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10 craziest anime characters of all time

Some of the craziest characters in this anime have extraordinary strength and intelligence. However, they are also known for the aspects of their personality that frighten them. This series of villains sometimes makes viewers’ hairs crawl because of their actions that go beyond the limits of rationality.

These evil characters love to spread chaos and destruction because they enjoy it. Some of these crazy personalities have not shown any compassion or empathy for others since then. Meanwhile, others change because of their tragic past.

The craziest anime character

The crimes they have committed in their respective series cannot be redeemed. This character has a brutal side that is second to none. Who are the craziest anime characters of all time? Let’s review Salenhanh through the craziest anime characters of all time:

Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is a former member of Genei Ryodan and the main antagonist of the series. So it’s no surprise that Hisoka is the most evil character in this anime. Throughout the series, he committed many unreparable sins.

Hisoka Morow - Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is a gangster killer who loves to spill the blood of his opponents. Moreover, he likes to enjoy extreme pain to satisfy his sad desires. Aside from her extraordinary strength and intelligence, Hisoka is most feared because of her insane nature.

Raiga Kurosuki – Naruto

With so many characters, it’s no wonder there are crazy shinobi in this series. However, Raiga Kurosuki, the most underrated character, has established himself as the most insane in the series. Despite being a psychopath, at least Danzo Shimura had certain goals. On the other hand, Hidan is just a shrimp-minded madman.

Raiga Kurosuki - Naruto

However, Raiga has become a true madman because he likes to torture and kill people for no reason. Raiga likes to bury people alive because of his strange philosophy that people will have a better view of life when they die. At their funeral, he even cried. This shows how corrupt and brutal he is.

Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Shou is a narcissist and has no empathy for other people’s lives. To hide his malicious intentions, he fooled everyone with his polite and friendly demeanor. For most of his life, Shou was so engrossed in his experiments that he had no time to spend with his family.

Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Shou is a power-hungry maniac. Then he became so desperate and selfish that he no longer had a conscience. He even experimented with his daughter and their pet dog. Shou turned them into chimeras.

Lucy — Elfen Lied

The main character of this series, Kaede, has three personalities. Lucy is the strangest and the scariest. As a Diclonian half-blood, Kaede was ostracized and bullied to the bone. Experiencing a traumatic and painful event, such as witnessing her dog being killed by her bullies causes her to lose faith in humans.


Lucy once killed an entire family just to use their house without remorse. As a Diclonii, his natural instinct is to slaughter humans for pleasure. Lucy even killed her childhood friend’s father and sister, Kouta.

Midari Ikishima – Kakegurui Midari

Midari is the main character of the Kakegurui spin-off, Kakegurui Midari. He is very famous for his crazy personality. Midari has a tendency to commit suicide. He even stabbed himself in the eye with a ballpoint pen to get revenge on the student council president at Hyakkaou Private High School, Kirari Momobani.

Midari Ikishima - Kakegurui Midari

Narrow-minded and apathetic, Midari is very honest with others and rarely cares about other people’s feelings. He is very careless when gambling because he bets large amounts of money without worrying about risk. Midari likes to create brutal games where one player dies if they lose. When bored, he will play Russian roulette alone to pass the time.

Keyaru — Redo of a Healer

Keyaru has great respect for the hero. He eventually joined them to help those in need. However, once he saw their dark side while he was tormenting them under the influence of drugs, he wanted nothing more than revenge.

Keyaru — Redo of a Healer

Using his powers, he avenges everyone in a way that transcends the boundaries of the poles. The person Keyaru respects the most is Flare, who ends up becoming his biggest enemy. Keyaru is overjoyed as he breaks all of Flare’s fingers just to heal the wound and start over.

Doma — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Doma turns out to be the craziest of the 12 Kizuki. The series revealed that he was clinically frigid from birth. Doma can’t process emotions. But then, he succeeded in studying human emotions and developing the characteristic of acting according to the situation.

Doma — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

In his human life, when his father killed his mother, instead of expressing emotions like grief and anger, he complained about his father getting the floor covered with blood. Doma eats his followers and believes he has saved them by allowing them to live within him. One of the victims of Doma’s abuse was Inosuke Hashibira’s mother.

Seryu Ubiquitous — Akame Ga Kill!

After his mentor and boss died at the hands of the Revolutionary Army, Seryu had a strange sense of justice. He was not pleased with the passing of Captain Ogre and his father, a member of the Royal Army. Due to this incident, Seryu believed that corrupt officials in the Empire were innocent and that the Revolutionary Army were criminals.

Seryu Ubiquitous — Akame Ga Kill!

Seryu has no mercy for those she considers criminals. Instead of interrogating them, he wanted to kill them in cold blood. With the help of Dr. Stylish, Seryu performs some physical modifications to her body just to punish criminals.

Light Yagami – Death Note

Light Yagami was just an ordinary high school student until he received the Death Note. After learning the notebook’s true potential, Light killed people indiscriminately. He eliminated every criminal even a misdemeanor and declared that they were unfit to live in society.

Light Yagami - Death Note

With the power to kill anyone at any time, he developed a divine complex. Although he initially wants to wipe out the evil lurking in society, he later fights against anyone who gets in his way. He is even responsible for his father’s death.

Johan Liebert — Monster

Johan Liebert is the main antagonist in the Monster series. He is the most insane person in anime history. His well-groomed personality has attracted so many people that they think he’s perfect and out of this world.

Johan Liebert — Monster

With his nihilistic approach to life, he feels that all life is just a blip in one corner of the earth, disappearing in an instant. Instead of simply killing his victims, he causes them to experience their worst nightmares. In an attempt to erase his past, he kills his biological parents and keeps his twin sister alive.


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