Almost everyone enjoys football games from children, teenagers to adults. Now that’s a lot of PC football games coming out and you can play alone or with friends. However, in the case when you do not have an internet connection, you can still choose for yourself the interesting offline football games below:


The first PC football game is FIFA 19 produced by a famous developer , namely EA Sports. This offline football game has the special features that you can participate in any position, be it midfielder, midfielder or goalkeeper.

FIFA 19 will delight you with very detailed graphics. Also, of course you can play many famous clubs and leagues like Premier League, La Liga, Serie A in this best offline soccer game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Although launched in 2019, PES 2020 is still worth playing because of its beautiful graphics and gameplay. Famous names like Lionel Messi, CR7, Eden Hazard … are still the focus of their clubs.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 offers multiplayer mode or you can play with your friends online offline you know, so it can be an arena for who is best at breaking through the opponent’s goal through via Offline Football Game on  this PC.

Football Manager

This unique Football Manager PC can be a new choice for you in football game. You will normally be a player but not in Football Manager as you will be a coach who can sell, manage strategies etc like a club manager.

Start playing from a small club and slowly strengthen the club by buying good players to become a league champion thanks to your ability as the club manager in the game football on this offline laptop.

Social Soccer

This lightweight PC soccer game will satisfy those who want to reminisce with its 90s-like visuals and not only that, you can customize your club or national team to your liking.

Sociable football you can play online Online or offline and offers a career mode that spans twenty years and features many clubs and national teams.

Soccer Rage

As the name implies, Soccer Rage can give a different impression than ball games in general as there are no rules inside the Game here. This offline PC soccer game still requires you to score but can punch and even kick other players.

Soccer Rage you can play online Online or offline and is worth considering for its unique graphics and gameplay.

FootLOL : Epic Fail League

For those of you who are looking for unusually fun soccer kick game maybe FootLOL: Epic Fail League can be an option as this offline PC soccer game allows you to justify anyway to win .

Scoring with cheat help Become the mainstay in this game and you can play it live offline or Online through Steam for 100k.

Football Challenge 2009

The next offline PC football game is Football Challenge 2009 which offers a 3D simulator feel. This game will make you feel like you are playing Atari in the 1980s and can be played online or offline.

The publisher of this game asks you to design a team, player names, shirts etc so you can experiment as you please.

Super Arcade Football

Other classic graphic games are Super Arcade Football which you can play offline or online through the Steam platform for Rp 40,000.

This PC Offline football game can be an option to play with friends or alone because the gameplay provided is quite good, there are slow motion effects different from other games.

Lords of Football

soccer game offline pc

Fan of The Sims and football? You absolutely must play Lords of Football game because you can manage the personal lives of the players besides scoring and managing strategy.

Lords of Football you can play offline or online via Steam platform for Rp 115k.

Rocket League

Car football is the right word to describe Rocket League PC Offline Football Game. You must rush into the opponent’s goal with three other players to become the winner.

Offline mode In Game this is according to one type of match per season and against the enemy, namely the AI. If you want the full game experience, you can purchase it through the Steam and EpicGames platforms, or you can also download it offline on your favorite website.

Top Eleven

soccer game offline pc

Games that require you to be the manager of other clubs, have Top Eleven which you can play online on various platforms Online and offline .

This PC soccer game advantage  is an aspect of player training that can increase your chances of winning a match if you train your players well.

Freestyle Football

The ultimate PC Offline soccer game with Freestyle Football, as the name suggests, this game offers a freestyle mode. The characters in this game have different skills and you can get them through practice.

Freestyle soccer can be an option when you’re bored with the usual ball games. You can download this PC offline soccer game from a website you trust.

So those are the recommendations for offline soccer games that you can try, as they are all fun to play, either alone or with your friends.