15 Best shooting games Android 2022

Snipers also often wait in one place and disguise themselves so as not to be noticed by the enemy. They were required to shoot accurately, so the terms “One Shot, One Kill” or “One Bullet, One Kill” appeared.

The greatness of snipers is the inspiration for the developers to create the best game about snipers on Android. Therefore, the Telset team now wants to share recommendations for the 17 best sniper games on Android 2022. Let’s take a look!

shooting game

Sniper 3D Assassin

The first is Sniper 3D Assassin. This game is developed by Fun Games For Free and has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

The advantages it offers are multiple tasks to take on and packed with pretty realistic 3D graphics.

You will feel like a sniper carrying out important missions, such as terrorism, the act of taking hostages of a criminal group and others. Not only that, there are many choices of weapons that you can choose and use.

Aim of Legend

This best sniper game on Android is made by developer Gamexis and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Aim of Legend offers great graphics and gameplay.

You can play this best android sniper game offline and there are lots of missions and weapons that you can play. The gameplay is also very fun, perfect for those of you who like a challenge.

Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike is the best sniper game on Android that we recommend. This game developed by Mobile Gaming Studios has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Sniper Strike offers many models of weapons and you can also create a sniper squad with other gamers around the world. There are many missions and arenas that can be played alone or as a team.

Modern Sniper

Then there’s the Modern Sniper game. This game is developed by Candy Mobile and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

Modern Sniper has advantages, such as offering more than 50 missions, 6 maps and 7 weapons to complete. Through Modern Sniper, you can become a good sniper and kill many enemies.

Sniper Shot 3D: Call of Snipers

Fifth is Sniper Shot 3D: Call of Snipers. This game is developed by Mouse Games and has reached a total of 10 million downloads.

Sniper Shot 3D: Call of Snipers offers more than 100 missions packed in beautiful 3D graphics. There are hundreds of weapons that you can use. This game requires you to shoot accurately, and also hide so that the enemy does not notice.

Sniper Fury

Another best Android sniper game is Sniper Fury. This game developed by Gameloft has been downloaded up to 50 million times by Android gamers.

Sniper Fury offers great gameplay with very pleasing 3D graphics. Players can fight against enemies online and form a sniper team with other players around the world.

Another advantage, you can also collect a lot of points that can be used to buy new weapons.

Kill Shot

Kill Shot is developed by Hothead Games and has been downloaded over 10 million times. The advantage of Kill Shot is that it offers over 800 missions and 50 maps to complete.

For each completed mission, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for new weapons. There are more than 100 types of weapons that you can choose from.

Hitman: Sniper

Who does not know the game called Hitman. This assassin’s stealthy killing experience is now put into an equally thrilling sniper mode.

In the game Hitman: Sniper, you will be given a list of goals to accomplish. The more relevant the completed tasks, the higher the score obtained.

You can also choose from several sniper rifles available. To improve its capabilities, you can also make customizations to make the sniper used even more dangerous.

Hero Sniper FPS

Next comes a game called Hero Sniper FPS. In this Android sniper game you can experience as a sniper who is required to fight criminals and corrupt police.

In this game, you will act in a city to quell evil. You will encounter a dangerous target that you must destroy. The graphics are also quite interesting and create a comfortable feeling when playing.

Out of curiosity, just try playing this one game by downloading it for free on the Google Play Store.

Sniper Cover Operation

In the game Sniper Cover Operation, you will be placed on a military mission to destroy terrorists. Here you will fill the post as a sniper in a war zone.

Like most sniper games, your mission is to destroy enemies from a distance. So your ingenuity in this game is essential.

Even more interesting, Sniper Cover Operation also offers a wide selection of advanced weapons that can be relied on to paralyze opponents.

Critical Action Gun Strike

The next recommended sniper game is Critical Action: Gun Strike. This game has been optimized so that it can run optimally, even on smartphones with low specs.

There are many different maps you can explore to finish off your enemies. The bots or enemies inside have been programmed to provide tougher resistance.

Instead of being curious, just go to the Google Play Store and download Critical Action Gun Strike for free.

Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D

If the best sniper games on Android require us to fight criminals then in Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D we will be invited to hunt wild animals outdoors.

Here, you will play the role of a hunter. So you will be introduced to a wild environment as a place to hunt wild animals.

To conquer them, you are also equipped with a number of weapons. This game offers different levels. The further you play, the more difficult and interesting the levels will be.

Zombie Hunter Sniper

The next game is Zombie Hunter Sniper. This game is suitable for those of you who like a mixture of sniper and zombie style action games. Because here you will be invited to destroy the wandering zombies.

Even more attractive, there are many types of zombies to fight. Each zombie also has its own characteristics, so defeating it needs a different way.

There are many types of weapons that you can use, from sniper rifles, assault rifles, crossbows, bazookas to machine guns that add to the fun of playing this game.

Bullet Force

Not only allows you to use snipers, Bullet Force game also provides many other weapons for you to fight against opponents.

Bullet Force also has quite nice graphics, making you feel at home when playing this game for a long time. Many weapons can also be customized in appearance to make it look more attractive.

Another advantage of Bullet Force is that this game can be played both online and offline.

Cover Fire

The next sniper-themed game you can try is Cover Fire. You can play this game without an internet connection, aka offline.

Cover Fire will invite you into the battlefield where you will fight by filling the position as a sniper. This game is available for free on the Google Play Store.

AWP Mode

Next comes a game called AWP Mode. This game is called suitable for those of you who like war games and use of sniper weapons.

In addition to presenting online sniper combat gameplay, this game also offers a variety of heroes to play. The graphics are also quite good to enjoy.

Those are the 15 best Sniper games we have selected for you. Don’t forget to download the sniper game above and try it out now. Have fun playing guys

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