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Adult movies about relationships

Adult movies about relationships

Addicted is an American pornographic film adapted from the novel of the same name by Zane. If you don’t mind watching 365 Days or Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll probably be fine with the plot of Addicted. Because some adult scenes are shown in some scenes.

In short, this movie is an adult drama about the relationship between a man and a woman, complete with erotic scenes. We invite you to watch a relationship that contains contradictions and unhealthy conflicts between husband and wife, as well as between wife and mistress.

Women can be addicted to sex

Women can be addicted to sex

As the title says, Addicted, the main plot of this movie is to tell the story of someone who is addicted or addicted. In a scene when Zoe consults with Dr. Spencer, the doctor diagnosed Zoe with an addiction or addiction to continuing to have sex.

Zoe began to feel bland in her family life because she believed that her husband could not meet her biological needs. Until one day he meets Quinton and the two are sexually attracted to each other.

Zoe has realized her mistake, but the woman still has trouble ending her relationship with Quinton. He seems to ignore his messy personal life. Zoe is not trying to stop let alone improve. Just like an addict doesn’t think about anything unless his needs are met.

The addict shows the audience that women can also be addicted to sex. This trend is not only experienced by men. In addition, this film also briefly conveys that addiction is not only related to drugs. Addiction to anything can make a person feel happy. Like the sex that Zoe Reynard was so crazy about.

There is no perfect marriage

There is no perfect marriage

As a husband, Jason Reynard would never have thought that his wife really needed help. Zoe’s invitation to consult, was always rejected by him. The man considers it useless to talk to others about personal matters, especially about sex. In one scene, this becomes what causes a fight between the two.

Jason still disagrees with Zoe that their marriage needs help. The man denies it and always thinks his marriage is perfect. However, no marriage is perfect. Director Billy Woodruff is quite successful when building the image of an “imperfect” family in the marriage of Zoe and Jason.

Too much can destroy

Watching movies doesn’t always mean learning something. You can enjoy it as an ordinary spectacle. However, the conflict built by the director with each scene being re-enacted still seems to linger in his head.

When you look at Zoe’s character in this movie, you’ll at least agree that anything excessive, whatever it may be, is not good and can be destructive. Therefore, when we can still control things but feel they are starting to go wrong, do it now before it is too late and out of control. If you really feel like you need expert help, don’t do what Zoe did!

Effects of past pain

Past trauma

Addictive movie broadcast for 105 minutes also inserts a warning. The warning mentioned is about past trauma, however this will and can shape a person’s character in the future. There are at least two characters in this movie that are said to have trauma in the past, Zoe and Quinton.

Zoe, who has always felt sexually deprived, seems to have been a victim of sexual harassment in the past. Little Zoe was raped by some boys. The wound is never tried to heal, but only buried, and then when he grows up, he reappears with a more terrible appearance.

Meanwhile, Quinton is also a victim of past trauma. The reason he was attracted to married women, it turned out, was due to a very deep feeling of disappointment towards his mother. The man told me that his mother left him and his siblings when they were young to go with another man.

The two characters in Addicted, along with Jason Reynard, work together to deliver the message Billie Woodruff and Zane want to share as the novel’s authors. Despite receiving quite a few negative reviews, Addicted has other interesting things to watch for until the end. Instead of asking more questions, you should just watch it right away. Are you ready to follow Zoe on her “illness”?


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