Ujiko greets you. Mirko also reminds Endeavor that there are many Nomu there, who then suddenly appear from the floor.

Review My Hero Academia Season 6

After successfully entering the lab, Mirko reports that there are some very powerful-looking Nomus. Mirko is the hero no. 5, rushed after the original Ujiko doctor. But he was thwarted because Dr. Ujiko awakens her powerful creations, so Mirko must face them first.

Elsewhere, at the Mansion on Mount Gunga, the heroes storm the hideout of the Supernatural Liberation Front. Despite successfully destroying the enemy hideout, the heroes were still blocked by one of the enemy members who unleashed the power of Thundernet.

Fortunately the attack was successfully negated by the Kaminari heroes and allowed the heroes to attack the enemy. The heroes continue the attack and close all the entrances to the hall. Dark Shadow warns Tokoyami after believing that there is a great force in the hall.

While elsewhere, the Hawks use their feathers to prevent Twice from using their powers. Hawks urged Twice to give up, but Twice refused to listen to Hawks. Twice feels that she has deceived herself, putting her friends in danger.

At that time, suddenly Dabi appeared shooting at the Hawks. As a result, Twice has an opening to escape the Hawks. Dabi’s blue flame makes it more difficult for the Hawks, plus the Hawks are surprised when Dabi mentions his real name, Takami Keigo.

Episode 4

The battle between enemy heroes and villains in Gunge Sanso is still ongoing. Due to killing Twice, with his scary smile, Dabi cornered the Hawks. The Hawks question Dabi about her mysterious identity.

Meanwhile, Endeavor, Aizawa and the others chase after Mirko, who is fighting alone. Mirko is still chasing Dr. Ujiko who is trying to revive Shigaraki.

Despite being repeatedly attacked by enemies, Mirko continued to try to destroy the box where Shigaraki was. In a critical condition, Mirko warned her other teammates to stop Shigaraki.

Reviews of My Hero Academia Season 6 (2022)

Great battle

Summary of My Hero Academia Season 6

For those who follow the manga or anime series My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia, you must have been looking forward to this sixth season. Honestly, I don’t really follow this anime, so I’m doing a review based on what I’m currently watching.

For me, this anime has a pretty unique story. So a lot of characters appear, from the main to the villain, both of which are quite numerous.

For those who are new to this season, it will certainly be quite difficult to know who the character in this series is. So I strongly recommend watching from the first series to understand the plot and the characters.

In the first three episodes of season 6, the story line continues with the previous season. Although I didn’t follow the previous season, there was at least a bit of a recap of the story from last season, so I could at least follow the storyline.

In this sixth season, the story begins with the Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front going to war. And obviously, this fight will be a huge one because both sides have super powers.

And in the early battles in these three episodes, I think the battles are pretty big. Although the war is still in its infancy, it seems that a strong enough character will emerge, the rise of Shigaraki.

Among the many characters, each character appears one after another and is shown each of their supernatural abilities and traits. In my opinion, this is an added value that makes the story more interesting.

So far, the picture is good. The image still looks smooth when there are quite intense combat scenes. And of course, I recommend this anime to those of you who like action anime.

Extremely fast combat action

My Hero Academia Season 6

In episode four, the battle between the hero and the enemy becomes even more intense. Heroes like the Hawks were seriously injured. But his fate remains unclear, whether he died at the hands of Denji or even survived.

Meanwhile, the other heroes fight, who are chasing Dr. Ujiko is equally fierce. The fight scenes are shown very quickly moving from one scene to another. Even so, every image is still clear and the accompanying music during the battle adds to the tension.

At the end of this episode, it looks like the hero’s efforts will be somewhat in vain. The reason is, Shigaraki looks like it has awakened and will most likely become a very strong enemy that the heroes must fight.

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