The Glory

The first best Korean drama that should be on the list is The Glory. The drama starring Song Hye Kyo ended after 8 episodes of the first season. The good news is that there will be The Glory 2 to continue this exciting story about Drakor.

The Glory 1 tells the revenge story of a woman whose life was ruined by violence at school. This story will continue in The Glory 2 which will premiere on March 10, 2023.

Before watching the next story, it is really imperative to hear the story of The Glory 1, which has become famous. The series, which aired on December 30, 2022 on Netflix, occupied the position of Netflix’s top TV show until its third week after its broadcast.

Will Glory 2 be broadcast live 8 episodes in one broadcast like season 1 of the movie? Can the movie The Glory 2 find success on Netflix again?

Three Bold Siblings

The next best recommended Korean drama is Three Bold Siblings. This drama was able to achieve double-digit ratings during its broadcast on KBS2. Even in the latest episode on January 22, 2023, it reached 19.6% according to Nielsen Korea.

This drama is suitable for weekend viewing with the acting of Lee Ha Na and Lim Joo Hwan. This melodrama is about the love of two people from different walks of life who are full of struggles.

Payback: Money and Power

Moreover, the best Korean drama you can watch is Payback: Money and Power. This drama stars Lee Sun Kyun, who played in the movie Parasite, and Moon Chae Won, who played in Flower of Evil.

Entering the ranks of the best current dramas, Payback: Money and Power earned a high rating of 9.5% on SBS for the latest episode. The movie starring Lee Sun Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang You Seok and Park Hoon is not a romantic story.

Payback: Money and Power tells the story of those who want revenge and go against those who are not touched by the law. According to the schedule, the series will end on February 11, 2023.


Drama Agency is one of the latest dramas starring Lee Bo Young. This famous and talented actress plays a woman who works hard at an advertising agency. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama Agency achieved a rating of 7.7% on JTBC on January 22, 2023.

With high viewership ratings, it is appropriate that this title is on the list of the best ongoing Korean dramas that Drake fans can watch.

Crash Course in Romance

For those who like romantic stories, the drama Crash Course in Romance might be worth watching for you this weekend. Furthermore, the drama starring Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon is one of the best Korean dramas with a rating of 7.6% in the latest episode airing on Sunday, January 22.

This romantic comedy airing on tvN and streaming on Netflix is ​​about people who face relentless competition from an entrance exam.

The drama is about the bitter scandal between a side dish shop owner who enters the world of entrance exams late and a star lecturer in Korea’s top private education sector. The thrilling story will be on your friends watchlist this weekend!

The Forbidden Marriage

The drama aired on MBC achieved a rating of 4.7% when it aired its final episode according to data from Nielsen Korea. This best Korean drama is adapted from the Webtoon of the same name.

The Forbidden Marriage is set in a royal setting with actors Kim Young Dae as King Yi Heon and Park Ju Hyun as So Rang. The story goes that King Yi Heon, who was in despair after the death of his wife, met a swindler named So Rang who claimed he could be possessed by the spirit of his late wife’s family. king.

Sounds interesting, don’t the stories? So, in this list of the best Korean dramas, which one caught your attention

Actually, apart from the plot, the main actor’s appearance also attracts attention you know! In fact, it’s no wonder that Korean makeup and fashion styles are as popular as they are today.

It is not uncommon for drama fans to imitate it in the real world as the Korean style is quite simple and easy to follow. So it’s not surprising that many fans imitate the makeup style of the most famous and best Korean drama artist.