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10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

In Naruto, there are many of the most powerful ninjutsu used by shinobi for both good and evil. These ninjutsu can even revive the dead and can also damage enemies at their cell level. So dangerous that some of these techniques are banned. Naruto is known for being a series that presents compelling combat action with many different forms and outcomes.

This ninjutsu has great power, which is necessary for its heroes and opponents to succeed. But, behind the power of ninjutsu, there is a larger side effect for the user.

This ninjutsu is even more destructive to the user than to the target. Jutsu falls into this category pretty much. All shinobi, regardless of their origin, are exempt from this rule. In fact, not for Naruto Uzumaki. What are the strongest ninjutsu in Naruto that have the greatest weakness? Let’s find out with Salenhanh!


10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Ordinary genjutsu causes the target to imagine things that are not real. However, Izanagi allows the user to create illusions so strong that their reality is no longer real. They gain the power to go back in time, heal wounds, and undo deadly mistakes that could cost them death.

Due to its immense power, Izanagi has a huge punishment for anyone who uses it. Since this jutsu is only accessible to those with a Sharingan, releasing Izanagi will permanently blind their Sharingan. Its high cost caused the Uchiha Clan to ban it. Otherwise, someone would use this jutsu to stop their clan’s carnage.

Fushi Tensei

10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Orochimaru developed this technique while researching immortality. Every three years, this jutsu allows him to transfer his soul to a living host. After possessing that body, he can repeat this cycle indefinitely and eventually live forever.

This immortality has a problem. Some host bodies have been shown to be unsuitable. Illness prevents perfect candidates, like Kimimoro, from becoming useless. Orochimaru’s host will reject him after only three years. Considering the pain Orochimaru endured during this process, Fushi Tensei seemed more of a problem than an advantage.

Souzou Saisei

10 Jutsu Terkuat dengan Kelemahan Terbesar di Naruto

Souzou Saisei was developed by Tsunade to protect medical ninjas on the battlefield. After accumulating a large amount of chakra, the user can release it to fully withstand the damage. As long as the technique remains active, the user will not die, no matter how severe the injury. Tsunade used it to survive after being cut in half by Madara Uchiha’s sword.

Due to the stimulation of cell division by this jutsu, the user’s lifespan is greatly shortened when this jutsu is used. This jutsu can actually heal injuries and prevent the user’s death. However, this jutsu continues to absorb their lives causing the user to age faster.

Sage Mode

10 Jutsu Terkuat dengan Kelemahan Terbesar di Naruto

Sage Mode allows shinobi to harvest natural energy and add it to their chakra to increase their power. It gave him various new techniques while giving power to existing ninjutsu. Sage Mode was first seen when Jiraiya fought Pain.

The Sage Mode method of learning leaves a lot of trouble. Practicing this movement involves staying still while focusing your energy. Studying the balance of natural, physical and mental energies is very important. Taking a lot of natural chakra will permanently turn the practitioner into an animal. They will lose their humanity and will.

Kishou Tensei

10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Narutopedia This Kishou Tensei Technique was developed by Lady Chiyo of Sunagakure. This jutsu requires the user to use chakra to release vital energy into a corpse. When used, this user’s chakra glows a blue color. However, the light then disappeared after the jutsu was completed. The spirit of the dead then returns and he comes back to life.

This technique is considered forbidden because of the side effects on the user. Because this technique has to put life energy into the corpse, the life energy of the user is absorbed. This causes them to die instead of their target. After Chiyo died bringing back the Fifth Kazekage, knowledge of the technique was lost forever.


10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Narutopedia Naruto developed Ranseshuriken after learning Fuuton. Using shadow clones, one containing chakra and the other adding wind, Naruto created a giant Rasengan in the form of a shuriken. It can be thrown and guided towards its target in the air causing a large vortex to explode.

This vortex consists of many microscopic blades, which can penetrate enemies down to the cellular level. These blades tore through their cells, completely slicing their chakra webs before killing them. Since the user’s range is close during the formation of the Rasenshuriken, they will also be injured by the jutsu. Because her wounds cannot be healed by medical ninjutsu, Tsunade banned its use after first becoming aware of its use.

Maki Kemuri no Jutsu

10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

The Narutopedia Genkai kekkei of the Iburi clan allows their members to turn into smoke. While in this form, they become physically vulnerable. Maki Kemuri no Jutsu causes them to enter their enemies’ bodies and control their actions. This tactic is also used to kill enemies as Iburi Clan can oxidize enemy cells from within.

Despite her raw strength and offensive potential, Maki Kemuri no Jutsu is extremely unstable. Users do not have full control when it is activated, which causes them to change without intent. When in the form of smoke, they are very susceptible to death due to the spread of the wind. As a result, they were forced to live in a cave until Orochimaru finally eliminated the clan.

Hijutsu Kujaku Myouhou no Daishou

10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Narutopedia Hijutsu Kujaku Myouhou no Daishou is a unique technique developed in Hoshigakure. This move requires sending one’s chakra into a shooting star. In doing so, the user increases their chakra far beyond that of a human. This method allows the user to create living chakra creatures, wings and increase their power by consuming other people’s chakra.

Due to the high levels of stellar radiation, Hoshigakure shinobi run the risk of causing serious injury to their bodies and chakra systems simply by training them. The culprit will become weak, unable to use chakra and appear a sparkling purple wound. After spreading throughout their bodies and causing their chakra to peak, the radiation eventually killed them.


10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Narutopedia Hachimon is a move that allows the user to overcome chakra barriers in the body to optimize chakra production. Normally, people can only use 20% of their chakra. However, Hachimon users can access 100% of their chakra utilization while the technique is active.

Because it transcends the body’s natural limits, this technique causes great damage to the user, ranging from fatigue, muscle tears to broken bones. Opening the Eighth Gate or Death’s Gate meant killing the user since they couldn’t overcome the huge amount of chakra. When it heats up too quickly, the user’s body is burned from the inside until it eventually turns to ash.

Shiki Fuji

10 strongest jutsu with greatest weakness in Naruto

Shiki Fuujin is a technique developed by the Uzumaki Family to permanently seal away their enemies. Using their souls as a vehicle, the user summons a Shinigami to steal their target’s soul. When Shiki Fuujin ends, the subject’s soul and life are sealed. This prevented them from escaping until the seal was released.

The price of this jutsu is among the highest in Naruto. In this jutsu, the Shinigami kill the user and eat their souls. As punishment, the user and the victim are forced to fight forever in the Shinigami world. They will never have time to rest or hope for release.


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