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5 best Virus-themed Korean movies

Since the COVID pandemic, virus-themed movies have really become very popular. But even before the pandemic, South Korea was producing a lot of movies about the virus theme.

These films not only discuss the virus phenomenon that threatens human life, but also dramatic rescue efforts.

If you are looking for the best Virus-themed Korean movie, this is the list for you.

The movie “Emergency Declaration”


  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Aviation , Crime , Disaster , Drama , Politics , Street Movie , Horror
  • Produce C-JeS Entertainment , Magnum9 , Showbox Entertainment
  • Director Han Jae Rim
  • Cast: Song Kang Ho Lee Byung Hun Jeon Do Yeon Kim Nam Gil Im Si Wan

A former pilot named Jae Hyuk (Lee Byung Hun) plans to take his son Soo Min (Kim Bo Min) to Hawaii for treatment. Without realizing it, Soo Min has been followed by a psychopath named Ji Seok (Im Si Wan) who has been following him since the airport.

Unexpectedly, the psychotic killer turns out to have a dangerous mission that he will perform on the plane. Ji Seok spreads a mutated virus that can cause a rash that bursts the patient’s blood vessels. Automatically the sufferer will soon die.

In the face of the threat of the virus, all passengers including Jae Hyuk and his son must try to survive and fight Ji Seok’s madness on the plane.

The drama, which stars So Kang Ho, has received a lot of praise thanks to the interesting premise of the story, the good looks of the actors, and the extreme tension you can feel right from the start. movie beginning.

Film Flu


Long before the COVID pandemic hit, there was a movie called “Flu” that pretty well depicts the panic and chaos that ensues when a virus enters an area.

The story begins when 2 smugglers, Ju Byung Woo (Lee He Joon) and Ju Byung Ki (Lee Sang Yeob) discover that one of the illegal immigrants has mysteriously died.

The brothers then fled with the dead immigrant’s cell phone. Not long after, Byung Woo fell ill. His condition worsened when Byung Woo started coughing and bleeding black blood.

Byung Ki then took Byung Woo to a clinic. Not getting better, Byung Woo was later isolated in the emergency room due to unknown flu symptoms.

Meanwhile, the residents are panicking because there are many other victims with the same symptoms as Byung Woo. So what exactly is a contagious virus?

This drama not only stars Lee He Joon and Lee Sang Yeob. There are also other top actors like Jang Hyuk and Yoo Hae Jin who also liven up the drama about this mysterious virus.

Movie Train to Busan

Train to Busan__

  • Release year 2016
  • Genre Action , Horror , Horror
  • Produce Next Entertainment World , RedPeter Film
  • Director Yeon Sang Ho
  • Cast: Gong Yoo Jung Yu Mi Ma Dong Seok Kim Soo An Kim Eui Sung Choi Woo Shik Ahn So Hee

Reading the title, you must be familiar with this movie. Train to Busan is said to be one of the most popular and successful zombie-themed movies. This movie even received a lot of praise in Korea, but also in other countries like Indonesia.

Train to Busan tells the story of a virus that turns people into zombies. It is said that Seok Woo (Gong Yoo), a busy father, wants to take his son to Busan to see his mother. They boarded a train.

Suddenly, a young girl snuck into the carriage. The woman seemed to die from the pain.

Not long after, he became very aggressive and bit one of the train riders. That’s where the tragedy begins. One by one, the passengers started biting each other and they turned into zombies.

Seok Woo tried his best to save the child. What makes the movie so tense is the setting of the location on the train. Passengers who have not been exposed to the virus are trying to save themselves.

Movie Deranged


Before the movie ‘Flu’ was released, it turned out that another virus-themed movie was also released called ‘Deranged’. Director Park Jung-woo’s film tells the story of a viral pandemic that has hit South Korea.

There is a former professor named Jae Hyuk (Kim Myung Min) who lost his job. Then he switched professions to become a drug dealer.

One day, many bodies were found floating in the Han River. After being investigated, the bodies turned out to be victims of a virus mutated from the worms. People exposed to the virus will feel unusually hungry. But strangely, they didn’t gain weight at all.

The parasite that causes the virus will grow and eventually cause the victim to plunge into the river. It turns out that the parasitic worm virus can control the human mind. The government and police are confused to find the source of the parasite.

So to prevent another fatal incident, local authorities urge residents to immediately report any symptoms of excessive hunger and thirst. Jae Hyuk, who lost his job, then joins the team to find an antidote to the virus

Movie Kingdom: Ashin of the North

kingdom ashin of the north_

The sequel still tells the story of a virus that turns people into zombies. Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a prequel to the popular Netflix sageuk drama “Kingdom”.

A small story, the TV series Kingdom is about an area that is suddenly attacked by a group of undead dressed as citizens. But it turned out to be a local resident who turned into a Zombie.

Seeing this, Crown Prince Yi Chang was restless. He also finds the source of the virus while fighting zombies who are also his citizens.

Yes, the movie Kingdom: Ashin of the North was the beginning of the emergence of the undead virus. Apparently, the virus was created by Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun) and created by him from a power plant.

Initially, it was rumored that the plant could be used to cure diseases and bring the dead back to life.

Ashin then uses the tree to fight the government that destroyed his family.

Above are the 5 best Virus-themed Korean movies that you should watch. Have fun watching movies


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