65 Movie Review

Movies about prehistoric dinosaurs have been produced and released many times before, but they have always been a subject that is loved by the audience because of its attractiveness and adventure. Impressive scenes, showing motivational effects and bringing to life the dinosaurs are all attractive elements for viewers.

However, with 65  what attracts Vietnamese audiences is not simply the use of details and action scenes, but also the deeper exploitation of the aspects of the game. psychology of the main character. This is especially shown through the battle of a group of American mercenaries and an army of tyrannosaurs in the jungle of Vietnam.

This work gives viewers a different view of prehistoric dinosaurs, not only as dangerous and ferocious creatures, but also as animals with emotions, personalities, and interactions. with humans. In addition, the music and sound used in the movie also give viewers a feeling of suspense, tension and more realism.

This shows that, besides the action elements and beautiful effects, the psychological and fantasy factors are also important factors to attract the audience and create a successful film. “65 – Prehistoric Battle” is a prime example of combining these elements harmoniously and subtly, creating a unique and exciting work.

The film 65 – Prehistoric Battle not only possesses a unique narrative style, but also impresses the audience with new and different ideas compared to previous films of the same genre. This can be explained by the writing talent of the production team, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

The two screenwriters skillfully integrated emotional elements into the film, creating situations full of pressure and tension. This has made the audience not only experience real emotions, but also get caught up in the story, not wanting to miss a single moment.

Besides, the details in the film are also built in a subtle and skillful way, regardless of the old filmmaking formulas. The surprises in the development of the story not only help the film avoid monotony and boredom, but also keep the audience’s curiosity. Not only thanks to the unique storytelling style of director John Krasinski, but the film 65 – Prehistoric Battle has attracted the attention of the audience because of the talent and creativity of the screenwriter team. The details are full of surprises, incorporating deep emotional elements, all of which create a cinematic work worth the audience’s experience.

65 Prehistoric Battles

Synopsis of the movie 65

The movie 65 Prehistoric Battles revolves around a simple but very moving story. The main characters have only 4 roles, both main and supporting, but they have created a revolutionary film with thrilling and dramatic details.

In the film, Adam Driver plays the pilot of the spaceship Mills. This character faces a difficult challenge when his daughter has a dangerous disease and he has to go on a trip lasting more than 2 years to earn money for her treatment. Along the way, their ship encountered a meteor storm and crashed to earth. And this was when Mills faced a new challenge when the ship was badly damaged and most of the passengers died.

In that situation, Mills felt desperate and wanted to find a way to end his life, but then he accidentally discovered that there was still a passenger alive. It was the little girl Koa, only 9 years old, but became the driving force for Mills to continue to survive. The two have to overcome many difficulties together to find the way to the escape cabin while the tyrannosaurs are chasing the two.

Review 65 Prehistoric Battles

It is worth noting that, although the plot of the film is quite simple, its happenings are extremely diverse and rich. From the action stunts, to the touching details, the film has brought viewers different levels of emotions. At the same time, the film is also a reminder about the power of love and hope in life, when the two main characters have overcome hardships together to continue living and hope for a future. bright hybrid

Review movie 65

Adam Driver gave a stellar performance in the film 65 Prehistoric Battles, however, there were suggestions that his role as Mills was not deep enough to develop his talents. However, if viewed from another angle, Adam was truly admirable when he transformed into a grieving father who lost his daughter, while facing difficulties and finding hope in his return. another child. Each level of emotion is convincingly expressed by Adam, creating a touching and profound character.

Meanwhile, Ariana Greenblatt, a young actress, performed very well as Koa. The little girl was initially confused and frightened when faced with a strange world without her parents by her side. But on the journey with Mills, Koa gradually found herself and became a brave and mischievous child. Both actors had a rhythmic juggling act, creating a simple story that captured the audience’s attention for 90 minutes. The film has a great combination between the two main actors, creating an emotional and meaningful work.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are two smart directors who don’t put too much effort into the dinosaurs in the movie. Although the clashes between them and Mills – Koa bring a sense of excitement and tension to the audience, this is not the highlight of the film. In fact, the first ten minutes of the film make clear the entire character, goals and events of the main character Mills without needing to introduce too much. This helps the audience grasp the plot quickly and at the same time creates a solid backdrop for the next developments.

65 Reviews

The next episodes of the film are accelerated in the action scenes and calmed down in the emotional scenes. This strikes the perfect balance between the elements of the film and doesn’t bore the audience. In particular, the relationship between Mills and Koa is well built, from the time they were strangers to when they became teammates. Their chases and risky actions make the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen. In addition, family love scenes are also adorned in the film, helping the audience better understand the main characters and create empathy with them.

Conclusion of the movie 65 – Prehistoric Battle

The movie “65 Prehistoric Battles” is not an outstanding cinematic work with many breakthrough elements in the plot, shapes or techniques of prehistoric creatures. However, it is a very delicate story about the hurt and loneliness of two people, looking for a fulcrum to overcome difficulties in life.

65 Movie Review

Not a showy or overly complicated movie, but “65 Prehistoric Battles” is still capable of stirring up the deepest emotions in the viewer’s soul. With an authentic storytelling, full of voice, the film gives the audience exciting and emotional moments of entertainment. The carefully crafted details and emotional performances of the actors create a vivid picture of the dark sides of life, but at the same time full of hope and meaning.

If you are looking for a movie that is both engaging and profound, “65 Prehistoric Battles” is definitely a great choice. Not only is it a mere entertainment work, the film also gives viewers many valuable lessons about affection, survival and hope.

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