10 Strongest Enemies of Doctor Strange

Every superhero has an enemy to face, the same goes for Doctor Stephen Strange. Unlike the enemies of other superheroes from Marvel, the enemy stats from Doctor Strange are much more diverse. If you quote from the comics, Doctor Strange’s enemies are not only witches, but also Dracula and other mystical creatures, all of whom possess terrifying powers.

Several of Doctor Strange’s nemesis characters have appeared in his films, such as Kaecilius, who was present in the first film, Doctor Strange (2016). Until the image of Scarlet Witch is actually a groupmate in The Avengers.

Doctor Strange

In addition to these two enemies, there are several other famous enemies of Doctor Strange that you know. Call it Baron Mordo, Nightmare and Dormammu, which fans have been waiting for.

The names of Doctor Strange’s enemies above sound familiar. That’s why Bacaterus will provide information about Doctor Strange’s strongest enemies. In order not to miss the information, you can read it below.

Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo is Doctor Strange’s true enemy. Their story is really interesting, because Baron is Strange’s old mentor.

He is a member of the Master of the Mystic Arts and the one who helped Strange defeat Kaecilius and the Zealots. Her heart ached to see the Ancient One draw power from the Dark Dimension, leading her to think that witchcraft was a problem for the world.

The baron chose to restore balance by stripping the magicians of the power. Baron Mordo was well versed in the mystical arts, no wonder he had great magical powers.

When Strange learned that Mordo was trying to kill The Ancient One to take his place, this was where their feud began. Baron wanted to become the Sorcerer Supreme instead of Strange.



Dormammu is another very troublesome enemy of Doctor Strange. Dormammu is one of the most powerful demonic entities in the Marvel universe.

Dormammu has extraordinary powers, that’s why he can control the dimension of darkness. He can fight with his bare hands, even using a magic wand. It’s not uncommon for Doctor Strange to have a hard time fighting him.

Dormammu has destructive and cruel ambitions. It wants to expand its dark dimension and conquer all the multiverse.

At first, Dormammu really enjoyed having Strange on the brink of death. Until he got stuck in a time loop created by Strange. Despite his cruelty, Dormammu is very respected, he really kept his promise to Strange.

Satana Hellstrom

Satana Hellstrom

Satana Hellstrom or Satan is a magic born with supernatural abilities. A hybrid between a human and a succubus, he was prepared to be a villain from birth.

Satana lived in hell with her father. Only when growing up, Satana was thrown to earth by a demon girl. It was here that Satana began to consume human souls with her magic tricks. These souls are used as a source of power.

Then how can Satana and Doctor Strange be enemies? It all started when Basilisk approached him. From there, he learned that Doctor Strange used the damned Book of Shartra to make him cursed to become a werewolf.

Knowing Strange’s importance, Satana helped Strange escape the curse. However, Satana later chose to return to the dark side.



As the name suggests, Nightmare is the ruler of the subconscious, nicknamed the Lord of Fear. As the ruler of the dream dimension, he obtains energy by using human powers through dreams.

Sometimes, Nightmare tries to deceive the humans in her dreams. This is what leaves people with a choice: find a way out or join it.

Nightmare’s biggest enemy is Doctor Strange, even though he’s been up against other Marvel superheroes.

Meeting in the dream of a corrupt official, Nightmare fears that Doctor Strange knows his weakness. That’s why he tried to kill Strange by all means, one of which was to enter the dream dimension and fight Strange there.



Mephisto and Doctor Strange seem very inseparable. According to the comics, they met 12 times over the years. Mephisto is known to be the traditional embodiment of the devil that rules the Underworld.

The meeting between the two began with Strange rejecting James Mandarin, who was obsessed with being his student. Frustrated by Strange’s rejection, Mephisto, who took the form of a demon, offered him a partnership with the Mandarin.

However, Mephisto instead possessed the body of the Mandarin and used it as a tool to kill Strange. Fortunately, Mephisto’s attempt failed again. He went back to hell and Strange decided to erase all of the memories of the Mandarin.



As troubling as his twin, Dormammu, Umar is an evil sorcerer who seeks to overwhelm Doctor Strange. Descending from the Faltine dimension, Umar has extraordinary magical abilities and levels of cruelty.

Unlike Dormammu who has no physical body, Umar remains in her physical body as a woman. However, this physical body is his greatest weakness.

Umar initially helped his brother get revenge on Strange. On the other hand, Umar is married and has a daughter named Clea, who is allied with Doctor Strange. To save the child, Umar chose to help Strange escape his brother’s influence.

Doctor Doom


Doctor Doom is one of the biggest enemies Doctor Strange has ever faced. Before becoming enemies, Doctor Doom and Strange worked together to free Mother Doom from Mephisto.

Doctor Doom has many followers, capable of manipulating magic to mysticism, but his life is very sad. This is what brings him and Doctor Strange into conflict.

The strength of both represents an extraordinary fight. That is why Doctor Doom is called one of the greatest enemies that Doctor Strange has. Not to mention, Doctor Doom can do anything horrible to get what he wants.



The Dweller-in-Darkness is actually one of Doctor Strange’s strongest enemies represented in the comics. 10,000 years old, Dweller-in-Darkness comes from an older universe.

This evil character first appeared and caused trouble in ancient Atlantis. Until Agamotto traps him and sends the Dweller of Darkness to a dimension whose inhabitants do not move.

However, the Dweller-in-Darkness grew stronger and stronger, until the villain managed to escape from the dimension. To strengthen themselves, the Dweller-in-Darkness deliberately created an army called the D’Spayre. The Dark Dwellers’ interest in Doctor Strange began when he saw that witches were fearless.



The Imperator is the leader of the Empire of Magical Destruction that nearly destroyed Doctor Strange. How that? Living in a dimension called Shuma-Gorath and worshiped as a god, Imperator is devoted to science and rejects magic in his life.

For Imperator, magic is like a cancer that is dangerous to the universe and must be eradicated. That’s why Imperator hunts witches from various dimensions and brutally kills them.

Upon arriving in Doctor Strange’s dimension, Imperator attacked some of the most powerful magical landmarks on earth. Despite absorbing all of the magic on Earth, Doctor Strange remains powerless against Imperator’s power.

Vlad Dracula

Vlad Dracula

The final enemy that we cannot miss is Vlad Dracula. Known as Count Dracula, he is a witch and aristocrat, the supreme ruler of Vampires. He’s already very old, but the new Vampire Nation has brought him into conflict with the Avengers.

In Doctor Strange #59-62, vampireism is taking over the world. To remedy this, Doctor Strange helps Blade the Vampire Hunter put an end to the terror.

To defeat Dracula, Doctor Strange must deal with the Darkhold once more. In the book there is a spell called Montesi that can kill all vampires on Earth. To save himself, Dracula used various methods to defeat Strange and Blade.

Here are some of Doctor Strange’s most powerful enemies that many Marvel fans may not be aware of.

In addition to the 10 enemies we’ve already explained, there are actually plenty of other Doctor Strange enemies that appear in the comics. However, some of the above enemies that are suspected to be enemies of Doctor Strange may appear in the movie version.

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