10 Interesting facts about Kim Yo Han

Recently, the name Kim Yohan has become a topic of discussion among K-Pop fans because Kim Yohan attracted fans through his first appearance and was confirmed to participate in “School 2021”. But the most unforgettable thing about Kim Yohan is his appearance on Produce X 101.

Kim Yohan ranked first to be included in the debut lineup. Currently Yohan has debuted as a solo artist and is in a boy group named Wei under OUI Entertainment. Because Kim Yohan is not only handsome but also has a cheerful personality, somewhat stupid but very multi-talented.

Biography Information of Kim Yo Han

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, an athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 1

  • Name: Kim Yo Han (김요한)
  • Nickname: Yohan (요한)
  • Place and date of birth: Seoul, September 22, 1999
  • Position in the group: Main Dancer, Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper
  • Korean
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Blood group: BOY
  • Company: OUI Entertainment
  • Instagram: @ y_haa.n

Facts about Kim Yo Han

Possessing countless talents, this time we will discuss 10 interesting facts about Kim Yohan. Here is the complete information.

Former Taekwondo athlete

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, the athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 3

If you are a new Kim Yohan fan, you must know that Yohan has been an athlete in the past. Kim Yohan was born into a family of professional taekwondo athletes. From grandfather to sister, they all take taekwondo very seriously.

Yohan’s taekwondo skills are no joke either, as he has already won two gold medals. Unfortunately, Yohan’s athletic career had to come to an end because he suffered an Achilles tendon injury in both legs. This is where Yohan finally stopped being an athlete and started pursuing his dream of being an idol.

Participated in the program Produce X 101

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 5

This must be known by many Kim Yohan dong fans. Where Kim Yohan once participated in Produce X 101 organized by MNET. Amazingly, despite being a trainee for a short time, Yohan actually became the first winner of this survival show. Even Kim Yohan really attracted the attention of fans thanks to his handsome face.

During his time on Produce X 101, Kim Yohan not only showed his talent but also had a fun and unique personality. Kim Yohan can slowly but surely bring out his full potential from singing, rapping to dancing. In addition, his friendly and cheerful personality makes fans even more excited.

Debut solo and join WEi

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 7

It’s really a pity that X1 had to disband just a few months after their debut. Knowing this, surely fans are very worried about the fate of their idols, one of which is the fate of Kim Yohan. Returning to continue his trainee time at OUI Entertainment, on August 25, 2020 Yohan finally made his solo debut.

After going through solo promotions, on October 5, 2020, he finally debuted with his group called WEi. This new boy group of Kim Yohan consists of six male members under OUI Entertainment.

His funny and silly personality

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 9

As an idol, having a unique and attractive personality is very important. Because this will make it easier for many fans to remember him from his manners. An idol known for having a carefree and slightly goofy personality is Kim Yohan. If you look at his face, people might think he’s the cold-hearted type of idol, but in reality it’s the exact opposite.

Since appearing in Produce X 101, Kim Yohan has always shown himself to be a very silly person. One of them was when participants were asked to try a line and show off their charm to be the center of the group. Kim Yohan’s sudden appearance in an excessively vulgar manner caused the judges and other participants to be shocked and burst into laughter.

Good at singing, good at rapping and good at dancing

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 11

Since his first appearance on the stage of Produce X 101, Kim Yohan has said that he loves singing. But as time went on, Kim Yohan turned out to have very good rapping skills and was not inferior to the other contestants. Yohan showed off his rapping talent when he was in the group performing NCT U’s song “Boss”.

But compared to rap and dance, Kim Yohan said that he wants to be known as a singer. Because singing is his dream and he wants to sing more than rap. In addition, Kim Yohan’s dancing ability is also becoming more and more perfect and professional. Yohan looks very serious in learning every move and quickly memorizes the choreography.

Become a Trainee in 3 months

As mentioned earlier, Kim Yohan spent a short time as a trainee. At that time, before starting to appear on Produce X 101, Kim Yohan spent only 3 months as a trainee. Amazingly, despite only being a short-term trainee, Yohan was still able to enter Class A during the evaluation period.

He is also able to grow and catch up with other participants who have spent longer as trainees. From singing, rapping to dancing, Yohan can improve his skills with his hard work. It seems that OUI Entertainment has confidence and trust that Kim Yohan is indeed talented and will survive in this lifetime.

Starring in the TV series “A Love So Beautiful”

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 15

Having a successful solo debut and finally a successful debut with a boy group called WEi, Kim Yohan began to expand his talent. At the end of 2020, Kim Yohan made her debut in the drama “A Love So Beautiful”. The drama aired on Netflix has attracted the attention of many people, especially about Yohan’s acting ability.

Yohan was praised for playing the role well and deserves high praise. The C-Drama remake with the same title was a success. In this drama, Yohan will compete with So Ju Yeon, who played Yoo A Reum in the popular drama “Dr. Affection 2″.

Has two younger sisters

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 17

Kim Yohan was born into a family of professional Taekwondo athletes. Kim Yohan herself has two younger sisters, both of whom are Taekwondo athletes. In addition, Yohan also said that when at home, his hobby is playing with his two younger sisters.

On a few occasions, Yohan often shows his affection and care for his two younger sisters. As in one of the last episodes of Produce X 101, Yohan said that he was very worried that his younger brother would watch it on Produce X 101. Because at that time Yohan did a pretty sexy move that made the judges and the other participants were surprised.

Cooperated with many sunbaenim

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 19

Kim Yohan’s career is indeed rising like a kite because now his name is being recognized by more and more people. Despite experiencing the bitterness of parting with his friends in X1, Yohan still did not stop pursuing his dream. Yohan started his solo career with the song “No More” produced by Zion.T.

Then Yohan also collaborated with Bae Jin Young sunbaenim on a song called “I Believe”. He also participated in KBS’s Battle of the Musician along with Lee Sangmin, Jessi, and Song Gain. It was only on October 5, 2020, that Kim Yohan debuted in a 6-member boy group called WEi.

Love spicy food

10 facts about Kim Yohan WEi, athlete who dreams of becoming an idol 21

In addition to information about family background and talent, of course Kim Yohan’s favorite food is also something his fans need to know. If you don’t already know, one of Kim Yohan’s favorite foods is spicy food like topokki. In an interview with Elle, Kim Yohan said that he likes to eat topokki, especially spicy ones.

From Kim Yohan’s confession, he even ate topokki for three days in a row because he liked it. In addition to spicy topokki, Yohan also loves to eat meat, he really likes to eat meat, especially with lettuce.

Handsome and very talented, Kim Yohan indeed bravely made the decision to stop being an athlete and pursue his dream of becoming an idol. Although it was not easy, Kim Yohan proved that his choice was right and has now become a famous idol.


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