Applying a theme very close to personal experience, My Liberation Notes (2022) have been widely discussed. This 16-episode drama portrays the Yeom brothers’ anxiety with their respective problems.

How an introvert survives, and how to deal with ill health, are some of the conflicts this film presents.

The cast of My Liberation Notes (2022) is a seasoned actor. They are very good at expressive play. It’s no surprise that every emotional detail in this movie is well conveyed. Who are they? Let’s learn more together!

1. Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won)

Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won)

Yeom Mi Jeong is the youngest child in a family of three siblings. He works as a contract designer at a card company. Mi Jeong is the quietest and most diligent in helping her parents with the farm work when they are off work.

Mi Jeong feels too bored with her daily work and bored with the chaos in life.

These things made him lose confidence and enthusiasm for life. Mi Jeong needs someone who loves her to get her confidence back.

Mi Jeong’s quiet and gloomy life changes after meeting and getting close to Mr. Style. Mi Jeong is an independent woman and never tells anyone about her difficulties except Mr. Mi Jeong. Style.

Among his two older brothers, Mi Jeong is his father’s favorite child. Both are quiet and scary when angry.

Mi Jeong is one of the founding members of the Liberation Club at her office. Mi Jeong’s survival tip is to keep 5 minutes of happiness every day and take it easy.

2. Mr. Gu (My Son Suk)

He. Gu (My Son Suk)

He. Gu, played by actor Son Suk, suddenly became the ideal man of many viewers My Liberation Notes (In 2022). Not surprised by my appearance Suk as Mr. Gu is really charming.

He is a mysterious man who works for Mi Jeong’s father, either in the field or at the sink factory. He. Gu is a diligent and quiet subordinate, so it is not difficult to adapt to the boss.

He. Gu is an alcoholic who likes to be bullied. He doesn’t like to engage in conversations with other people before befriending Mi Jeong.

With him Mr. Gu is often seen smiling. For Mr. Gu, Mi Jeong is something scary but always waiting.

Real name Mr. Gu is Gu Ja Gyeong. Apparently he is the manager of a nightclub close to a risky nightlife.

Before being assigned to manage the nightclub, Mr. Gu is an entertainer. He. Gu is fed up with his luxurious but dangerous life and chooses to be alone in Sanpo.

In Seoul, Gu is erratic because of the demands of his job. He did not enjoy life and turned to alcohol again.

His ghastly demeanor softened as he faced Mi Jeong. He really liked the girl and learned a lot of things and felt saved by her.

3. Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki)

Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki)

The cast of My Liberation Notes (2022) is followed by actor Lee Min Ki. He plays Yeom Chang Hee, Yeom Mi Jeong’s older brother or the second and only son in the Yeom family.

Yeom Chang Hee works at a retail company. His job is to inspect the goods and control the quality of the goods sold.

Chang Hee is a talkative person and loves to tell stories. He is very expressive when there are things he likes or hates. Chang Hee is a straightforward and outspoken person.

However, he is really not confident, especially since his home is far from Seoul. That fact becomes an obstacle for Chang Hee to get close to a woman.

Chang Hee has a unique fate, she is always the first to find out about the death of a family member; from grandparents, mothers, to acquaintances who are not too close.

Chang Hee turned into a quieter and wiser man when going through many difficulties. He just wants to live a normal life.

4. Yeom Gi Jeong (Lee El)

Yeom Gi Jeong (Lee El)

Lee El was selected My Liberation Notes (2022) then performed brilliantly. Playing the role of Yeom Gi Jeong, he is the eldest son of the Yeom family. As the eldest, Gi Jeong tends to be the most childish.

He doesn’t have the talent to be the protector of his younger brothers. His words tend to be careless so they often set themselves up for failure.

Gi Jeong is busy with his business related to marriage. At an older age, Gi Jeong was restless because he didn’t have a girlfriend.

He feels pressed for time so he tends to be irrational and logical. Gi Jeong even intends to date anyone. In the end when it comes to loving and being loved, Gi Jeong doesn’t care about anything else.

He is willing to go through hardships as long as he is with his lover. He is willing to ‘eat the heart’ as long as he is with Tae Hun. Gi Jeong calls herself the Reception Woman.

5. Yeom Je Ho (Cheon Ho Jin)

Yeom Je Ho (Cheon Ho Jin)

Veteran actor Cheon Ho Jin best played the role of the father of the Yeom brothers in this drama. The character that Cheon Ho Jin brings, named Yeom Je Ho, is a hard-working father and doesn’t talk much.

Je Ho tends to be quiet and only shows his disliking. Yeom Je Ho owns a farm and a sink business. As the boss of Mr. Gu, he’s not a boss who likes to interfere or demand anything.

Both are quiet yet compact. Yeom Je Ho supports Mr. Gu with his beloved daughter, Mi Jeong. Despite his cold attitude, Je Ho still wants his children to be happy.

6. Kwak Hye Suk (Lee Kyung Sung)

Kwak Hye Suk (Lee Kyung Sung)

Veteran actress Lee Kyung Sung paired with Cheon Ho Jin as husband and wife in the drama ” My Liberation Notes” (In 2022). The character that Lee Kyung Sung brings is named Kwak Hye Suk.

Kwak is a mother who does her job very well. She cooks for the family, takes care of the house and helps her husband with the farm work.

Kwak never complained, except in his last days. The only sadness of this giant woman is that she does not know how to love her children. Kwak was upset that none of the kids told him personally.

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7. Cho Tae Hun (Lee Ki Woo)

Cho Tae Hun (Lee Ki Woo)

Lee Ki Woo was selected for My Liberation Notes (2022) next. Here he plays the role of Cho Tae Hun; A widow with one child becomes Gi-jeong’s lover.

Cho Tae Hun is a colleague of Mi Jeong, both of whom are members of the Liberation Club. Tae Hun’s wish is to get rid of the feelings of a weak man.

Cho Tae Hun lives with his two older sisters and only daughter. Tae Hun loves his daughter very much, so he is quite careful with her. This caution is what makes Tae Hun less stable in his relationship with Gi Jeong.

8. Ji Hyeon-a (Jeon Hye Jin)

Ji Hyeon-a (Jeon Hye-jin)

Beautiful actress Jeon Hye Jin has a role in the movie My Liberation Notes (In 2022). She plays Ji Hyeon-a, a friend of the Yeom children, especially Mi Jeong and Chang Hee. Hyeon-a is a free man; His freedom makes Mi Jeong jealous and inspired.

However, who would have thought that Hyeon-a wasn’t so free. He’s someone who feels indebted for whatever other people do to him.

When Hyeon-a gets love, she will return it over and over again. Hyeon-a used to be Chang Hee’s lover but then broke up for a certain reason.

9. Oh Du Hwan (Han Sang Jo)

Oh Du Hwan (Han Sang Jo)

Along with Lee Min Ki, chubby actor Han Sang Jo became a comedian in My Liberation Notes (In 2022). His association with Yeom Chang Hee always causes laughter.

Playing the role of Oh Du Hwan, he is a real Sanpo youth. Du Hwan works as a sports teacher in his village.

Du Hwan owned a coffee shop in Sanpo but then went bankrupt due to lack of customers. Du Hwan seems to like a woman who has just broken up with her husband. This young man is Chang Hee’s most loyal listener.

10. Park Jin-u (Kim Woo Hyung)

Park Jin-u (Kim Woo Hyung)

If Du Hwan is Chang Hee’s most loyal listener, Park Jin-u is Gi Jeong’s number one listener! Played by actor Kim Woo Hyung, he is a good friend to confide in and support whatever Gi Jeong chooses.

Park Jin-u is famous as a phoenix man who doesn’t hesitate to keep changing partners. He has a habit of sharing lottery tickets with every girl he approaches or finds attractive.

The funny thing is that he never gave the lottery ticket to Gi Jeong. Their initially awkward relationship gradually improved. Jin-u saves Gi-jeong from his insecure feelings- .

11. Cho Yu Rim (Kang Joo Ha)

Cho Yu Rim (Kang Joo Ha)

Child actor Kang Joo Ha played by Cho Yu Rim is next on my Liberation Notes (2022). His frowning face is a sign of the personality he carries within him.

Cho Yu Rim is the only daughter of Cho Tae Hun who is starting to enter adolescence. Like a teenager, Yu Rim is always curt and uncontrollable.

Yu Rim is deeply saddened by the separation of her parents. When she learned that her father had an affair with Gi Jeong, Yu Rim did not show any resentful attitude. Because he was already hurt by Gi Jeong’s words. Yu Rim tends to be indifferent.

12. Cho Gyeong Seon (Jung Soo Young)

Cho Gyeong Seon (Jung Soo Young)

The cast of My Liberation Notes (2022) is guaranteed to make you emotional. Jung Soo Young as Cho Gyeong Seon is famous for having a mouth that likes to talk about life.

Sadly, he is one of Cho Tae Hun’s two older brothers and Gi Jeong’s best friend since high school. Cho Gyeong Seon is really an annoying person, especially because of his words.

Gyeong Seon’s harsh and often pressed words stem from his anxiety because he doesn’t want Yu Rim to get hurt. Behind her childish demeanor is a person she loves.

The cast of My Liberation Diaries (2022) did their best to deliver a story full of lessons for life. They are flexible to play and connect with each other.

The characters in this movie reflect real human characteristics. How? Which one of them do you like? Write in the comments column below yes!


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